Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Oh gods. It's the end of October! Goodness we haven't done our claims for four months already. :S No wonder we're so poor. Anyways, Halloween this year proved to be a bit quieter compared to last year's. Well at least last year we had free tickets to go watch The Covenent, which was rather bleh as a movie but on a very shallow level at least it passed the time.

This year? We started our trick-or-treating by beginning at Mage Cafe with wolfx and 'Nic. Wolfx and us decided that our costumes would be 'workaholic ratracers hearting job too much and will get promoted before you', although most people probably wouldn't be scared of us. Dinner at Mages, and once 'Nic showed up we cleared the table for Gheos and Wyatt Earp. Good games that ween't too brainburning. The games finished around 10.30pm, and just while we were preparing to leave we received a challenge from Ryan: "Well, I won't say I'm good at Tetris, but I should still be able to sapu you."

Okay...wanna kena trashing at Tetris DS? We shall trash them all! And so we did. Only we tend to suffer a bit playing on handicap 3 if we lose our attention. But we can't really claim full victory too, because wolfx's DS didn't turn on Hard Drop (instant drop) and Shadow (to see where it lands) so it wasn't a fair fight initially.

Anyways. Our second trick-or-treat venue is at a hospital somewhere along Jalan Ampang. At midnight. And instead of receiving any treats we were delivering them. Heh, everytime l'agneau orange tells us about her leaving from work late or working on weekends or such, we tell her everytime, "That's because you heart job."

And yet here we are, delivering stocks because DKSH's busy with their closing and by right the hospital purchasers should have been aware about it and should have ordered necessary stocks at the very latest, yesterday. We didn't mind obliging them by getting the stocks and delivering them - only we weren't interested in heading there at 5pm, the time we were able to pick up the stuff from DKSH. As the hospital was open 24 hours, and we've been told where to deliver after hours, we decided to head when it was most convenient, in this case after our dinner/gaming session.

So yes, we shall be trick-or-treating at midnight there. Not like there were anyone there waiting to give us treats too. :(

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Meme Or Spam?

Right. Almost forgot that there was this meme to do. 'Tis weird really - we never saw so many memes before, and recently there's been a whole slate of them.

We use to remember receiving on or two of these via email last time (blogs either never existed or weren't made user-friendly for the webpage design-illiterate folk), those weren't called memes then and might have been treated a bit more like spam mail tho' - after all, seeing a 'complete this and send it to etc etc etc' tends to light up an immediate 'DELETE' sign in our head.

Anyways. This kinda memes for blogs aren't as bad. And it does give direction for writing. Shortcut, in the case for this post. :P

So anyways, for this meme...are we suppose to state preference, or what we happen to use/eat/watch/go more often? Shall state preference then.

Tissue or Handkerchief?
Tissues, and plenty of them when our sinus hits. Our 'kerchief is mainly decorative.

Shoes or Sneakers?
No Crocs? Sneakers for their comfort. And to Jam/Combat in.

Collar Shirt or T-Shirt?
Tees since we don't attend many things that require dressing up.

Briefs or Boxers?
Not used to boxers.

Pants or Khakis?
Khakis are quite comfy! Pants we only ever wear for work and weddings!

Fast Food or Restaurant/Kopitiam?
Depends on mood. But restaurants or kopitiams because the food cravings usually come from there. Like for char kuey teow. Or bah kut teh. Or baked salmon. Or speghetti. Or wild boar ribs. Or steak. Or cendol with lots and lots of gula melaka. Or curry laksa, beehoon only. Or ikan bilis/anchovies. Or portobello mushrooms. Or mashed potatoes with bacon strips. Or kung po chicken. Or Guiness Pork. Or stingray.

Oh, the list.

Horror or Fantasy Movie?
Fantasy's so much more safer compared to the horror flicks we ever get - the chance that the show will suck is definitely less. But we love both genres.

Genki Sushi or Sushi King?
Genki Sushi.

Pavilion or The Gardens MidValley?
Gardens MidValley is nearer, and is connected to MidValley. And our last visit to Pavilion we were surprised to find out that the restrooms were clogged and we'd to go all the way to the top floor just to use a cubicle, which can't live up to T
he Gardens' restrooms. Speaking of toilets, we find ourselves disappointed with the Premier Restrooms at The Gardens - RM5 for the use of towels, Origins range of toiletries, the newfangled hand dryer and 2 cleaners/attendants (one male, one female). Other than that, the restroom's pretty much the same as those on the other floors.

No, we didn't use the attendants. In any way.

Still, could have been nicer, larger, airier...ya ya a restroom akin to a lobby!

Now that that's done with. Don't think we will tag anyone with this, but feel free to do it whenever you lack direction to post.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Riddling Rubiks

So when we were young, about every Chinese New Year we had to head down to Johor for the annual hometown visit. The trips up and down, at that time over 15 years back, were terrible...we got carsick every single time. So it was a Pavlovian response to have us going rubbery in the knees at the thought of a 6-hour trip to JB, with the prospect of us having plastic bags always at the ready. Not that we always end up barfing but we'll definitely feel poorly till we finally arrive at grandmum's place. It was a good thing that such trips would be for a week or so too, if it was a 2-day trip or so we would never, ever head down to JB or Singapore unless we were flying, even now as we're all grown up.

Incidentally, we used to have darn good bladder control in those days. Those were the days where the carbonated drinks also come in them glass bottles, we thinks you only find soda w
ater in these kind of bottles nowadays? So there'll be bottles of these in the car, and we'll have sapu-ed a fair lot of those without needing a pit stop. Nowadays, we still drink plenty but we stop plenty too. Sigh. Age.

Well while the trips were bad in those days the time at grandmum's wasn't so bad. Asides from the garang-looking uncle, a couple of mischevious cousins, almost all relatives speaking in Cantonese (yes yes regardless of how long we've been exposed to the language we're still hopeless), there was the chance that we would make a day trip to Singapore, fireworks, some shopping, or that our aunt from UK would be visiting (with souvenirs, of course).

And so back in the old house, in the store room under the stairs there's this small table where a drawer would be full of CNY memorabilia. Game & Watches, playing cards, and Rubiks games.

UK-Aunt brought back puzzles with her, a different one for all of us. And so in the drawer we have...Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Magic, and Rubik's Clock.

Rubik's Cube we're sure you know. In fact we lost the Cube, and so happened that we found a decent-looking unoriginal Rubik's Cube in...Curve Bazaar we thinks. Decent we say, because there be some other's that have horrible colours that'll blind us as we attempt to solve it. We've never solved it all the time we had one before, because our fiddlings were essentially just random rotations until we got all the colours on one side. Managing two sides and we would be happy. But never, of course, attempted to systematically work our way with the thing - never had the patience as a kid (well probably not even now...). Although finally we've managed to solve the Cube - but still have no idea how it actually goes. There were a bit of pointers and after much backtracking we'd just gotten it back to it's starting state. Gonna mess it up again to work on it.

How about Rubik's Magic and Rubik's Clock? The point of Rubik's Magic was to link up the three separate rings, like so.

