Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vampire Blood

If there's one thing that's becoming a fact of life with us, it's this: given Wii don't have to work the following day (like when the weekend comes around) Wii have this amazing ability to stay awake the entire night - till the sun rises. As dawn breaks and light starts seeping through the curtains, Wii creep under our duvet and blast on the air-conditioning and table fan. If no family member is around to wake us up, Wii're quite capable of sleeping till evening - Wii do sleep like the dead. Then wash, rinse, repeat the following night. Wii must have some vampire blood in us.

Wii finds Wii get more alert mentally come past 2am - while everyone else who manages to stay up till this hour starts clocking in. And usually Wii'd call it a day night and try and get some shut-eye by after 3am ourselves if there's nothing (much) to do. If, and when, Wii do stay up until the following morning Wii run the risk of aggravating our sinus problem.

Such like this morning. And no amount of meds will stop it. Hopefully Wii won't run into dire need of tissues while on the bus...See y'all next week!

All our bags are packed, Wii're ready to go
Wii're dribbling here, unto the floor
Wii hate to get all up and wash our nose

But the dawn is breaking, it's early morn
The bus is waiting, he's blowing his horn
Already Wii're so tired, can Wii just doze?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He Did, Did He?

Wii were working on something else when Wii suddenly took up a piece of paper and doodled this out.

Wii're not too happy with the middle 'e' but well, practise practise practise. Guess Wii need to wait for the inspiration to hit us before Wii get an idea for ambigrams, though.


Wii'd stumbled upon VGCats one day and had a barrel of laughs over Scott's parodies - Wii really enjoy his drawing style and humour (our favvies are: seeing Leo's face when WarioWare: Smooth Moves tell him to do the Donkey Punch, and the line in Spore where the alien Jeremy goes, "Sometimes...sometimes the diaper leaks."). As VGCats mostly parodies video games, sometimes the references might not make much sense to non-gamers.

Now that Wii're done with the archives, we've been mooching through the links and came across this - pbfcomics. This one, not so easily approachable. The comic is actually rather disturbing, but Wii find ourselves going back for more. The more...accessible ones include Nude Beach, The Man With No Penis and Space Laughs. The rest are rather read at your own risk.

Wii're not responsible for any brain damage.

Monday, March 26, 2007

No Foam Fate One


When Wii went down to Sporeland late last year for training Wii found out that Wii missed out on a Foam Party.

Well, Wii're going down to Sporeland again this week (yay!) for Phantom and Wii find that Wii're missing out on another Foam Party. Gah. Why, why WHY couldn't it have been on last week?


But Wii'll be in Sporeland, being fabulous and having lots of fun (must control spending...cannot offhand buy Nintendo Wii).

Forward, People!

Occasionally Wii receive forwarded stuff from peeps who probably mean well but -sigh- don't realise how much the email stinks of rubbish. Some are good rubbish, some suspect (there was this one from uni days Wii remember about spiders lurking in people's shoes or toilet bowl seats or summat, but skimming through Snopes Wii can't find it off-hand...probably it's very old news and relegated to some back drawer somewhere). The latest one Wii came across was this about 'Sony Erriccson'.

Didn't need any verification test for this one - just replied the email with a fyi that SE's spelt with one 'R' (although WHY Wii still have this email...Wii don't know).

ANYWAYS. Wii've digressed plenty just to say this: coming across
this post regarding Syariah courts affecting non-Muslims Wii don't have much reason to doubt it but for them who doesn't read the dailies (like us), go here for a wee bit o' backstory, just so you know it's authentic. Wii too don't like what has happened too.

Friday, March 23, 2007

He is, is he?

Here's another take at another ambigram. Wii'd sketched this out just before knocking off to bed when Wii were thinking about Uncial script (Gothic has been giving me problems), and had the colouring all done today. It's simple, but Wii feel that it could still do with some more work. Maybe once Wii've experimented a bit more Wii'll know where to improve.

This is yours.


