Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sausage Madness

Yesterday we discovered that we can do four sausages in one sitting. As they were rather large sausages we couldn't stuff them all in our mouths at the same time (not to mention it would just ruin the taste of each separate sausage) but rather, we took little bites from each one in turn.

The juicy sausages were so good that we we couldn't finish the mushrooms we started on too. And given the saltiness of sausages we broke out in thirst pretty quickly. Halfway through our meal we'd to stop for juice.

Thank goodness Bundaberg Rootbeer and pineapple juice did the trick. And we were a bit disappointed that we only managed four out of the eight sausages on the rack: chicken garlic, chicken onion and chive, chicken jalapeno and chicken chorizo. How were the sausages?

Tastes like chicken. Honestly, save for the jalapeno we couldn't tell the other three apart. :P

And we still have the beef pepper, lamb jumbo, chicken cheese and herb and beef jumbo spicy to try out. If Marche still has the Sausage Madness going on. Heck, RM5.80 a sausage, four more to go. Probably it's time we learn to share.


hrugaar said...

Even for jumbo sausages that size, RM5.80 each seems more than a bit mad (as in expensive). but hey, I guess one has to try them (even the chicken ones).

PS - think it's five more to go, not four, isn't it? ;P

Anonymous said...

And we know how much you enjoy sausages.

Good God, what are you doing awake at 310 in the morning?!

Anonymous said...

And that was me btw.


Jason said...

Greedy. 4 at once. :P

drownedglass said...

Gasp. Just how many sausages have you ever tried stuffing into your mouth at the same time?

Queer Ranter said...

You do know this post sounds very wrong in all accounts!

But I want sausages too...

David the Man said...

wahhh... you are trying out every "Wurst" of every flavour ar? I hope you enjoy eating them. Errr... then what about the "other Wurst"? Hehehe... if you were thinking otherwise, then you are the naughty, naughty Monsieur Soldat.

By the way, go check out my blog. you have been tagged to do a meme... hehehe... blek... :P

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: RM5.80 per jumbo sausage sounded fair to us. Oh it's four. That was a typo.

Paul: The draft started at 0310. And it's the weekend!

Jason: Where got four at once? Only four in one sitting!

Drownedglass: We haven't tried stuffing as many in our mouths at the same time before - although we'll think given them German sausages we had, two lah.

QR: We're sorry? We wonder how a chicken jalapeno sausage can be wrong... :D

David The Man: We only thought about bratwurst. Only that's probably not allowed in halal places.

Ah, meme. KIV for an empty day!