Magic was probably the only one we ever solved, and by accident the first time too. There were times when the puzzle got so damned screwed up that we almost gave it up for a lost cause. But it got solved and we were happy that we managed, and then delegated the puzzle to other things, like becoming a chair.

As for Clock, the objective was to have all 9 clocks on both faces pointing at 12 o'clock. We also never had the patience to sit and figure it out other than randomly plugging the dials. And now when we might be interested to try, the mechanism's broken or something. :S

Oh well. Now, where are all our other little puzzles, like the metal ones or the wooden bits with string? Gotta ransack the room darnit.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"27th We're Free"

Now that our Nok7710's back up and running, we need to make use of the calender function a bit more frequently. Or be a bit more hardworking and type them out while using the keypad on our L'Amour then. Because on three occasions regarding our availability yesterday we've actually claimed that we had nothing on to do.

jack208: Hi there, just have got this confirmed with Outpost. We'll be calling for a Halloween Gaming Nite on Oct 27 (Sat) at Outpost (The Curve)...
Janvier: Oooh we should make it! Werewolf! Werewolf!

'Vin: I'm having my housewarming on next month Saturday the 27th, block that date out ya?
Janvier: 27th kah? We should be free, got nothing on.

Email: We're gonna be doing lunch on Sat 27th, please keep the whole day free.
Janvier: Saturday...should be empty. Can!

Well all this was being planned like sometime last month. And you can see just how terrible our memory is that we OK'ed all three. While the lunch could take place without clashing without the other two we were more concerned as to how were we going to juggle 'Vin's housewarming as well as the Halloween Gaming Nite.

Well come yesterday there was a top-priority item to get done with first - get the car fixed, as nothing else could probably take place without getting it repaired. Thankfully lad was available to fetch us around after that - thank you! Shall buy you lunch from your pork noodle aunty next day!

Lunch was moved to a different date so our afternoon was free to learn this about L'Occitane. Members get 5%, a RM20 voucher on their birthday month, and points collected throughout the year will be cleared at the end of each birthday month unless some 5000 or more points have been collected, which can be exchanged for a voucher. Not like we would be shopping at L'Occitane in the first place but if we do we know who to look for.

Ended up late for Ken's Jam and stayed on for Calvin's Combat. Then it was back to pick up the car and head off for 'Vin's housewarming first - a buffet dinner event by caterer's used by the pharma sales industry. A lot of people about, and a surprise showing up by Esteban. We're a bit unhappy with Esteban for revealing something we've been keeping mum about - while the look on his face was quite funny the look on our face wasn't. And we had a second earful from otousan. Left soon after, don't think we even stayed an hour at 'Vin's place. Sorry yah, didn't meant to arrive that late too!

Next up was Halloween Gaming at Outpost. Throughout the discussion of events it seemed as if the lineup of games included some 10+ participants for Werewolf, followed by a few other horror based boardgames like Haunted House On The Hill, Arkham Horror and Doom. For us we were really only interested in Werewolf and getting our event polo tee (which we paid for!). In the end we had three sessions of Werewolf among the other stuff Outpost was organizing, with plenty of roles to make it more interesting. Now if only we had more noisy people.

Sometime before our third game wolfx made mention, "There's Stardust showing at 2am." Immediately our hands shot up and we said, "ON!" and so wolfx, rhyen and us bought tickets.

Given how we got excited when we first saw the trailer during the Transformers premier (it so happened that we just finished the book then) we had high hopes for the show. Admittedly we were worried that the movie adaptation might differ greatly and disappoint (heck everyone needs to worry about movie adaptations) but Stardust turned out very well. So well that we are definitely watching it again. Maybe three times. Plenty of scenes that'll keep you chuckling.

Claire Danes was okay. Charlie Cox was okay too. Peter O'Toole had us thinking of Troy, but he's funnier here. Michelle Pfeiffer had us thinking of Ms Baltimore Crabs/Velma Von Tussle for a while, but after the initial bit she was Lamia all the way. Robert De Niro was very entertaining, especially during the Can Can. Didn't realise that was Rupert Everett as Secundus.

Story pacing was done very well with never a dull moment. Wolfx did complain about most of the music being rather 'epic music' - he had a point there. Instead of an action scene with 'epic music' catching our attention it was the bit in Ditchwater Sal's caravan and the backgroun strings that held the best attention then.

Ok. That review of Stardust was rather vague. Well the book was simple but good, and the movie's along the same lines. Definitely watchable. Twice.

And we oughta make sure next month we don't clash anymore appointments. Gotta mark down the dates we're heading down to Sporeland for Ethancya's and Renzze's celebrations!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't Forget To Water Your Car

Now we'll admit to being rather buta kereta in more ways than one. Last time, we forgot to feed the car soon enough.

This time, while making our way to KLCC through the lunch traffic we suddenly felt the car temperature rising. We thought, "Wah, the air-con gas run out so fast ar?" Thankfully we were rather near KLCC at that time so all that was on our mind was to quickly get out of the sun. After lunching with two great leaders, namely The Other Sporeland PM and Great Iskandar Zulkarnain we left KLCC to make our way back to PJ.

Only to learn that our Kembara was actually quite a panas baran (hothead) character. Perhaps Kembara learnt how to hate traffic jams from us (yes, we have pitifully low EQ when it comes to sitting in traffic especially when we have to head for appointments, like with BodyJam). Looking at the temperature gauge we went, "Fuck." Instead of hanging in the middle, Kembara's temperature needle was slowly rising...rising...rising. Our Kembara was losing his cool, and rather quickly too.

OK. We needed to stop the car somewhere now. Except that we were stuck somewhere around Changkat Bukit Bintang (just after Jalan Alor) in a near-gridlock. At least that allowed us to turn off the engine until we were able to trudge ahead a couple of feet. So it went: trudge, stall, trudge, turn off engine, turn on engine, trudge, stall...

A call to dad for instructions on what to do and he said that he'd meet us since we were near to his workplace. We, on the other hand, had to find a place to park quickly and let the engine cool. So we ended up at Low Yat basement carpark with our Kembara indicating that his hotheadedness was reaching 'overheating' limits.

Dad popped over to Low Yat bringing water for our hot-tempered Kembara - it took some three 1.5 litre bottles (two trips to the Low Yat restrooms) before the Kembara cooled down. By the way we didn't know Low Yat also had Premium Restrooms costing RM1, while the non-Premium ones were 50 sen. Once Kembara cooled off dad went back to work (we still don't know how he manages going through KL traffic in the mornings and evenings) and we whiled awhile before heading back... office. Yes well even while we already decided to take the half day off because we wanted to get Kembara to the doctors we thought to head back to the office first to swipe the laptop, check to see if a reply we've been chasing for the entire week has finally reached our email, pack some stuff then go. Ended up we left after work hours...which was like an hour after we stepped back into the office.

And Kembara didn't like being kept waiting to see the doctors. He told us so numerous times on the way. Once as we were nearly reaching Jln Universiti, just before UH. We stopped awhile to let him rant. Then he went off again at Eastin Hotel. Traffic at 7.30pm, and on a Friday night whatmore, is not therapeutic for a bad-tempered car. We decided that we'd just stay there near Phileo Damansara, parked at a curb, soothing the Kembara till it wasn't angry anymore.

