Sunday, August 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Lemon

We'd celebrated Lemon's birthday (happy 25th! Welcome to the 2nd third of your life according to your calculations) at Coliseum, a place filled with plenty of atmosphere and entertainment. Unlike the other restaurants where there's plenty of funky furniture, zen-like surroundings, jazzy music, food decorated on a plate twice the amount of food served etc, here you get furnishings established since 1972 and weird weird waiters. Their idea of service is (in Mandarin), "I don't know what all of you ordered, so please raise up your hands when I call out the food ya!"

The waiters here not shy one.

So, happy birthday Lemon.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh Emm Gee



When a friend sent me the link back to Dune2k for the music files for the background music of House Ordos's Mentat screen, we got a bit disappointed because we'd heard it before and frankly, it didn't sound like the original. However, it has already been about what, 3 years since we'd visited Dune2k and so we'd dug around a bit.

Happily enough, we stumbled upon

Hooray! Once again bound to Ammon's Advice in loop-repeat.