MSN Messenger has a [Search] button underneath the [Send] button in the conversation window, a rather dangerous button unless you would use it to sabotage 'friends'...a fact Wii found out when Wii almost did so to our sister.

(...from conversation regarding bus coaches)
Janvier: nice plus?
Sis: what the fuck u send me porn picture?
Sis: i really dont know nice plus or whatever

Janvier: ?
Janvier: i send you what?

Sis: there were 3 links so i click on the last one
Janvier: what links?
Janvier: email?

Sis: and it was porn ... i got a shock
Sis: wait

Search finds:
UM Hurricanes: No Interest Here
The Rampant, Irresponsible Political Thr
Breaking News and Most Popular Latest St
More results ...

Janvier: har?
Sis: i got all this shit from u
Janvier: you mean just only ar?
Sis: yes together with this conversation lah
Sis: kena virus

Janvier: oh sry - you know got 'search' box underneath the 'send' button?
Janvier: i accidentally hit the search button
Janvier: then pressed enter
Janvier: or something

Sis: or that one
Sis: but didnt know so jialak got porn one

Janvier: then i close the conversation window so didn't know that came up
Sis: lucky no one see
Janvier: i also kena yesterday - i was googling for 'jabatan kesihatan negeri selangor' and the first link was porn
Janvier: :S
Sis: whahaa

Really...Wii weren't searching for anything - Wii just clicked [Search] in an empty conversation. Honest.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dealing With STD

Wii don't think Wii should keep this a secret. Wii've got to admit it, Wii've been infected something bad, and at the highest, blackest level possible too. It's been distracting us rather badly during the day so much so that every now and then our mind will wander towards it...just thinking about it makes us itch already.

And now they tell us to Go For Gold!?

The 12 levels of Spot The Difference. The photo categories here are our downfall.

Yay !! Master Player !!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am, am I

Wii've got a wee bit too much Angels & Demons in our heads, whatwith a sudden urge to make our own ambigram. So Wii started off with a cursory sketch using a 4H pencil (Wii work best with hard lead) to decide on fonts and such:

Then Wii decided go just go ahead with what Wii have and see what happens.

Wii didn't like how the middle turned out so Wii'd altered that. Once satisfied, Wii'd scanned the pic (so not to lose the original!) and printed out a copy. Redefined borders with a 2B pencil first. Then comes the colouring in. Wii regretted not bringing a Schwan Stabilo Point of a green hue along when Wii did this, as the bookstore nearby only carried unsuitable colours.

Now that it's done, Wii find that Wii can't even read our name properly. Bah. Shall try again using a different script then.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tissue Issue

Lord knows how inconvenient it can be living not only with a deviated septum (read: sinus problems) but also with a suspected allergy to work, but when Wii're actually sick as well Wii're actually a human waterfall...make that leaky faucet. From the sound of it mum's also infected although not as seriously as us.

It was embarassing when this happened while Wii worked in retail. Now at least Wii can do it in the office without having to meet other people (where Wii might have to interrupt the conversation so that Wii could run from the counter to the back office just to get a tissue). But it still takes its toll, regardless of the amount of pseudoE-trip Wii ingest.

This is how much tissue (almost the whole box) Wii go through in the span of just one day.

It's a good thing tissue is now under office expense.


Wii're looking for trouble by going for back-to-back BodyJam and BodyCombat while suffering from an URTI yesterday. Result? Wii're not that young and sprite anymore.

Wii're looking for more trouble when Wii thinks of going for the same thing again today.

Wii're looking for even more trouble by taking a second dose of antibiotics when the first dose might have caused an allergic reaction.


Lovely rain this morning, Wii so would have loved to sleep in.

Monday, March 19, 2007


When Wii first came across this video from this site, Wii couldn't help it as Katamari Damashii's fanfare started playing in our head...Nana...nananananana na na nana na nanana...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Shout, Shout, Let It All Out...

