Tuesday, November 06, 2007

They Will, Will They?

Recognize it, that is? Seriously we should stop with the silly titles but some habits take time to break. Anyhows.

We wanted to take a break from making ambigrams of first names, so we worked on something different for a while. In fact, it stumped us a fair bit on two parts for this ambigram, although we did make enough progress to actually draw it out tonight. What we forgot to factor in was size.

Initially all sketches are rather miniscule scribblings until we think it works. Then we'll template it out. Usually we try and make an ambigram fit in those notepaper. Occasionally it gets too big, like with Jennifer. When we started this one we weren't paying attention about size but thankfully we managed to fit the first half of it onto the notepaper.

Then we were rather thankful that the middle 'g' wasn't part of the first half template but had to be drawn separately on the empty space above the rest - while tracing out the entire ambigram we first drew the 'g' too high - it would have led the ambigram to be written on two levels rather than in a straight line. A little adjusting, and at least it isn't so bad.

In all honesty we think the first half is fine, but the second half needs a bit lot of working on still, especially on the u/n (we're to tired to Photoshop it to see the effects at the moment, but it definitely needs photoshopping as we cannot cannot cannot do this again). We don't know if anyone can identify this straight off? Guesses, anyone?

Now for the next two ambigrams, more Chinese names. More personalized compared to first names no? We came up with the basis for this while doodling at the Ongzebo while Lemon and Vin were ogling over a car catalogue. Unfortunately, we left the doodle in our shirt pocket, and the shirt made its way into the washing machine.

Thankfully we remembered how it was suppose to go and so scribbled this down. We find this fonts rather stress-free compared to the other ambigrams (oh wait Lieh Men was also stress-free) - because there's no rigid structure to the fonts. See how, for both names, we only needed three letters for each name? This is where we are thankful for the traditional Chinese naming of siblings. Of course, this only work for these two brothers.

Done with a ballpoint pen. We forgot how ballpoint ink stank, and realized for this particular style using the Stabilo inks would have been better. Ballpoint ink would have worked much better for William (like the initial sketch bit).

And even when we changed to Stabilo inks we neglected template alignment, leading to a horrendous clash between the g-n/e-h. Sigh.


hrugaar said...

I love the way you do these. I like the big blue drawing board too (I have a thing for stationery).

My guess is either Youngunof (which it looked like at first to my sleepy eyes) or young wolf cos of another clue I know about, heh.

savante said...

How about Paul?

David the Man said...

How about David The man? Try to draw out an ambigram for me, ok?

By the way, I miss your blog comments leh... Where have you been to these days?

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: It's not a drawing board really but a A4-size cutting board. True enough, it's pretty much youngunof to us too.

Savante: There's a generic Paul Mk 1 here. Lagi personal one kah, wait till inspiration hits k?

David The Man: Also, when inspiration hits.

yw[2k] said...

Wow... Great job on the ambigram! :)

So the Angels and Demons... Hahahahahhaha....

But I wonder can the w / un thing be done? Is it even possible?

Janvier said...

YW[2k]: Working on it! Will keep you posted.