Of course, we tried to water our Kembara but it refused to open his trap. Wondered how dad did it, and whether we might have accidentally shut it wrongly earlier in Low Yat that now Kembara didn't want us watering him.

So no choice, since we weren't able to water our car, we slept till 8.30pm. And the traffic was still rather bad then. :S

By the time we reached TTDI Plaza (what, a couple of kilometers away from Eastin?) the Kembara nicely told us that he was way past overheating. We cringed as we trudged forward (CAN YOU BELIEVE WE WERE DOING 10KM/H FOR MOST OF THAT JOURNEY?) waiting for the explosion. As we parked near Porto Romano the Kembara gave a shudder, and fainted.

Dad came to the rescue again and told us that we didn't twist the radiator cap enough. It was only then that we realised that the radiator cap was designed like a child-proof cap.

Now the Kembara is snoozing outside, and we'll take him to the doctors tomorrow. While his temperature could be cooled down quite easily, he's gotten us all tired and cranky now - so much so that we decided to pull out from meeting the guys for bowling. Didn't even feel up to checking if others were going drinking. Just wasn't in the mood and quite liable to snap at people without proper reason.

In fact, still am cranky and quite liable to delete comments we find overly XOxoXO.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ustjay Ecausebay Eway Osay Eefray

First, we summon this:

Ethay Atinlay Igpay.

Ownay incesay oininjay ethay gymay eway avehay eenbay omingcay omehay atelay anday eatingay innerday aboutay arounday entay. Osay ivengay atthay esethay astlay otway aysday eway avehay otnay eenbay oinggay otay ethay gymay, eway indfay atthay eway avehay ay itbay ofay eefray imetay onay ouray andshay.

Utbay insteaday ofay usingay atthay imetay otay oday omethingsay usefulay, ikelay ompletecay ambigramay ojectspray, oray inishfay ouray ooksbay, oray atchcay upay onay ouray eepslay, eway avehay eenbay ayingplay Eldazay's inimay-archeryay-amegay onstopnay.

Itay isay ay implesay amegay atthay eway ancay endspay eightay undredhay Upeesray, atay entytway Upeesray ay amegay, anday akemay ackbay enfoldtay oray oremay atthay amountay inay easurestray oray ipshay artspay.



Right. Just because we so free.

*Taken from the anime Azumanga Daioh, where it's a tonguetwister translated as 'bus gas explosion'.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finish Meme!

Oh no - a categoriless meme! But that means we can title it anyway we like! Waitaminute, we've been doing that for most of the previous memes already. Oh well, heck with that then. Onwards to the end. And to challenge ourselves - it shall all be answered in 5 words or less.

1. We've come to realise our last kiss was with a beer bottle.

2. We are listening to Britney Spear's 'Gimme More' repeatedly.

3. We talk in the collective as well.

4. We love being able to sleep in.

5. Our best friends are Friday Night Alcoholics.

6. Our car is ten years old now.

7. Our love life is materialistic.

8. We hate it when people ask us to a MLM thing.

9. Love is different for different people.

10. Marriage is our relationship with our books.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking about sex. Every nine seconds.

12. We're always unpunctual. Unless someone else fetches.

13. We have a secret cheesy crush on iPod. iPhone. iMac. Yes, cheesy.

14. Our cell phone has a Sesame Street wallpaper.

15. When we wake up in the morning we snooze an hour more.

16. When we go to bed at night it's waaaaay past midnight.

17. Right now we're thinking about our supper in the kitchen.

18. Babies are not in our mind.

19. We get on MySpace to learn what is MySpace.

20. Today we ate dinner together with parents.

21. Tonight we will sleep a bit earlier.

22. Tomorrow we will swap from green tea to coffee.

23. We really want to watch videos on our iPod.

24. Someone that will most likely repost this is somebody tagged elsewhere!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

iSold iSoul

iBrain is at it again. iHave survived the Wii Wants so far, but then again maybe that's because the Wii isn't so pretty as the iPhone or iPod Touch.

iRemember the period before getting the iPod Video 30G - iDownloaded iTunes just to see how it worked and fell in love with it because it was so frickin' easy to organize iMusic. It wasn't soon before long that iBought the iPod and never regretted it (save nowadays iDo not want to hear about how much the iPod costs). The iPod serves iWell and iIs happy.

Then iSaw Webchitect's iPhone, which was fine. But when iSaw the iPhone's WiFi web browsing, iWas floored. And it's about the same with iPod Touch. Safari on both iPhone and iPod Touch is very pretty - the fonts are pretty, the pinch/unpinch feature is pretty, the tap-to-zoom-to-column is pretty...heck, the fact that you'll be surfing the 'net on a iPhone/iPod Touch at Starbucks showing it off to everyone walking past will make you pretty (much hated by everyone else).

Fuck the fact that it cannot load Flash-embedded stuff. Fuck the fact that you probably can't get music from the iTunes WiFi Music Store in Malaysia (iWill be happy if iAm wrong).

So anyways. iFind iAm tethering on the edge of splurging again, because iSymptoms have include downloading Safari 3 Public Beta. While in some ways it's lacking compared to Firefox and IE7, in other ways it's much nicer to use. And the font is pleasing to look at, although that's the only font you'll ever see.

iSo am becoming an Apple convert soon. Damn their marketting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice Things Come In Small Packages

Well some nice things do, to make it clear before we get told otherwise.

Like this wee bottle of Tabasco sauce we'd gotten gratis of Riblee's. We have no heart to use it yet. Probably one day it'll disappear into the kitchen for mum to wonder about it.

Or the Seared Salmon Fillet Tabac we had for dinner at Boathouse TTDI today. A small fillet on a large plate. Certainly satiated our salmon pangs for now - ever since mum made some salmon dish we know not how (steamed? baked?) that resulted in a large piece of salmon soaking in oodles of salmon fish oil we have had a mighty craving for something like it again. Unfortunately dad doesn't like the smell of salmon so rather than ask mum to make said dish again we thought of getting salmon satiation elsewhere.

Boathouse TTDI did make a nice salmon dish with the Seared Salmon Fillet Tabac. Since we're no food blogger we didn't take any pics nor shall make much culinary comments - we just enjoyed the dish. Here, use the description in the menu to help spur the imagination:

200g salmon fillet seared on a skillet, flamed with wine; set on a bed of honshinmeiji mushrooms doused with tarragon cream and tabac infusion.

Now the word tabac puts us in mind of tabacco. Can anyone tell us what it actually is? We didn't ask the staff - it wouldn't do for them to tell us we've been eating perfume - substance abuse you know. Then again if we've told that we've been eating tabacco we're not gonna be happy.

But nothing beats what lad and us found while at Gardens MV.

Cute fuzzy Sesame Street characters, dubbed the 'Flower Set'. Although it was only the Cookie Monster wot had a flower on his hand. Still did not stop both lad and us going, "OMG that is so kiut!!!"

