Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoarder's Horde


We confess, we're pretty much a hoarder - stuff from our youth have followed us through the ages till now. A wallet from our school days, coins from all over still stacked inside those cylinder camera film containers, ATM receipts from Glasgow (of all things to consider as a souvenir), our student cards (and the lanyards too), and the boxes from all our gadgets and gizmos (even if said gadget is no longer with us!).

And stuff just keeps adding up!

We find cables that we're not sure goes with which device, mp3 players we don't use any more (alas, Sony, Apple's taken over...), old mobile phones (alas, Nokia, Apple's taken over...), card games, old VCDs and DVD games that we don't play any more (alas, Nintendo and Apple's taken over...).

And the thing is, the thing about all these old keepsakes, is that...'s so hard to let go of sometimes!

For some things, like old mobile phones and music players, it's more of because we paid quite a fair bit of money for it, hence we find it hard to accept that if we were to sell it, it would probably only fetch a meagre ten to twenty percent of the original price.

While we guess old electronics may be acceptable, the empty packaging boxes, empty glass honey bottles, 5.25" diskettes, old pens from drug companies, paper bags (kept, unused ever again), angpows from years past are a bit hard to explain...

We'll just have to wait till a cleaning fit comes over us and we start deciding what stays and what goes!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Touch Fighter

Okay, we're pretty much a Street Fighter gamer and SF4 had us excited because it marked the return of the old roster of fighters in a rather pretty package. Great graphics, still great gameplay, new Ultra/Super/focus attack mechanics, and... bugger, still a blood cheap boss at the end.

Then SF4 came out for the iPhone, and even with the virtual joystick, the simplified controls worked extremely well. There wasn't the need to do the full motion of controls to perform a special move, now we just needed to push forward and press the SP button. Viola! Instant Dragon Punch.

Combos just got easier.

Only it wasn't really so fair, because for the fighters with charge moves like Chun-Li and Guile, as you'd still need to charge in one direction for a couple of seconds before you can execute the move.

Then came Super Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS, and boy, things got even more simpler (and much more impressive!). Now we have the entire roster of fighters available in Super Street Fighter 4, there's all that alternate costumes and colours, nothing's missing from the game, and they've made all the buttons customizable (and included four more buttons on the touch screen)!

With all the buttons being customizable, now it's even more easier to perform ridiculously difficult-to-pull-off combos!

But yet it all works for the mobile gaming platform. Quick simple fun, anywhere, anytime.

It's just that...we're so spoilt now with the simple controls that we're not sure we can play SF4 properly on the console or arcades any more...