Friday, November 16, 2007

Gadgets And Gizmos

Oh we'll admit our love for the electronic stuff. They're one source of entertainment, a mobile sort to boot. It's just so unfortunate that gadgets don't tend to come cheap, so we normally hold back until impulse-buy takes over (yes well we all have our vices).

Now we likes our gadgets to have specific roles. This is our mobile, it's for calls and texts. This is our music player. This is our Nintendo DS, for mobile gaming. This is our camera. Of course nowadays it's the trend for gadgets to have their functions overlap which is good as one's not expected to bring all his gadgets around a la Dilbert.

But we have problems with the idea of an all-in-one gadget so far (mainly it's a phone/PDA with other functions). Battery where can tahan? Games-wise can't compare with the DS/PSP. Camera-wise nowadays phonecams are going 3mpx and better, although night shots may still be iffy and macros are out of the question. Music? Mobiles double up as music players quite well except we hate the fact that they require specific earphones so you can't simply use any kind of earphones you like. And so far nothing will beat iPod Touch's websurfing save bringing an actual laptop around.

We're just waiting for the day the Minority Report Glove actually becomes an affordable reality in our lifetime and while we are still young at heart enough to enjoy it.

You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your right hand in, and you shake it all about...

Ok, enough of that and on with the meme.

What's the latest gadget you bought?
Our Nokia L'amour this year. And it has to last at least two years. Not unless Maxis decides to make like Vodafone and come up with yearly contracts and the offer for a phone upgrade.

What's the first gadget you owned?
Hmmm. Our Micro Genius! :P Oh good ol' days of Super Mario 3 and Double Dragon II...long gone already it is. If consoles aren't allowed then it's the Gameboy our cousin gave us. Walkmans technically belonged to our parents and not us so we can't say we owned it.

What's the most expensive gadget you owned?
We thinks it is our Nok7710, at 400 quid. Still serving us well!

What's the gadget you want to buy next?
Wii aren't too sure about that yet. :P Don't get your hopes up.

Do you follow the updates of the latest gadgets in the market?
Not unless Wii're planning on buying the gadget, then we look up everywhere, hound a few shops, ask questions which we have a rough idea of the answer already...mull mull mull.

What brand do you trust for handphone, camera, computer?
Camera: Canon!
Computer: Apple! But not like we own one.

Yet asides from our mobiles, the most-used gadget we own (asides from our PC, which we don't really categorize as a gadget) happens to be our trusty iPod Video 30GB. Hangs from a belt loop and travels with us most of the time. Just got a note from Apple telling us the hardware service coverage is coming to an end (not like we ever did send it for any sort), sigh. We'll be keeping an eye now on battery life.

'Course, the iPod effectively replaced all our other music resting in the 'Gadget Drawer' along the cables and chargers. Oh dear. And we're too attached to our belongings to think about getting rid of them.


hrugaar said...

Yeah, gadgets not usually cheap. So when I buy, it tends to be reckless extravagance on the want-need-want basis, heh.

Drawback with all-in-one gadget is that I'd miss the variation. bad enough just doing so much stuff all on one pc screen sitting in one place. Fidget one me. :D

shane said...

Ah... we have the same love for gadgets, just not the same amount of pay as you to indulge la. :P

P/S: Me again. :D

Queer Ranter said...

Maxis does offer contracts though not one year. Two years contract for a W880i last I checked.

David the Man said...

Seriously speaking, I am very much like Dilbert. If you read one of my comments in this blog of yours, I wrote a comment about how loaded I was, carrying 3 mobiles, 2 MP3 players, 1 car key, 1 house key, and 3 wallets (one containing my mini notepad, one solely for coins and another one for cards and paper cash), all in my jeans. Oh dear, I am so loaded.

Cyclohelix said...

loaded here as well, 2 mobile phones, keys, coins, bluetooth dangle, wallets, usb sticks, etc...always thought of getting a handy pouch or deep pocket jeans

Cyclohelix said...

again, my list...

Fav Handphone: Sony n Moto
Fav Camera: Sony n Canon
Fav PC: MAC!!! n Vaio

David the Man said...

And yeah, plus all those mobiles and MP3 players and wallets, I will be really overloaded if I bring my notebook with me, to the Starbucks for net-surfing, of course!

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Reckless extravagance is bad. Retail therapy is good. Oh goodness an unholy alliance.

Shane: We = poor. Where got indulge?

QR: Really? Still need to fork out any cash for the W880i? Oh but then again we keep to Nokia. :P

David The Man: Er yes, we remember. And you blogged about it too!

Cyclohelix: We used to support Sony. But we're not happy with their using Memory Sticks and the AAC format so we went the iPod way.

hrugaar said...

the iPod way = stylish, expensive and touch-sensitive, heh.

Bong said...

Your latest gadget is the L'amour meh???????????

Huh? Huh? HUH??????

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Actually, elegant was what we thought of when we first got our iPod video.

Bong: *Thinks hard*. Got ar? :P