Damage control was needed as we attracted the attention of a group of girls nearby who came and saw what we were looking at and themselves went into peals of OMGsoKIUTness themselves.

"Eh whose birthday is next-ar?"
"Then can use this for her birthday present! Stick it on top of her present once wrapped!"

Okay. Probably shouldn't have cared lah. It is cute after all.

And it fits nicely as a wallpaper on our L'Amour, both on the main screen and mini screen - the wee things were positioned near the top of the picture we took so it wasn't covered up by words.

Lad chose to keep Big Bird (probably because he didn't have a flower on him despite it being the Flower Set, and probably also because we keep getting reminded of Robot Chicken's Sesame Street's Bird Flu clip) and so we now own Cookie Monster.

And he's not going to be part of any birthday present!

Anyways - it's Monday...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shoulder Sorrows

We ought to realise that we're not as sprite as we used to be.

So happens that after our Riblee's dinner we all adjourned to the Ongzebo for some drinks and games. That was fine.

What wasn't fine was the handstands that we did against the wall. The game of 5-man Twister probably wasn't so bad until a couple of players were out and the game took an aggresive turn by by blocking convenient spots and forcing players to balance awkwardly.

Of course we didn't know things weren't fine until Saturday morning when our shoulders and upper back muscles started screaming blue murder - so much so that we couldn't sleep nor rest properly in peace any more. So we did the necessary.

We went for BodyJam.

And BodyCombat (because we only did BodyJam on Tuesday this entire week). Oh heck, it was because Calvin was also instructinglah.

Oh goodness we don't need a towel for classes, we need a fricking mop. And we were dressed in a black Giordano Dry polo and in cargo pants - good water-absorbing clothes, not our usual synthetic dry-fits that taichis sweat from our body straight the floor. Well at least we've satisfied our urge to dress in office attire to BodyJam - we're sure a workshirt will never survive the class anymore. Still it was fun to have done the classes in different attire then the usual gym togs, although it's not going to be something regular.

Note to self: need to punch two more holes in belt. We remember now why we don't wear cargo pants to cardio classes anymore. Cargo pants felt a bit loose, and when we tugged the belt we found we could tighten it another two beltholes more (if there were two more beltholes). And Calvin had to tell us our pants were loose some more...OKla so well admit that we only had an Ikea hotdog for brunch and nothing else before BodyJam!

So, after two cardio classes and a stint at the sauna and a hot shower, shoulders are sooo much better now.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Believe It Or Not

Riblee's is very worth it. Hidden above Al-Rajhi Bank with a signage smaller than the phallus-suggestive logo of the bank, we made our way there with no problems to celebrate lad's birthday dinner.

Of course, luckily we were fetching the guest-of-honour. As things went we were about a half-hour late because Puddy's wog went missing and the Puddy family went into a state of emergency - Puddy and dad were out wog-hunting (you can tell it was considered a family emergency as both of them went out without bringing along their mobiles) and lad and us were waiting patiently outside Puddy's place wondering how long she was showering (we think we take longer than her tho'). When she showed up and surprised us as we were expecting her to be in the house, the three of us went wog-hunting together.

Thankfully when Juangtis made it to Puddy's (as she was too following our car, see we all good people actually do carpool) blessedly she saw Puddy's wog - and so wog was quickly retrieved from harrassing making friends with neighbourhood wogs.

Dinner took some time coming but then again there were eight of us to serve: lad, otousan, Germ, 'Vin, Puddy, Juangtis, Lemon and us. And knowing how they'll be nice enough to serve everyone together we just starved till they were ready.

Most of us had ribs. And the ribs are pork ribs. Which. Are. So. Much. Better. Than. Tony. Roma's.

Can we emphasize enough on that?

So. Much. Better. Than. Tony. Roma's. We had the Roast Wild Boar Ribs. Taste-tested everyone else's rib dishes but we thinks nothing compares to the Wild Boar. What we found odd was the waitress, upon serving us, commented, "Wah, very adventurous." Shrug. Big serving, small bone. Great sauce. Cheaper than Tony Roma's ribs some more.

No more ribs from Tony Roma's now.

Will edit this post when we get photos from otousan.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Feed Us Diet Pepsi...

Right, we found this bottle of Mentos selling at Watson's last week for RM3.90 per bottle, so we bought two - Sour Mix and Yoghurt. Decided to keep the bottle of Sour Mix in the car, so that we've something to bite on should we get groggy. As it turns out the bottle lasted only two days, of which three-quarters of the bottle was finished in day one itself. Oh yes well we had help from others in finishing it but that just meant we had...4 less Mentos to munch.

Yeah, we can never stop at one when it comes to Mentos, especially when it's the Fruit or Sour Mix flavours. Whoa, Britney Spear's song is playing as this is being written...Gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more.

The Yoghurt's in the office and surviving much longer, but then again that's because our cuppa caffeine is much nearer at hand and we keep that bottle out of arm's reach.

Still, we need to refill the bottle in the car now. But maybe with Skittles instead. Something that won't melt in the car.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Food Fight

Warning: Food post with food pictures. Do not enter on empty stomach.

Now this most likely started early last year. You see, Bong (not Ah-Bong, mind) and us have this thing about sending pictures of food to each other - especially at odd hours. It started with him MSNing us pics of steaks of all sorts (and even a geoduck!). Then we reciprocated by MSNing him pictures of our supper. Then it got on to a point where instead of just waiting to get online and MSNing pictures to each other and causing each other to hunger for supper, we both gone onto MMSing each other.

So that was how the Mindfucking Food Fight began lah more or less. It's only mindfucking when a tantalizing food pic is sent so that it causes the other party to just think about food. We'll have a MMS that may look something like this:

To: Bong
Footlong & wedges in black pepper sauce. Taste Orgasm.

You get the idea. So yeah, our food fight went sorta on and off. We know we still occasionally MMSed Bong but wasn't expecting this from him though the other afternoon.

To: Janvier
Now this is what I call good BKT!
So hungry...
So Yummy...
Boss, add soup!

At around 12.30pm, before we even lunched. What a surprise. We didn't respond immediately but waited till 10.15pm to respond:

To: Bong
Subject: Just itchy
We were hungry for some meat dinner, and juicy sausages and steak fit the bill.

Now of course this wasn't what we actually had for dinner but rather a pic from our Meat Dinner at Fogal's.

Bong: I don't want 2 play this game anymore...
U very enjoy yourself hoh?
Ppl trying 2 sleep some more...
Haha... U just wait...
Luckily still got maggie mee...

Janvier: You know the best bit? Those were old photos taken some time b4 waiting for this to happen :D we'll be supping later.

Bong: Where is this place by the way?
My stomach is seriously starting to growl.
Janvier Soldaaaat!!!!

Janvier: Fogal's Meat Market, Plaza Damas.

Bong: I...
shall off my phone.

Janvier: LOL.

And so that was it for that night. The following day during lunchtime however, we decided to check back on Bong.

Janvier: Is phone finally on? :-P

Bong: Phone is on. Stomach very full since just had heavy lunch. Ha!
Bring it on!
I not scare!

