Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Super Dynamic!

Oh looky. Blogger has gone and made some new viewing modes called Dynamic View. So now instead of the usual style (which we had spend a fair bit of time years ago deciding on a theme, and switching twice so far to this current theme), we can go...






It's Super Dynamic Viewing Time!

Generally the new Dynamic View gave us that feeling like when Apple introduced Cover Flow for iTunes, and then for their iPods and iPhones: we need to post up at least one photo per post.

But here's the thing.

Us, we use the NewsRack app to download blog updates to read (the problem with NewsRack is that sometimes trying to comment isn't easy as using Safari itself).

Others use Google Reader. Or probably the sidebar of a blog where the latest posts show up.

And while we do have bookmarks to blogs we keep up with, it's bookmarked for the usual site. So we'll have to manually edit it to get the Dynamic View, but by then we would be too busy reading the post already.

So, uh, Dynamic View, anyone? We guess it'll look pretty if you use your favourite blog as an interactive desktop wallpaper, though.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To All The Girls We Loved Before I

Dear M.

It's has been a long time since we've met. But we hear you're coming back to town! We're excited and can't wait, really.

We remember, we were only twelve when we first met the gang: you, your friends, not to mention your sister and father. A popular bunch, known by many. It wasn't long before we both hit it off, though. We were really taken with your grace, and your coyness at times as you like to hide your face like some shy kitten.

Oh, how we admired your bravery, challenging your father's decisions at times.

When we first met, well...those were good times. Most nights we spent together, time slowed down for us indeed.

Of course, we had our differences. Like your choice to wear magenta hued clothes, and the murderous glares you gave us when we suggested you try on green once in a while as it was our favourite colour. Hey, little did we know then that your sister's bodyguard (rich family that you are from) that you disliked wore green.

Then, a few years later, you disappeared. You and your sister. As you were always fighting with your dad, we knew better than to ask him. Your mum didn't have news about you, too.

We left the gang, not having any way to keep in touch with them as they moved on to further popularity.

Sad to say the few times we could meet up with the gang, you weren't around. Especially some 12 years ago now, when the gang fell in with the '3D graphics' hype, you weren't there to celebrate. We wondered if you were cut off by then, deemed not popular enough. In our heart we knew this could not be true, and the gang, well, the competitive bunch would never offer any answers. Well, once again, it was only much later when we found out you were still around but by then we never did get to see you...

But you came back! 7 years ago you came back!

And you looked gorgeous, M! It was the best we've ever seen you.

We even heard that you were featured in Playboy. Don't worry, we weren't jealous of you. We were honestly glad to have have you back with us.

Those were happy days again. We would come back from work and you would even demonstrate your new martial art skills to us, and while we prefered the speed you performed Ying Yeung stances, you chose to go with the more graceful and powerful Mian Chuan style.

Well...both of us had moved on since. We did meet up once in a while, but rarely.

But we hear you'll be coming back to visit us again. We can't wait.

We do hope this new Mortal Kombat won't be a bomb. Come back and entertain us once again, Mileena!

We still liked you best in Deception, followed by MKII.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Tea Snob

Us. Admittedly.

All thanks to the Chief who graciously procured for us an electric kettle for our own use in the office.

And it's not as if we have no hot water in the office! There be one of those filter machines that dispense both hot and cold water, not to mention there are the coffee machines that we could just use to heat up water in case the filter machine is switched off. However, being a tea snob, we would prefer to use boiling water for our tea.

Yes! For tea is to be steeped for 3-5 minutes in boiling water! After which, the leaves are removed and we will add in honey and a lemon slice!

Well. We have ran out of tea leaves and will have to make do with tea bags of tea dust at the moment, and the lemons here do not look appealing, hence we currently only have our tea with leatherwood honey, which is delightfully flavourful.

Now if only the steam rising from the kettle will stop worrying us with setting off the fire alarm somehow (memories of how sensitive the fire alarms were in James Blyth Court come back to mind!).