Monday, November 05, 2007

Experiment Of Wit & Wisdom

OK. So here's the experiment. This book is sitting nicely in Borders knowing, just knowing that we will pick it up, cradle it in our arms and pay for it, bring it home and nurse it till the end of its days.

But we shall resist for now. If it was a new story (like Making Money) then it would have been zip straight into our arms within a second but since it isn't we could afford to take a second and take a closer look at what's the book about.

So, exerpts from all the Discworld novels up till Making Money. A sort of introduction to each book.

But here's what we're gonna do: seeing how we work in a building with a BookXcess bookstore, where with a bit of patience, we would be able to find books that are anywhere up to 50% cheaper, we would like to see how long it'll take till The Wit & Wisdom Of Discworld appears on their shelves, and whether it'll be RM50-something or cheaper compared to the RM89.90 price tag (with no discounts!) we saw in Borders. Oh, and also must be the Doubleday version (although admittedly the US version doesn't differ much).

Damn, that means we've to check the bookstore almost every other day. Not a good thing for a bibliophile to do, surrounded by cheap books. Soon we'll start filling our cubicle with books too. And if our patience snaps and we end up buying the book from Borders, we're sure it'll just show up in BookXcess the following day.

Just our luck, we'd walked into the place and picked up A Spot Of Bother and Moving Pictures paperbacks for RM17.90 each.

Oh, since we're busy pimping them.

L3-57 Amcorp Mall
18, Jalan Persiaran Barat
46050 PJ.
Tel: +603-79560455


hrugaar said...

Sounds like one of the Christmas book thingies - extracts of stuff you've already got, stuck together inside a new cover. Clearly someone is 'making money' there la. :D

Try putting it on your wishlist for Christmas or birthday instead. That way you can get the book for free, and control the number of times you go to surround yourself by the cheap books. Just a thought, darlz.

adrien said...

oh nice cover. i like.

a spot of bother for 17.90!? oh well. my sister paid for mine fortunately. hehe. btw, you just gotta love Jamie. ;)

heard of JPod?

Ah-Bong said...

u work in amcorp mall?!

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: We think the Christmas book would be more likely Lu Tze's Yearbook of Enlightenment 2008. A collector's a collector, in the end.

There's no chance of putting it on our wishlist, as we're sure of getting the book before Christmas or the birthday.

Adrien: Don't steal the papercover, haha. Saw JPod, haven't skim it. Good?

Ah-Bong: We blogged before about how we weren't going to blog about work.

hrugaar said...

But why rush to get it when there's no new text in the book? :D I could understand reluctance to wait if there was previously unpublished material in there, of course. :)

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Ah, you see, if it was a new book altogether we would have swiped the book straightaway. Since it's not, we can give it some time. Just how much time depends on our patience and the books desirability. This one has a good dose of desirability. :D