Janvier: You know we don't fire when defenses are heavy.

To: Bong
Subject: Need something extra
Have you had your fill of this yet?

Bong: U... U... U...
U r a very evil friend Janvier Soldat.
Please remind me not 2 friend u anymore.
I don't care! Lets have beer drinking competition tonight!

Well we didn't have a competition but we did have beer and Ramlee burgers. :D

Then out of the blue, another attack another night, this one 9 days after our last onslaught.

To: Janvier
super Spicy hot fishball + juicy bacon roll with fish fillings + refreshing tropical juice...
Such a perfect way 2 end a Sunday.
Hmmm... Still a bit hungry... Maybe can stop by for a double daging special tambah cheese on the way home!

Now we did really think that he was just sharing his happiness with us (after all lad and 'Vin might be getting the MMS too). But like Facebook where people throw things at you, we prepared a MMS back for him, sent a week later.

To: Bong
Subject: Good bones
Guess where? Yay not hungry anymore.

Bong: Tony Roma's?
Damn u!
I hope u choke on those bones!

Heh. Did you know Bong, we purposely ordered that plate of ribs just so that we could take a pic of it for MMS? Nevermind la, this Friday we're gonna go eat at Riblee's Restaurant ya for lad's birthday dinner? Can satisfy your craving for ribs then. :D

Oh, you know, our favourite response from you is still the one you sent us some time last year when we were having our late lunch at McD's Tun Perak. We still ate heartily after having a good laugh.

To: Janvier
Let me spoil your appetite. U sakai make me hungry again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saving Our Soul

Now while Apple makes very good first impressions with their products, once you take a breather to look through the specifications it's much easier to see whether you can actually wait or it's a must-grab, although sometimes just by touching their products you could possibly have just sold your soul at that particular point.

Which was why last Monday while boardgaming in Klang our soul was in peril when Webchitect brought along his iPhone.

Thankfully we'd already did a sort of run-through of the iPhone and so held on to our soul when we played about with it. Very smooth and speedy response, although keypads may need a little learning before typing we can ever type without errors, rather light.

Very impressive.

But still, no network capable of running the iPhone yet, no 3G connectivity, no MMS function and no video calls means we can still wait (for the next generation iPhone).

Then there was the WiFi function.

Okay, so we're admittedly rather dependant on being connected to the 'Web nowadays. If we're not on the pc we'll occasionaly check our GMail and Bloglines via our mobile. So when we got online via the iPhone we admittedly did sell a bit of our soul. Loading was rather quick, and iPhone's 'pinch' function to zoom in and out...

Maybe let's go take a look at the iPod Touch.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Raya Romps

Okay, we admit to being a rather lazy creature - given that it's currently the Raya hols and we're actually a bit miffed that it fell on the weekend rather than the weekdays. Yes yes we're a spoilt Mylander pampered with public holidays, and yes we know this doesn't really mean much to some others who will still be working on Raya with replacement leaves (we got hit a few times when we visited Joe because we were on holidays and well, she was at the store).

Well we were in that line before and we opted out of it so yes, we likes our long weekends to be long weekends now. At least Monday was a public holiday then. And no, wasn't gonna take any leave days because there was no trips planned that would require us to take any leave too.

So. How was Raya spent? On the one hand, it would be nice to actually laze about doing nothing for three days. Or spend it meeting people and doing things that we don't get to do so often...

Like visiting Sporty Shaun for a pre-open house visitation on Friday as he would be going back to his hometown on Raya itself, with everyone participating in a bit of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. Then heading out for drinks. Oh our tolerance has dropped, that we got sleepy after 3 different glasses of drinks.

Like having dinner with otousan, 3-Seconder and TV on Saturday night at Tony Roma's. Must meet up mah, since not everyday they get to come all the way down from Penang. She's posted about it, heh. :D Then heading to Mage Cafe to say hi and pass Raya greetings to Tracy.

Or Sunday visiting Ezra during his open house, with family-friendly party games to while the time away. Thankfully Klang's known territory thus we could make our way without getting lost. Then spending the rest of Sunday in KL, from trying out JCo donuts (the strawberry and tiramisu's the only donuts that differ from Big Apples' range) to mooching at Jalan Alor to having supper of fries at McD's.

And finishing it up today with a trip down to Klang again for some bahkutteh breakfast (darn the good corner shop had already sold out by 9.30am) to an entire day of boardgaming with the Klangites. We tell a lie actually, because given the hanging about we actually only started playing around near noon. Then there were the Domino's Pizza lunch break and the dinner at Coconut Flower Teluk Gong (with tuak!) before finishing near midnight. So not really an entire day of boardgaming but close enough. Didn't help that we had some 4 hours of sleep only before functioning groggily during the gaming session.

And it's back to work tomorrow. Oh yes, BodyJam classes should be back to normal schedule!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blur Case...

...Is when you wake up on Saturday around 1pm, and immediately rushing through lunch, packing your gym togs and speeding off to the gym at 2.30pm, and only after entering the car park realize, "Oh yeah, it's the first day of Raya. No BodyJam hor." Nevermind, still can do resistance even though no cardio classes.

Selamat Hari Raya guys.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do Wop A Do Wop

Alright. Seeing how we'd only gone for Monday's BJ & BC we needed to follow up with a class today - Raya's around the corner and we've to get some cardio or suffer by next week. So happens that last week we managed to get a look at how Line Dance Funk was, first impressions was, "Hey, it looks simple but the music's good!"

Yeah, so choreography was simple. That's probably why the class was quite crowded. :D But what stuck in our mind was the final song Bernard played for the class - Hellogoodbye's 'Here In Your Arms'

The song played in our head the entire week okay? Good thing Germ knew the song title so we could look for it.

So this week we thought we would give the class a try. And we kinda like it. Bernard jumps straight into the movements (basically two sets of 8 that ends in a change of direction, repeat) and we did 5 different choreos by the end of the class. It was fun actually, with upbeat music from Timbaland and the likes (alright, will admit cannot identify the rest). Just a shame that he didn't repeat the Hellogoodbye song again.

And now, we've forgotten most of the moves. Heh, shouldn't matter. Easy to pick up what.

Onto other matters. Leaving the Buffalax clips behind and onto something sweeter. AC music!

A Capella la. Last time we brought you DeCadence stalking some men sparring in Central Park.

First, something lighthearted. Some
"...original songwork from Japan," although one of them actually is from Russia, and another definitely nowhere from Japan. You'll know them when you hear them. Although it may be quite possible that you've already come across this from a long time back. Oh we love the antics of the singers during the Russian bit.

Now, got onto something sweeter. The UC Berkeley Men's Octet.

The Bohemian Rhapsody.

And the Elephant Love Medley.

There's a lot more from them boys, YouTube's 'related' sidetab will guide you along the way. Only we wish that there was a much better recording where they weren't drowned out by the audience...but at least some people did take the trouble to share the boys with the rest of the world.

And to finish today's rather 'Tube-filled post, a final AC piece. We remember reading about this on Fiesty Faustus' blog although his showed some anime video instead. We so hope that this doesn't get mondegreened.