Frustrated? Don't hold it back. Do like the Encyclopedia states.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Muggin' It

Argh! Not only have Wii lost our puir Starbucks Scotland City Mug wot mum accidentally chipped one day, Starbucks have noo came up with three, TAH-REE new City Mugs fer Bolehland!

One for Kay-Ell!

One for Sabah!

And one more for Malaysia!

Even the KL City Mug has a new design, rendering our current one outdated (think about it again, makes it more collectible in the future?)!

More investments required! And Wii still need to get back another Scotland City Mug! What happens if- if...if every country comes out with new designs!?? Fugggggg...

On a side note, Starbucks is launching their 'Coffee Break' promo, Amcorp Mall is starting tomorrow from 10am till noon, free 12oz cuppa Coffee of the Day per person yay...


Yes. Writing using Wordpad then cut-pasting it hor, dunno our posts can end up damn long one.


Lupus Operandi

Werewolf - The Game

Okay, so maybe that post wouldn't have made much sense as to what is was referring to, and as a story it's lousy.

Wii were referring to the game Werewolf (Lupus in Tabula) Wii played at BoardgameCafe last Friday - a simple game when you have a large group. It's a very good ice-breaker, but if playing with friends it's far far better as you'll then be putting on your best poker face!

The game's basically about a werewolf lurking in the midst of the villagers, killing them one by one at night. In the daytime, the villagers will discuss and vote a player suspected to be the werewolf to die (weeeh mob lynching). Other roles that would help the villagers to uncover the werewolf include the Seer, the Mystic, the Bodyguard and the Little Girl (however, this set has plenty of roles for different group sizes). The Seer, once every 'night' after the werewolf has targetted a victim, will then request the moderator to reveal the identity of a player, if he's a villager or a werewolf. The Bodyguard can choose a different person each 'night' to protect - saving him/her from death in the hands of the werewolf. The Little Girl, IMHO, has the most interesting role in the game - during the werewolf's turn, she can peek to try and spot the werewolf!

So gameplay goes: Nightime - everyone closes their eyes, the moderator calls for the werewolf to open his eyes and choose a victim, after which the werewolf shuts his eyes (Little Girl may be peeking during this time!). Then the moderator calls for the Seer to open her eyes and choose a player for the moderator to identify, then the Bodyguard to protect a player. So no one knows who is who except for werewolves (if more than one). Once a player is killed by the werewolf or lynched by the mob, they too must close their eyes during the night phase but cannot communicate anything during the day phase.

So. We had two games of Werewolf (Wii don't think anyone who plays this game will stop at just one), the first one as posted before. What happened, in drier terms was this. There were 9 of us - LoStBoYz, alan, ayheng, wolfx, Vincent, ryhen, aanemesis, jack208 and us. Jack208 decided to be the moderator for the game, allowing the rest of us to enjoy the game.

As that left the eight of us, jack208 had it so that the first 'werewolf kill' would be him (think Desperate Housewives narrator heh), with 2 werewolves, a Seer, a Bodyguard and a Little Girl. First game had LoStBoYz and us as the werewolves. We didn't know who the Seer, the Bodyguard nor the Little Girl were by then. Never mind. ryhen started off the discussions by asking if the Seer could...but was interrupted by LoStBoYz, accusing him of being the werewolf wanting to identify the Seer. Each time ryhen wanted to explain his reasons he was interrupted and shot down by LoStBoYz. In the end, public opinion was swayed between the two of them, but lacking any evidence or hints of identity, ryhen was pitchforked first.

Then the night phase came and we targetted Vincent. It was this phase where jack208 commented, "The Bodyguard cannot protect the same person twice." Hmmm, somebody being kiasi heh heh. Probably protecting himself. jack208 also commented, "The Little Girl has yet to use her ability," drawing our attention back to the fact that Wii've forgotten to watch out for her. Or is she, after all, dead?

