Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Keeping ourselves busy

Hurrah! A few things have finally dropped into our lives to keep us occupied, and all of them are leisure-related!

First up came the opening of Pay Less Books at 1 Utama's new wing, with Agatha Christies selling from RM3.90 before a further discount! Whooo! Now Agatha Christie books cost about the same as a normal novel (around RM35 nowadays), so picking up 5 AC books was absolute joy! As an added bonus the books were all either Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot stories.

Am onto the last book now. Normally wouldn't have taken me this long to finish all the books, but whatwith...

New Super Mario Bros out for the Nintendo DS! Glee! Have been waiting for this game also. It has been absolute years since a Mario platformer has been released, and this one does not disappoint. Our personal favourite is still Super Mario Bros 3...gleeful music, many many powerups, short sweet stages, very good game physics...sigh. When we first started stage one seeing those little goombas walk walk walk *small jump* (!) our heart also took a small jump ^_^ Took me 2 nights just to finish the last stage (with short cuts etc of course). Am now finishing all stages properly.

However, thank goodness we'd finish New Super Mario Bros when did. Because what's keeping us awake at nights nowadays is...

Heroes of Might and Magic V! Oboy! Could not believe it when lad called us at work to tell that the game was out (what, a week before it's announced launch date?). Doesn't matter, if the game provides, we are DEFINITELY getting the limited addition of the game! Anyways...first impression of the game. EYE-BOGGLING with appreciative "Waaahs!"...Main Menu..."Waaah!"...Adventure Map..."Waaah!"...*scroll scroll scroll* Adventure Map zooms in!..."Waaah!"...Town Screen..."Waaahhh!"...*rotates* Town Screen rotates..."Waaahhhh!"...Town Screen rotates till sunflare in background..."HWaaahhh!!!"...

We are not, repeat, not getting much sleep nowadays.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Body Remembers

When observed that we seem to know the moves for Bodycombat and Bodyjam quite well, we just reply, "We don't memorize the moves or anything, it's just that after a while the body remembers the tracks and the moves."

Somehow, it's not good to just let the body take over like that. This month, Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" is playing in the stores. Gotta remember not to swing them hips!!!