It's 'Leva's Polka', by Loituma. We are not going to post the lyrics here because it's in the 'More Info' box on YouTube.

Now let's see if you still think about Hymen Stores and Benny Lavas. We still do actually.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Is Our Day

Who approaches the Bridge of Death
Must answer me
These questions three!
Ere the other side he see...

When Is Your Birthday?
Generally celebrated on the third weekend en Janvier.

How Old Are You Now?
Just over mid-twenties.

Where Were You Born?
Klang. The only Klangborn of the family.

When Did You First Celebrate Your Birthday?
Like we can remember? We remembers one sometime while in primary school, having friends over in the afternoon with cake, food and all with the Super Mario Bros 3 as entertainment. We think we threw up on that party too, for reasons unknown.

When Will Your Next Birthday Be?
On our next birthday lor. Next year. Oh gawds another year's coming to a close.

Do You Remember Getting Birthday Presents On Your Birthday?
We do! From our younger years which saw us getting 'An American Tail' from mum; 'How To Win At Nintendo Games 3' book from dad; to a Sony Network Walkman NW-MS9 from sis during our early years in uni; the PS2, the Sonic Gear iPod speakers and the Unseen University Cut-Out Book from the guys and gals here.

What Are The Three Things You Want For Your Upcoming Birthday?
Bleargh we never really liked being asked this question - we never have a ready answer. :D If we'd a list of things that we may want it would either be affordable enough for us to buy it ourselves during one of our impulse buys, or out of everyone's (including ours) decent budget range.

But since the meme calls for three things, we might as well put the unattainable. This way we know no one will show up with it, heh.

HP Pavilion tx1215AU Entertainment Notebook

Well yes the specifications may be a bit outdated (don't they always, and so fast?) but the thing about this lappie is that it's capable of turning into a tablet. Touch screen! That's an in-built WACOM tablet then! Friend ymlau did point out that the screen's only 12.1", which is...yes, well, a tad small. Oh! Yet another plus point is that it's not so heavy, weighing some 2kgs (frail us cannot carry heavy stuff without tiring out soon).

A Volkswagon Golf GT Sport

Because it's cute. We remembers talking to Lemon once, and he asked what kinda car we like. We told him a Citro├źn, we thinks it was the C4 Picasso. He asked us why and we said, "Because it had a LED dashboard rather than dials for the speedometer/odometer". Then we both had a good laugh at our buta kereta-ness. Well we should be thinking of a new car anyways.

Our own house in TTDI
Yes well at the risk of staying near the parents, though. We loves TTDI. Shall not pass mum the key because we will not be able to stand her cleaning up our house as well. It's one thing for her to currently bug us regarding the state of messiness in our room, but totally another if it was our very own birthday-given (yeah we can dream) house.

What Kind Of Presents Do You Want For Your Birthday?
What's the point of this question when you have the above question you tell us?
We're a minor gadget whore, but only when it grabs our attention.
We're a bibiophile/lexicovore, but we've scarce space to store much books.
We're a soundaholic, but only when we find it catchy.
We're an avid gamer, but only for certain stuff that gets us all excited.
Erm. We're just afraid of getting bored lah.

Who Would You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday With?
Let's see. During our year in Glasgow, ymlau and everyone else refused to let us lock ourselves in our room and because all enfants du Janvier were celebrating together in JBC.
Then, lad tells us to be antisocial some other time than when we're supposed to celebrate our birthday.
Seems like we're not allowed to do this (we're not making fun of that ya please don't get offended!).
Then again, why should we? We want to celebrate with all of you!

How Do You Want To Celebrate Your Birthday?
Hmmm. There's definitely the meat dinner, goes without saying. When else will all the pictures be taken (thanks ya otousan and DSLR camera owners :P)? But for something different, here's our suggestion for a celebration - nighttime pool party! Alcohol, music, alcohol, finger food, beach balls, alcohol, floats! A night of hedonism!!! If no pool (especially since nearly all apartment/hotel pools close at 10pm) then how about a beach party!? Not a camping trip one mind you. Must have chalets/cabins, since alcohol will be involved hangover recovery period must be as comfortable as possible ya?

Heck, that was ten questions! Can we cross now?

OK! Now, this meme has pretty much gotten around and age is always a sensitive issue, so whoever who is facing blogger's block or something or wants to do this, feel free!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Spread Atop Our Desk

...Is our undying loyalty. Previously we'd put on the signet.

We can never understand how the body actually curls around the book that the head and tail appear on the same side.

Now we've gone retro and decided to pay back a visit to our cool mentat, Ammon. Just because Westwood decided to go in different directions for the Ordos Mentat each time (Edric O the thinking machine in Dune 2000, and Roma Atani in Emperor: Battle For Dune) didn't detract how we like the laidback Ammon.

Does anyone actually sit with an arm across their chest like that?

Oh yes. During our Win98 years we'd littered the desktop with shortcuts aside from the standard fare of My Computer, My Documents etc. Then when WinXP came about and cleaned the desktop of all icons and shortcuts save the Recycle Bin, so did we. Ahhh, a clean, empty desktop where everything necessary is pinned to the Start Menu.

So yes, the only icons on our desktop is...
My Bluetooth Places - we can't delete this somehow.
101 reasons to stay in TTDI text file - a project still in the works. Initially we stated that if we could list 101 reasons to stay in TTDI, NJAPF should shift to TTDI too. This, of course, is some 2 years back now.
Recycle Bin - which is nearly always showing an empty icon because we normally use the shortcut Shift-Del.

Clean and tidy hor our desk? This to prove to NJAPF whom tagged us that we be clean. Now, what goes around comes around. Show us your desktops, people. Press that Print Screen button (after pressing Start-D) now!
Doc Paul!
Pilot Will!
We may confiscate contraband. After that go spread the love.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Those SchoolMeme Days

...Of telling tales and biting nails are gone. Then again we never did either. But we've been given a meme to revisit Form 5 again as it is.

Favourite Subjects:
English because we didn't have to stress ourselves. Well, probably only over trying to work out the actual grammar of English we would have a bit of a problem because we never bothered much with figuring what's a continuous past tense, a verb, a noun and the likes. What we do remember is that we had four exercise books for English - Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Composition. Is this still the practise?

Oh, and Maths/Add Maths. It was more fun whiling our homework time doing Maths than it was doing other kinds of homework. Plus, since we'd already understood the concept of the buku sifir for exams, we used a scientific calculator for normal homework. Only problem would be that there might be some 50-100 Maths questions to do for homework each time, gah.

Favourite Teacher:
Erm, we don't remember much about our our Add Maths teacher Mr Vijay (is that right now, 'Nic?). Asides from the disciplinary teacher he was the only other teacher to go about with a cane into class - and after any tests/exams, he'll give a single stroke to anyone who scored below 80, and two strokes for those who scored below 40. And he's cynical enough to know that a good number of us in class are already attending Add Maths tuition.