Sometime here actually aanemesis remarked that he'd vote wolfx for no other cause than the fact that his nick was 'wolfx' XD LoStBoYz as a threat seem to be forgotten already. As Wii were sitting next to aanemesis and opposite wolfx, ayheng and alan, Wii tried to signal to them that aanemesis was a werewolf (and indirectly inferring that Wii was the Seer). Giving uncomfortable looks and surreptitious pointings behind aanemesis' back and hoping that the three of them would take the bait. But the clincher to lyching aanemesis was when he commented that, "The Villagers-ar, quite, a bit stupid la." That was when we all tapau'ed him with the lyching votes (he was jesting that mob mentality led to irrational thinking), but since we'd no one to vote he nicely kena XD

We killed off Alan after that...leaving the game to a showdown between 2 villagers and 2 werewolves - of course, the innocent villagers could think that it's actually 3 villagers and 1 werewolf too :D After a bit of debating (in this game ayheng remained the quietest of the lot) the votes were tied: wolfx 2 LoStBoYz 2. No one died from lynching because of that.

Then we killed off wolfx and won the first game :D

Post-mortem results: Seer - Vincent, Bodyguard - Alan, Little Girl - aanemesis.

Second time around, Wii got the role of werewolf again! Aiyar, how now? Play same modus operandi? Change act? Wii decided: openly and steadfastly state that ayheng was innocent. Alan was our partner-in-crime. So, initial chitchat and random lynching. LoStBoYz was still the noisiest and most suspect member of the group (he did so to spice up the game anyways), leading to a contest between him and Vincent. aanemesis sneakily voted us! Unsure about his reasons =_=' LoStBoYz got voted out - but his spirit didn't rest easily...although his character was 'dead', he kept comments running thus leading to us being disturbed by 'voices in the wind'.

Interestingly Wii led the kill against Vincent - whom would have already fallen under suspect by the Villagers. We rationalize that playing with analytical players, they would find it odd for the werewolf to target him (leaving him alone would have bought the werewolves more time as well as make him look even more guilty).

Who to vote? aanemesis brought us into the spotlight by voting us again, and Wii dragged him along with us. It was going hard until wolfx claimed that he was the Little Girl :s and will risk his life to expose the werewolves! It was an open claim to the Bodyguard to protect him, but Wii were also wondering if it was a selfless martyr act to mislead the werewolves into paying attention to him while the real Little Girl flush out the werewolves!

At this point, aanemesis also commented, "If I was the *pause* Little Girl..." Unfortunately we all took it as if he was attempting to bluff and claim that he was the Little Girl rather than see it as him hinting to the Little Girl that he was the Bodyguard. aanemesis died that day (and Wii wiped the sweat off our brow).

That night itself wolfx was caught with his right eye opened so big Wii could see the whites of his eye (-_O)! Little Girl had to die!

Showdown again - alan, ayheng, ryhen and us. rhyen was suspecting either ayheng or alan and was openly confiding in us, and the silent duo was left to work things out...rather, waiting for ayheng to throw his vote.

Here we outted ourselves - ayheng obviously didn't like how ryhen was discussing matters and decided to vote him. Wii immediately jumped aboard as well! ayheng noticed our eagerness and revoted us! Thankfully alan helped us tie the vote - leading to the werewolves having another win!

Post-mortem results: Seer - Vincent (again! but he died early again! poor kid), Bodyguard - aanemesis, Little Girl - wolfx

Oh, this was good fun. Wii can't wait to play this again (hopefully Wii gets Little Girl *crosses fingers*)!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tube Glue

It's been some 8 years or so since Wii've dedicated time to consistently watch a telly series. C'mon, whatwith ASTRO Wii should be actually glueing ourselves to the idiot tube more right? There are, after all, sooo many good shows out there.

However, Wii've been slowing down on the series since our Uni days. Last series Wii'd attempted to keep in track with was...Roswell. Yes. That one was the latest. Wii remember having to set the alarm on so that Wii could leave Vista Komenwel some half-hour before the show was about to begin, make our way into IMU, all the way up into the student's lounge, switch the channel and not let go of the remote. Given that there was only the one telly in the lounge and Wii only had national channels on the telly back at the apartments, it was a case of first come, first served for ASTRO in the lounge. Thankfully the few others (all Medics) who barged into the lounge around that time wanted to watch the show too. But Roswell didn't have long-term appeal...Wii didn't bother sticking to the end of the season.

