Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Are A Level 9 BodyJamming Halfling Cultist

It pretty much was an 'anything goes' kinda day for us yesterday, given how we decided to spend the night with the Prince of Persia as he retold us the story of The Sands Of Time.

As it turns out, we ended up heading to lunch with lad and Esteban - lad wanted to eat some roti canai from some store at Jalan Gasing, we have no idea where but just follow only la since he was driving. Plus he was nice enough to offer to lepak at the Curve after that while we 'Jammed. However, traffic was horrible even at noon already - we reached the (ex) Jalan Universiti roundabout only to be met by a near gridlock - and so we u-turned and headed back to TTDI for banana leaf rice instead.

BodyJam today was with both Tracy and Kylie, with a preview of BJ43. Yay! The few sentences we'd used to describe it?
More disco than cardio.
Less stressful than BJ42 (but that's because there's not much knee-stomping going on).
Complexity is coming back up but it's still easy to follow.
Songs, well, admittedly we only recognize the Timbaland one but we'll need time before the tracks grow onto us.

...The fact that there's a preview of BJ43 just reminds us that December's coming closer. Yikes. How time flies.

After Jam we'd met back up with lad and Esteban and dragged them to Outpost Cineleisure to view the Starcraft Board Game. Well, at least the shrink-wrapped box in any case. Set cost RM335 and isn't something we're too keen to just buy off-the-shelf. Heavyduty boardgames are under 'Nic and Ivan's territory, we only buy the light stuff. But it looks mighty fine. Then we had a call from wolfx - his friend has bought the game and is recruiting players for tomorrow. We couldn't raise our hand fast enough.

Somehow after looking at the boardgame we got sidetracked and ended up sitting down for drinks and a game of Arbos. Now this one we might get. It's a balancing game, where you're supposed to get rid of all your branches and leaves to win. However the tree isn't steady, and impressions are we would so be thinking of this as a drinking game (with disastrous results).

Skeletal hand tree. How Lovecraftian.

After a Red/Black dinner affair with the bloggers (with only Adrien's shy friend getting the fashion frequency mixed up and attending in brown) it was over to Akn's for some Munchkins.

So lad, Esteban, Akn and us did Munchkins comprising of Super Munchkins, Need For Steed and Munchkins Cthulhu. That's some 400+ cards altogether. Interestingly with three different themes going on, it wasn't long before our characters were rather funky, like being a Professor with Eye Beams powers wearing a Utility Belt Of The Middle-Age Gods battling the Plutonium Dragon. Surprisingly enough everyone got to level 8 or 9 fairly quickly compared to playing the game with just one set (e.g. playing Super Munchkins alone) probably due to the amount of cards and the vast difference between sets. Now if lad is interested enough to buy the base Munchkins set...? Or Munchkin Bites?

Argh. It seems that our only 'cave time' was while at Gua Tempurung.


hrugaar said...

Funky munchkins, heheh. So did you play the Starcraft game yet or just look at the rules? ;P Is it worth getting (or persuading someone else to buy so you can play, heh)?

Reminds me, must finish Sands of Time one day. We hearts the Prince of Persia, but had to stop playing with him last time 'cause of camera-induced vertigo. :S

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Oh dear, a shame you get vertigo with the new PoP games as they are very good.