Worst Subjects:
History and Geography. Damn all the factual, rote memorization subjects. Everytime we opened our History textbook we would be in sleepyland some 10 minutes later. We've a terrible memory, period.

Sat Beside A Boy Or Girl?
Guy. Our head prefect.

Hold Any Positions In School?
Lesse. Can only remember being the secretary of the English Society. But more notorious for being the Chief Editor for the school mag of our year, and it tad to resemble a bit more of a class mag (with bits from other classes) than a school mag, if you take out all the other bits like class photos, clubs and their activities, and school events. Oh, how power goes to the head. :P

Co-ed Or All-Boys?
All. Boys.

Represent The School In Any Competition?
Nah. Kept pretty much a low profile.

Getting To School:
From the bus in the primary school years then to dad dropping us off in the morning and mum picking us up in the afternoon.

Still Keep In Touch With Schoolmates After All These Years?
Only for the trips and boardgaming sessions and the Chinese New Year meetups as it is.

Did Form 6?
Nope - went for A-Levels instead. Finally, to have things in English then!

Now, because the opportunity is just there, tag time:
Aik Yong - let's hear how yours differ from ours.
3-Seconder - because you're a meme magnet? :P
AlvinO - when you got time.
NJAPF - come on, update already. :P
FeR - yet another meme for you to KIV.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Smiles Points

So many things that make us smile this week really.

First was the release of The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Announced for release on 1st Oct we never got to see it till Thursday when Gamer's Hideout finally got their stock.

We totally heart heart heart Zelda. Although admittedly the only Zelda games we ever played were:
Gameboy: Link's Awakening (our first Zelda game ever!)
Gameboy Color: Oracle Of Seasons (oh dear, where's the cartridge gone...)
Gameboy Advance: A Link To The Past (finished this and returned it while in UK)
Gameboy Advance: The Minish Cap (sadly the cartridge cannot save games anymore :S)

See, so many we have yet to play, especially the Gamecube/Wii ones. But currently we absolutely LOVE this one. All the controls are done via the stylus! Now once we've finished this we'll be digging out our old Zelda games for another go-through...

Now our sis did send us the link for a videoclip that's been Buffalaxed before but we never did really thought much of it heh. What's a Buffalaxed video? See, in YouTube there's this user called Buffalax, who takes music clips and makes subtitles based on what he thinks they're saying in English, always with hilarious results.

Sis actually sent us the link for 'Indian Thriller/Girly Man'. She sent two actually, one Buffalaxed and another one of the same clip but at double speed - she liked the double speed one. Then mrbrown posted about another Buffalax video and we went, "Oooh, got some more one ah..." and hunted for 'em and shared them about. Our favourite is Buffalax's take of Dschinghis Khan's Moskau. The second line of the lyrics already nearly made us fall out of our seat. It was sooo good we had to share the joy with everyone.

Yet another smile came from the fact that the office laptop has now been repaired where we can actually go wireless! Hurrah! We now actually pack the laptop back so we could go online from our bed/at Starbucks/at Mage Cafe/at Kopi Oh!/oh heck, wherever whenever we happen to be free. This is good so that we can do stuff on laptop without having to buy our own (yet). Unfortunately we be spring chicken so after a while of carrying the lappie our arm feels like it's gonna come out of it's socket. :S

And today we've just picked up another smiles point in the form of this.

More songs for the iPod! More caraoke moments (probably). And an itch to watch Moulin Rouge! again! We're still hesitant to pick up the Soundtrack for Rent tho' (yay we've gotten the song Seasons Of Love!) and well, won't be picking up the soundtrack for Hairspray anytime soon. :P

Oh, and Sandworms Of Dune is finally out! We saw this in Borders but only in hardback.

Unlike Making Money we aren't gonna get hardback for this (we were Pratchett-deprived, see) - the rest of our Dune series are in paperback and this will follow suit. The only reason we're gonna get this is for closure's sake really - finally, the completion of the Dune series (hopefully). We really can't stand the writing style actually.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Why I Want To Eat At Friday's

Or rather, our preferred title, "Thank God It's Friday!"

Finally, the end of the week. Friday's an important day really. Fridays for us tend to be about friends. See, Fridays used to be the one night that the guys get to meet up for drinks. Generally it'll be otousan, 'Vin, lad, Lemon and whoever else who were their classmates and us. A weekly thing that's sorta slowing down now, as work and life makes it more difficult.

We guess everyone sorts of make Friday important too. The boardgamecafe group have their Friday meets at OTK Cheras. Klangites too tend to call for mamak (when the Penang Klangites are back) on Friday nights too.

Well. We remember a memorable Friday last year where we had to stand on our chair, give a speech using a ketchup bottle as a makeshift mike, and blow out cake candles held far away. We think those were joke candles too. Our first time really (thankfully there hasn't been a repeat of that!).

We remember a Friday this year where two friends had their birthdays celebrated together - with also the same routine of stand-on-chair-sing/speech-blow. Dozey Damien gave a speech while Savvy Scholl sang, heh. More memorable about this particular Friday was that camwhores surfaced to take advantage of the two DSLR cameras.

We remember there were a few Fridays with l'agneau orange and NaanBleu. Dinner with them tend to be boisterously loud with laughter. There'd be situations like how NaanBleu would go, "Look! Is that a Millenium Falcon?" and both l'agneau orange and us would turn our heads to look, completely miss the Millenium Falcon somehow and tell NaanBleu, ", that's a disco ball..." It was then where we learned about the Very Secret Diaries as well as Zoe Tay's secret.

Dinners with l'agneau and NaanBleu are always good because being meat eaters all, our three dishes will all be meat dishes. So JD Ribs, JD steaks or other seasonal specials will hit the table and we'll all play musical dishes. And their mash potatoes are also another coveted item. It's a shame that we can't take good photographs of the food (we be no food blogger with settings on our iXus to take lovely lovely macro shots) else the Loaded Potato Skins will definitely look as good as it tasted.

We remember a Friday where the three of us went somewhere else for dinner while at The Curve, only to end up at TGIF for desserts, (asides from being meat eaters we're also dessert devourers). Interesting enough, we've never tasted the Ultimate Mudslide the others seem to long for. We only had their Mocha Mud Pie and the Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie. If you find dinner too filling then just head to these two desserts.

Thing is, we remember our Fridays for being with friends. Heh.

We hearts Fridays.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Simple Line

Maxis recently (or maybe not so recently but just that we noticed it recently) introduced 'value plans' - where the call charges differ depending on what value plan you choose. So now, they give you the choice of three packages, either the Value 50, Value 80 or Value 150. Simply, if you pick the Value 50, you pay RM50 monthly (before they add on other charges like value-added services and tax, mind you). The same goes for the other plans, just that their call rates get cheaper the more expensive your plan is.

Now, our mobile subscription started a long time back when the cheapest plan they had that had add-on services like call waiting (which we never use), call barring (also not used before), call forwarding (whatever that is), IDD (important as sis is overseas) and International Roaming (important when we go overseas, although it's mainly Sporeland) was the Package 75.

We never, ever spent more than RM35 per month. And we paid some RM85 because of itemised billing and for having our bills sent to our home address (yes we've learnt about e-billing since).