After that Wii'd all headed off to Glasgow for a year. The telly owned by our neighbouring apartment JBC H5 (manned by jayay, jayess, kayhaytch and eleff) died after our first London trip, cutting us off from Big Brother and all other UK telly shows. When Wii came back to M'sia work in retail then cut us from regular telly viewing. By then Wii were healthily living without the idiot box. That marked the end of our weekly tv series relationship.

Thank goodness Wii have old relationships to remember by: series Ally McBeal, Early Edition and The Pretender, sitcoms aplenty from Friends to The Golden Girls, and after- (or mid-) dinner gameshows Wheel Of Fortune, American Gladiators, Supermarket Sweep, Win Lose or Draw...and others that have faded into a dusty corner of our memory now.

Now with the ready accessibility of tv series on DVDs, Wii still don't really feel the urge to get any because Wii don't feel like making time to watch them. And this includes Desperate Housewives, House and Heroes, the only few series that Wii are actually interested in. Desperate Housewives and House Wii've caught a few episodes here and there (although in the case of DH Wii've spoilt it by catching the pilot episode and the final episode of Season 1 before the rest of the episodes - pilot ep in M'sia and then final ep in Sporeland). Even Prison Break, generously provided by otousan (who had it generously provided by someone else) is sitting in the computer waiting to be watched - Wii don't enjoy watching movies on the PC generally.

But there are some DVD sets that Wii do go after. These are the few that die die must watch and keep. Thankfully our list isn't long too:
  • Sailormoon anime series (have collected 3 out of 5 seasons so far)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (waiting for DVD release)
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot (if ever Wii can find it)
  • Miss Marple (BBC television series, also if Wii can ever find it)
Somehow don't think Wii'll ever add Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, Friends, QaF andsuchandsuch onto the list until Wii get our own pad. And even then Wii'd prolly not even watch it. Not until Wii have loads and naught to do, or when Wii get hit by a sudden attack of nostalgia for old telly series.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Yet Yet Another Personality Test

Just how many of these have Wii gone through? Not too many, but why bother doing more? For the fun of it, of course. Not much differs in the results, but when they do then Wii like to see why. Don't think it beats thespark's tests when it comes to entertainment, 'tho.

Stability results were medium which suggests you are moderately relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

Orderliness results were moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

Extraversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting.

Trait snapshot: changeable, in the middle, suspicious, somewhat traditional, dislikes chaos, down to earth, group oriented, practical... you scored in the middle on the overall factors of this test.

So Wii're quite interdependant, self-absorbed, averse to change, have a Peter Pan complex and can be said to be physically secure. Interestingly am considered to be lowly intellectual (do look up the link for the specifics, they don't mean Wii stupid one), unmystical, non-narcisstic (oh dear, how does this reflect on nous?), lousy work ethic :P, non-dominating and doesn't look for fights (except for our love of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Mortal Kombats).

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wolf In Sheep's Clothings

We'd heard stories about it, but all of us put it down as stories to scare the children, to make sure they go to bed early.

All that changed when Goodman Jack was found dead, his throat torn out, his body a bloody mess near the village gates. Everyone remembered his accusation the day before, "There is a werewolf amongst us, and he holds post within the village council!"

That morning itself the whole village met to discuss Goodman Jack's death. No doubt about it, the killings were the work of a -gasp- werewolf. It wasn't just any boogeyman story any more. Given that our little village was isolated from the rest of the world, there was no doubt that the werewolf was lurking among us.

