Thursday, November 26, 2015

Run For Fun

So the Chief noticed a particular charity run and was interested in joining. As it was a 5km fun run, we thought, okay, why not, let's support the Chief and run together even though we never found could see what was so fun about a run.

Less than two months before the run, we'd some preparations to make: mental preparation was one thing, we had to start training a bit to make sure we could survive a 5km run!

Our first time on the treadmill to see how well we fared walking/jogging a single kilometre showed just how bad our stamina was. So we figured, all right, it's time for the treadmill every day where possible till we can ensure we finish 5km under an hour.

Well motivation wasn't easy and we soon started feeling our age, or more like feeling our knees.

We never did get to finish 5km on the treadmill but did find we could average a kilometre in around 10 minutes, so we thought we should be fine (for our expectations).

Come run day itself, thank goodness the Chief is the early bird as we had to get up around just before 6am to make sure we could reach the venue before the run started at 7am. It's tough when you're not a morning person and not even a running person, but there's always a first time for everything (it's the following times that will see more resistance).

And so the run started, and we walked/jogged/ran and yes, managed 5km in...checks website...45 minutes 40 seconds! It was easier to run on the road (plus we set our own pace rather than trying to keep up with the treadmill's speed of 10km/h) and having some goal to set made it easier (let's jog until we reach that 3km u-turn checkpoint, ok walk uphill then jog to the next junction etc).

The Chief finished in 40 minutes 5 seconds and looked no worse to wear, unlike us.

Some observations:
- the water station painted a bad picture of runners: cups were everywhere littered after the station. On the main road within a housing area. Given this is a charity run, we're not sure if the people manning the water station were volunteers or not, and even so we don't think it's expected of them to be cleaners as well. True, there weren't many litter bins set up but honestly it just painted a bad picture of runners that day.

- there were kids who finished faster than us. Hey, start exercise early in life, you won't regret it...

- there was a mother who had to carry her child while wearing a knapsack because the kid was too tired already. Salute.

- the field where the event was held was muddy. And with everyone walking on it to reach the registration booth or luggage drop/pick-up, we ended up with mud seeping through our shoes and was walking around with mud soaking our socks!

- if it wasn't for the fact that the gym was nearby and we could shower after the run, we may not have opted to join.

- yes, there is that sense of accomplishment from having completed the run within our expected time frame. probably isn't enough for us to consider joining more runs.

- our legs didn't hurt badly during the following days (but then again we were too busy to notice).

So. We now have our first finisher's medal for a 5km run. Would we do something more serious like a 10km run? Possibly not. Because...why???

The Chief has already signed up for another run (reason for joining partly because there's a very nice medal design), and it being a night run we may possibly drive beside the lot and cheer.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Apple TV 2015

So we couldn't resist, and ended up getting the new Apple TV.

Even though the price has doubled from the previous model and, what with us being in Malaysia and thus not having convenient access to services such as Hulu and Netflix and BBC iPlayer, there really isn't any convincing need to upgrade from our current Apple TVs, really.

Although, ever since we've moved the Apple TV at Chateau le Chief from the living room to the bedroom...we must say that that particular TV has seen less use due to earlier bedtimes (although finally being able to stream videos directly has made nighttime movie watching a far more comfortable experience!). The living room could do with another Apple TV...

Anyways. We probably wouldn't have bought the new Apple TV if we hadn't someone planning to buy one of our current ones.

Bought it via the Apple Online Store, it showed up 2 days later, and setup was amazingly fast. With the previous Apple TV we were used to using the Remote App on our iDevices, so the new remote felt familiar - except that instead of tapping the surface we had to click it down. Back to the setup - just holding our iPad close to the Apple TV and letting it set up the network connections and all that was just so easy.

We got ourself the 32GB model because we don't think we will be storing that many things on it - the odd game or so (so far we've Crossy Road, Alto's Adventure, Oceanhorn and Rayman), YouTube and Ted. For everything else, we'll let Apple TV stream it off our Mac Mini.

What's to like? Siri's limited but gosh scrubbing feels so unnecessary now. That's all for Siri (again, Malaysia). The remote is so much more handier (still need to get used to there being a Home button) especially with volume controls. Games we already own are free on tvOS. Holding the Home button for a few seconds brings up the option to put the Apple TV to sleep, which also turns off the telly.

What's not to like? The on-screen keyboard is a nightmare - with this glass surface remote why didn't they stick to the grid keyboard and instead made this single row? Also, Remote app on iDevices not compatible anymore and honestly that was the only way to type stuff (especially searching through YouTube). Oh well here's hoping typing gets easier one way or another.

 Next up, a MFi controller so we can play Oceanhorn.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Boardgames Haunts

This couple of years have seen us getting back ever so slightly more into the boardgaming scene because there are choir members who are also keen on gaming, as well as the occasional gaming with wingedman (who hoo boy is pretty up to date without being a distributor!).

Not to mention it's much easier when there's a new gaming joint nearby (hello, All Aboard!) if we don't end up playing games at YCA.

So this Halloween we so happened to be free and was just keen to do something (it was one of those nights were we just wanted to go somewhere do something rather than stay at home), and while initially nejustmo suggested we head to Alexis Ampang for drinks and listen to Mia Palencia, the sudden storm that started just as we were about to make our way to KL dampened our plans.

No problem - an alternative suggestion for a game of Mansions of Madness to celebrate Halloween was put forward. We don't really recall if we played Mansions of Madness (we rather think we've played it once at least with our brother-in-law) but we were game for it. At least it was something to do (to be honest we don't really recall much of what we do on Halloween, the only memorable Halloween we can ever recall immediately is that one year where we were at the Curve and they were giving out free tickets for the screening of The Covenant (and we didn't even plan for that).

So. Mansions of Madness. Venue? McDonald's Bandar Utama, because it's open 24 hours. And while we were setting up at one end of a long table, another group of guys were setting up for MtG on the other end.

Without spoiling the scenario (even the prologue was pretty vague, as investigators we were all in a bar and was shown a dismembered finger still wriggling alive in a box by the bartender, and so was to head to the cemetery in search of some fellow to learn more about it but heck as players we all just wanted to get into the house and search for loot) we all got in, picked up loads of stuff, fought monsters, and won against the Game Master! To be honest we (the investigators) thought we were doomed and was fighting to draw to a stalemate as apparently the GM couldn't win too.

Met up at 10.15pm, game setup and rules briefing til 10.45pm, game til nearly 2am. Turns out to be quite a good Halloween night in the end.