Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tax(ing) Income, 2005

Sigh. Last year, I totally totally left doing my income tax until the last week, because I never realised that the income tax submission dateline was nigh plus never realized why my company sent me an EA Form. The final week for submission saw me heading over to Randall's for a crash course in income tax form filling, and then the next day to submit the form at the Inland Revenue Department at Kelana Jaya.

Only one problem: I hadn't had a registration number, so my form wasn't complete. Plus I hadn't any tax to pay, since I only started work in September 2004. So, I spent an hour there trying to register only to be told that I need not submit my BE income tax form in the end. Blah. So, I'd marked down on my phone calender to get my registration number by February 2005.

That calender reminder, I must say, was just ignored for about a month until I got a letter from the Inland Revenue Dept informing me of my registration number etc (phew). No escaping income tax submission for me this year, then.

Should be easy, hor, filling up the income tax form after having done so?


Burn you, horrible horrible forms!

By habit I print out 2 copies, one in English for rough filling, and the actual BM one for submission. This year instead of printing out the BE form I'd print out the B form instead, which has yonks more sections that did not relate to the employed but to those that opened their own business. Wasted my resources printing out some 14 pages.

And then, instead of the quick within-the-hour of filling up the forms, I'd decided to look for my book receipts to claim. Another habit of mine is to use the receipt of the book I bought as the book's first bookmark. So, it's just a matter of flipping through my books to find the receipt and hope it's for the correct year.

A treasure hunt that turn out to be. I ended up finding a measly few (hey, I'm allowed to claim up to RM700, and I know I buy books aplenty) and wondering where the rest have disappeared, but the treasures...

The Discworld Almanak. April 26th, 2006, Thursday: Rain of fish a high probability. Be prepared to find forgotten currency.

A crisp, new RM50 note and an unopened angpow.

Well. A final bit in me EA form caught me off-guard as I never had that bit in the previous year, so I'd to leave completing the form until I'd someone instruct me properly. Once done, it's just waiting for next year to once more go through another bout of treasure hunting.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Puppy License

And a wonderful thing it is to have. Wee'd inside the house? "Aiya, pee here ar!" in that symphatizing voice that states: Aren't you CUTE! Equally, "Aiyo, why you pangsai there?" Variations in Cantonese and other baby talk also feature heavily with this license enforced.

And people don't get angry with you for any reasons! Bite this, crap there, whine about...all people can do is let their hearts melt, get mildly upset, but never, ever really get angry having to clean up (or whatever) after you!

Nice hor? Not only that, you get cuddled, carried about, loads of attention...Aren't you the baybee? Aren't you? Aren't you the fuzz-wuzz cute thing now?

Here's hoping: never grow up. Sigh. You only go through this once.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Dream

I dream:
  • Of how my future home will be - how each room is decorated, the layout of the garden, the pool...
  • The kind of cushy job I can have
  • That financial issues will never be my issues
  • That I can enjoy life and remember all the enjoyable bits instead of being so forgetful
  • Of Heroes of Might and Magic V to come out very very soon (I would buy the original for this)
  • That perfect, credit-card-thin PDA
  • That perfect Nokia phone
  • For more people to trash compete with in Tetris DS
  • For that bachelor-for-life to find a partner-for-life
  • Of joining a choir
  • Of weird dreams
  • Of getting a Citroen (I may entertain the thought of a VW Golf...maybe)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Just Like The Colour Green...

Following njapf, we got this:

Your Personality Profile

You are nurturing, kind, and lucky.
Like mother nature, you want to help everyone.
You are good at keeping secrets and tend to be secretive.

A seeker of harmony, you are a natural peacemaker.
You are good natured and people enjoy your company.
You put people at ease and make them feel at home with you.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sins that we give in...

Now, if there's a thing we cannot resist, it's treating ourself to some good sinful chocolate. Chocolate will set us a-flutter if we need to do some self-pampering, and in a non-destructive sense too (no-ooo, we don't think getting fat counts as destructive. Non-productive maybe.) And so while walking about The Street at The Curve this afternoon (our third home, nah, not yet...) we decided to head for the Chocolate Fountain stall for choco-covered marshmallows. That hit the spot. But it wasn't enough. The day was still young.

So when we were at our second home we stopped by Bakerzin to havva try at their wares. Delightful, sinful wares. Enter the Sumatra: a mix of white and dark chocolate blended with Sumatran coffee beans...

One bite, and it was ambrosia. Ab-so-lute de-lish!

Every bite to be savoured. The lemon macaroon in the background served as intermission, to allow the taste buds to recover from the onslaught, much like lemons given out during half-time at lacrosse.

And at the end, the mental equivalent of loosening the belt and slouching in the chair. Who needs books telling you how to detox or relax when the simple pleasures of life are everywhere?

Says it all.

Exactly about how we feel about looking for a job.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Introducing a new member to the family

We have a new wog. She be unnamed as of yet, as there were nothing suitable that everyone can agree on. Say hewwo to the new Maltese woggie.

Hmmm. Let's try again. Say hewwo to our new woggie.

We hope the parents come up with a easy nice name...