So we've been down to the Maxis Centre here in TTDI to compare between our Package 75 and the Value 50, and we've been told that there's no difference in call charges and such between those two plans. So hey, much better for us then, isn't it? If Value 50 was more expensive or didn't have certain value-added services included with the plan in the first place we wouldn't have given it a thought. And so we opted for the swap.

But that's not the only thing we did.

We've actually brought our Nok7710 back to life a couple of weeks back (which some people thought was either a Blackberry/Blueberry/Big Calculator heh), rather than leave it to collect dust. And with the cheaper plan we decided to subscribe for the Multi-SIM 1 Line service. How's that? Means both our L'amour and Nok7710 both are using the same line. No need to bother with changing SIM cards when we feel like changing phones anymore (which is good since everytime we take out the battery from the Nok7710 the phone resets totally and we've to key in the time and date etc).

All we have to do is just set which phone gets all the incoming calls and text at any time. All of 'em can be used to make outgoing calls and the like. So probably we'll be using the Nok7710 while at work, and when we're driving or not carrying a lot we'll set the L'amour as the primary instead.

Yes, this comes at a price. RM15 for each extra SIM. So heh our bill should come back up to RM70 per month. :P

Hmmm we could do like what we do with our specs: put a phone in the car or somewhere, so in the event we forget our mobile we have the spare to depend on.

Naaaah we're not that stupid. Like real we'd actually make our car so tempting for a break-in.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Total Knock Out

Well we haven't our own magic chair for this, but we don't actually need one. So happens that we ended up staying up overly late last night (important note to self: do not bring laptop to bed if need to wake up early next day, unless not planning on sleeping) and so we only managed 3 hours of sleep, adding on to the sleep deficit that normally piles up starting from Sunday night.

The day was a daze really.

It was particularly bad this time around because at any time our head touches a surface, any surface, we just black out. It's a good thing we didn't chose the large office chair that reclines slightly and with the back tall enough to act as a head rest.


Didn't stop us from indiscriminately sleeping around (in the car before lunch, back in bed just after lunch as well as on the chaise-lounge just before heading back to work) but nevertheless they were really just quickies. Power naps wouldn't leave you wanting more. Nor do they leave you feeling as if your whole body was heavier than lead, making it near impossible to get up.

Just as well that we were once again alone in our tower of solitude, as everyone else left early. As it was already after hours, we were literally floored until 9pm. It's just a good thing the carpet's regularly hoovered and our space is fairly clean. No need for a pillow even, heh, just kaput until we'd rested enough to make our way for dinner and back. 'Twas a much better rest as body didn't feel heavy although both arms were numb by then.

OK - time to bayar hutang.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Donch Worry

Be happy. So 3-Seconder has commanded. :D

Seriously, we has mulled over it for days, gal, and we cannot think of any specific overly-joyous happy moments here. But then again we're really a simple person with few demands, lots of wants and probably not that much needs.

Although...reflecting back maybe our happiness tended to be rather materialistic. :S

When we finally bombed on our iPod. We're happy to latch ourselves on a new book. When we were very much surprised with a PS2 for a birthday present 3 years back from the guys. When we get to meet up with old friends for a vacation trip with not much planned save games, food and company. When you say nothing at all Oops Ronan Keating moment. When we hear a splendid performance. Or watching musicals/plays on our list. Dancing to BodyJam.

Maybe that's because we haven't started worrying about stuff that we ought to, like: Can we afford a car and/or house? Are we secure about our job? What kind of changes are coming? Well, one factor would be our changing jobs. Given in our previous job we come up with emo stuff instead. Nowadays we just blab in prose that's straight off the head - you won't find stuff like how Paul or NJAPF puts it.


Happiest moments...will go to our year in Glasgow/UK. The whole year. One year (and a bit) of pure freedom (oh well as far as freedom can go while we were still dependant on the parents), with cold clear air (and occasional showers and strong winds), when Virgin/HMV/Game had their full-refund policy, where we had our own rooms, shared with housemates we've known for ages, where a birthday party could mean plenty of batchmates showing up, where walking wasn't much of a problem (we would still complain about walking all the way to Sauchiehall Street tho').

You know it's bad when reminders brings out pangs of loss, especially our most recent reminder was during WeeP's wedding and senior-Hodge made this music video of areas around James Blyth Court and the Uni of Strathclyde again...

So whenever we needs a perk up, there's always little clips we'll try to remember. One is sitting in our room, Nissin instant noodles with crabsticks on our table, the laptop playing Azumanga just passing time away. In Borders, sipping a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino while reading some novel...just killing time (and finishing a book too). Making pizza (not the round 12" ones mind) for pot-luck birthdays. Not managing to ski but did get to snowboard in Glenshee.

But we thinks, if you can't think of a happy time listen to this and ponder. :D

Nah, shan't put lyrics this time.

But to pass the baton on, here's them we'd like to know of their happy moments (we can only hope that innocence prevails):
William, and we're wondering if it somehow becomes a food blog or not.
(B/W)ill, always good to hear from you.
Legolas, so we can see the R post (you managed Q post rather well!).
Sam, because you were bored. :D
QR, we wonder if it's the kind that'll have us shutting our eyes in embarassment.
There: that ought to be enough for it to spread.

Monday, October 01, 2007

So. Malufyingly. Shy.

Well, it's not routine to just pass a piece of paper containing an ambiguous scribble without saying anything, then zipping off to the front of the class (with an empty water bottle no less), instead of actually going up to say, "Hi!" And mind you, this isn't the kind of situation where Japanese animes like to depict the mousey but cute girl going up to the guy, eyes faced downwards, handing him a pink envelope that's sealed with a heart-shaped sticker. It's just suppose to be a simple, "Hi. So that was you! All these while and we didn't know!"

Not to mention dare not leave class due to total phobia of saying "Hi!" when unprepared. So much so that we almost died in class really - first, we'd no lunch (and we're getting rather lazy nowadays with BJ42 that we skip out during the bounce step for a drink), and then we'd a cramp in our left leg by track 5 in Combat. And we hero enough to actually stay for the rest of Combat. :S Ah well, it was our first ever class by Sai Kit, quite the impromptu as FCI has gone and fly aeroplane too (not professionally tho'). Not bad, he managed very well and we all got old tracks! Variety!

Hmmm. Who needs to be anorexic then. Shall skip lunch and just do back-to-back classes. Starve them tapeworms at the same time. Then, if still alive, head to the sauna to sweat till you pengsan. See? Better than vomitting out food.

But back to being malufyingly shy. After all, it's not like we're meeting for the first time. Regulars for class and a familiar face, and still...plain shy lah. Ah well. You have a good handshake grip btw. Respect!

Oh, piece of paper is actually a sticker. Wouldn't have been any point just printing it out on paper.

Now, onto something lighter. We aren't in the mood to skip lunches especially when we need fuel to burn (sorry fasting peeps out there) and it's Tuesday coming up. So must remember to bring this along now.

Thankfully they'd come up with a new card, we lost the TAG Card yonks ago.