Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPoh Day Trip!

This Deepavali saw lad organizing a day trip to Gua Tempurung followed by lunch at iPoh. Given that we've done Gua Tempurung before (and sacrificed a pair of shoes there) we weren't so keen on doing the Grand Tour again. Among the group of people going, we think only Germ, Lemon and Esteban were entering Gua Tempurung for the first time (correct us if we're wrong on this).

So. Following them up but not entering the cave, what did we do?

We would have played checkers but it seems like someone else decided to play a sort of 'Harry Potter Wizard's Checkers' or something, so we decided on this:

And after Sleep and us were done (we couldn't resist flirting with each other in lad's car too), we started on Mark Haddon's A Spot Of Bother. Egads. When we're done with this book, it's going to be your Christmas present okay otousan? Mark Haddon seems to deal in dysfunctionality. The book's good and engrossing we'll admit, but we just couldn't tolerate George (yes yes terrible us). Oh we loved how George decided to deal with the lesion.

Well, another thing about not going into the cave was that we were delegated the job of being the jaga. Thankfully we had overcast skies and so the weather was comfortably cool till midday when the gang finally emerged (taking a total time of 3hr 15m). A quick rest, a shower and we were ready to head on to iPoh.

Chee cheong fun, salted chicken, hor fun, ice cream soda, rojak (we avoided this) and tau fu 3pm.

Then it was onwards to Kellie's Castle before heading home. What greatly interested us about the place was the minimal safety precautions to be seen. Sure, a few areas were grilled off to prevent accidental suicide (you're asking for it in the first place if you go put your own self in danger) but most areas were just marked with signs stating that since construction was never completed safety was pretty much at the tourists' digression.

That someone decided to lay the brick in the shape of a heart makes us think that they've probably lost the plot of a castle. The tree? The weird trunk shape was suppose to represent a bear hugging the tree.

Still, you have the rooftop areas which were also the most precarious. On the third floor you have the 'Rooftop Tennis Court' and on the top, an open area meant for parties to be held. Goodness knows what will happen when one has had waaay to many drinks. However, we must say that the view was plenty exhilarating. Well, actually not really. Gravity was exhilirating. View was not.

After Kellies Castle it was time to head back - and everyone was too full and tired to finish up the trip with Kepong bah kut teh, unfortunately.


hrugaar said...

jaga as in someone standing guard outside? (or more like sleeping guard in this case, heh)

But it is kind of refreshing to hear of a place that isn't swamped in so much Health & Safety paranoia that you can't get near it.

Such cute one perched on roof there! :P

David the Man said...

The Ru is always the first one to post his comments here. Looks like Monsieur Soldat's blog is first in his mind. And second for others :(

Well, looks like you have a great time there! When you mentioned Gua Tempurung, first I was thinking you people went caving (there is a cave over there)! But heck, I was wrong! Anyway, glad you enjoy them.

Queer Ranter said...

TAK AJAK! Its so near to me yet, yet... You left me out!

*sob sob

hrugaar said...

Well, david™, certain other bloggers haven't put up new posts yet for me to comment on anyway ... mentioning no names, but ... ;P

thompsonboy said...

thats what I called living life by/on the's quite fabulous isnt it?

David the Man said...

But what...? The Ru is making us guessing what the next sentence is...

Aaron said...

It was hui lin's first time too.
and my brother and joan first time for the Grand tour!
NOooo i don't want a book for Christmas!!!

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Yep, jaga as in becoming a guard. We'll wait and see what happens when someone does get into a mess there, what kind of Health & Safety measures would be added in. Oh, roof has some sort of waterproof layer (is that right Lemon?) on it hence it being that particular black rather than stone brown.

David The Man: Erm, we think it's because he's in a different timezone and we post rather late. Only we didn't go caving, the rest did btw.

QR: So near yet so far hor? You had to find your own transport lor, kereta penuh. :s

Thompsonboy: We likes it by the edge, but we got to be careful of the company! :P

Aaron: Noted. But you were harping all about The Curious Incident! This will complete it! :P

The Searcher said...

missed Ipoh so much.... sigh...

Janvier said...

The Searcher: Hey there! Make a trip down some time!