Friday, September 21, 2007


Welcome to the fifth day of the week - Friday. Well, for most people it is. Calendars nowadays aren't standardized to show if the start of the week begins on a Sunday or a Monday, but taking that Sunday was deemed the seventh day and the day of rest, we treats it as such. Also if you say it in Chinese, Monday's called pai yat or xin jie yi, which to our banana mind means Day 1.

So now instead of the prosperous number of 8ight we're suppose to share about the reluctant number of 5ive. Here we go:

5 Things In Our Bag:
Nintendo DS

Spare memory cards
Memory card reader
WHS A6 notebook

5 Things In Our Wallet:
FF Membership card
An expired (!) Domino's Millennium Gold Card
A Green Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 'Free Drink At Steeper's Dozen' card
A Summit Climbing Gym Belayer's Card dated 22/4/2005
An old Singapore M1 sim card

5 Thing We Like Most In Our Room:
The air-conditioner
Our books
Our Sonic Gear iPod speakers
Our bed
Our pile of stuff

5 Things We'd Like To Try:
Climbing Mount Kinabalu (this is gonna be organized soon isn't it?)
Acting :P

5 Things We're Doing Now:

5 ambigrams. Will upload better sketches later.

There. First meme that we ever made into a dateline to post up by Friday! :S

Oh yes, as with all memes.

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Naughty Ru


David the Man said...

OK, now my turn to tell you the 5ives: Here we go...

5 things on my computer desks:
(1) A Dell Inspiron notebook
(2) An external DVD writer
(3) An external CD Writer
(4) A speaker
(5) A webcam

5 things you can see me go out with all the time:
(1) My 3 wallets
(2) My 3 handphones (Nokia 3120, Sony Ericsson K610i and Motorola SLVR L7i)
(3) My Sony MP3 player and iPod nano
(4) My Fitness First watch
(5) Sometimes, my cap

5 things in my room:
(1) Books, yes glorious books!
(2) My facial and body cleansers (helluva, have got tons of them!)
(3) A clothes closet
(4) A bed
(5) Sport bags (Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness)

5 things in my wallet:
(1) Credit cards (Public Bank, HSBC, AmBank)
(2) Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First membership cards
(3) Cash, yes lots of cash!
(4) Driving licence
(5) MyKad IC

5 things on my bed:
(1) A blanket or duvet
(2) A pillow
(3) A bolster
(4) A box of tissue paper
(5) Myself; yes that's when I am sleeping on it!

And so many 5 things you can really list down endlessly. hehehe

hrugaar said...

Urgh, this was difficult one to do. But then five is a number of conflict.

Thought you were going to email me. ;oP

Sam said...

Yes. It's so obviously going to be organized soon. =P

Queer Ranter said...

You still got time to sketch this and that?!

savante said...

Eh, is it like a shorter meme?

3-Seconder said...

ANOTHER MEME ?! Janvier, I'm beginning to NOT like u!!! *whacks kicks boxes strangles*


adrien said...

u still had MY ambigram to do like months ago u know. pfft. btw, urs should be "five things in my manbag". KAKAKA

Janvier said...

David: Gasp. 3 handphones, 3 wallets, and 2 MP3 players? Where do they all fit?

Hrugaar: We is!

Sam: Not by us this time. :D

QR: "I got time! I got time!" Well it's just the sketches and not our usual finished product.

Savante: Dunno. That's how it was when QR poked us. 5 things from 5 categories, we took it.

3-Seconder: Wakz! *Runs away, while making mental note to tag you with all memes that we ever get.

Adrien: It can't get any better than the blackletter one already la. And these few plus a bit more are still in KIV.

David the Man said...
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David the Man said...

Sure got space one... My jeans has 2 front pockets and 2 hind ones. One wallet will be in my hind right, 2 other will be in my hind left. As for the mobiles, 2 of them (SE & Moto) will be in the front right and the Nokia one will be in my front left. Hehehe... and still got space to put in my house keys and car keys... those are in my front left pockets. But, FYI, the jeans is just a normal sized jeans fit for a 30-inch waist. As for the Sony MP3 player (the one that looks like a USB pen drive), I hung it on my neck because it has a hole to install neck straps on it. I think perhaps I can put my iPod nano in one of my pockets, most likely the one with SE and Moto mobiles in it. Oh dear, I am fully loaded.

hrugaar said...

david, aren't all those phone signals in your pockets going to be microwaving your nuts? :O

David the Man said...

errr... well, i thought of that too, hru... where else can I put them if not in my pockets then?

David the Man said...

Hey, Jan, where are the other ambigrams that you promised to put up in your blog? Missed it leh...

Janvier said...

David: Probably get a sports jacket or something to keep phone instead? :P

We meant once we actually draw out the ambigrams properly, we'll post 'em up. As this week has been going, we haven't had time to do so yet. It should look as the sketches do now.

David the Man said...

Jan, it's been quite some weeks now since you uploaded the first two ambigrams. Where are the other three that you plan to put up here?