It wasn't a comforting thought. None of us would be able to sleep soundly until the werewolf was exposed and killed. Already, looking at the crowd, everyone carried with them folklore safeguards meant to protect them: cloves of garlic, pieces of silver, crucifixes...Village leaders Father ryhen, Goodman Long, Matron Ain, loreweaver ayheng, trader Wolfx, Chief Alan, old man Vincent and lexicographer aycee headed the council in attempts to expose the werewolf.

Father ryhen spoke first. Everyone else was scandalised as Father ryhen spoke of contacting the Village Seer, the local witch. While everyone acknowledge her prowress (and the necessity of having someone skilled in the arts of midwifery, herbology and other secret magicks), no one openly talked about her. Whatmore Father ryhen openly suggesting working with a heretic!

Goodman Long voiced out against Father ryhen, condemning him and leading a group of villagers to believe that Father ryhen has been possessed by evil spirits and needs to be cleansed...terminally. Father ryhen's quiet manner was drowned out by Goodman Long's speeches, but not before causing the villagers to split into to groups of thought. However, having the majority of people behind him, Goodman Long and his mob burned Father ryhen at the stake as a heretic.

Everyone then went home, secured in their belief that their village is no longer under threat.

Old man Vincent was then found dead next morning. Dread swamped the villagers. Was there another werewolf lurking in our midst? Or, more horrifically, did we kill innocent Father ryhen in error!

Matron Ain was suspected. A girl of easy virtues, she was accused of sneaking out at night and wandering about near old man Vincent's hut. Her remarks that we were 'stupid old men who cannot see beyond our noses' was a scream of defiance that went unnoticed. She died at the stake as well.

Next morning, Village Militia Chief Alan was found dead in his office. The MO was the same - ripped jugular, claw marks. This time there was no doubt amongst the guilt-ridden villagers. They were murderers, manipulated by the werewolf (or werewolves) to kill their own brethren while hiding their own tracks.

Throughout all this, village trader Wolfx had heard mutterings against him, but having no other basis than having the family name of Wolfx no one openly confronted him about being the werewolf. But with the werewolf still at large mutterings against him grew louder, the source of it coming from Goodman Long. Things came to a head among the village elders with trader Wolfx and Goodman Long at each other's throats (figuratively speaking) while village loreweaver ayheng and lexicographer aycee kept quiet. Since no incriminating evidence could be produced, the village elders decide to put the matter off till the following day.

Next morning Wolfx was found dead. That night, loreweaver ayheng was visited by Goodman Long and lexicographer aycee, only to witness a ghastly transformation under the full moon...

It's a werekangaroo!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Shifting Once Again

Wii first started Blogspot out of curiosity. But at that time Wii had nothing to talk about, so Wii left it pretty much alone for a while. This probably was somewhen during our final uni years in Glasgow. Anyways, blogging wasn't really something Wii were used to, and Wii'd jotted everything else in our private journals.

Then njapf showed her pretty face to us.

It was also sometime around here that Friendster jumped aboard with their Friendster Blogs, with a bit more user-friendly bells and whistles. And Wii started blogging ourselves. After a while it got easier and easier.

Then Blogspot started getting better (or maybe because Wii were used to blogging already Blogspot started looking better). Initially Wii juggled blogging between the two, then Blogspot won out because it's easier on the eyes, easier to navigate and easier to personalize. Also Wii could fiddle about in HTML when Wii need to, something Friendster didn't have.

Now that Wii only speak here, there are times when Wii look there. But it being such a horrible hassle to flip through post by post just to get back to Post No. 1 (except for the author) Wii are now moving that Blog here.

Wii Have Our Reasons

WarioWare: Smooth Moves
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Wii Sports
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario

Wii Virtual Console
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Gunstar Heroes

Sigh. More reasons to get the Nintendo Wii, all held back by the padlock called price.

Wii're Out Of Oral Aid... Wii're using salt for temporary measures.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Confounded Chores

Now that mum's away for the week ("Everybody needs a little time away..."), the bare household duties falls unto us as dad doesn't bother nor does he know how to go about it, since mum never enlightened him about where things are kept and such.

Wii're not going to bother much with the sweeping and mopping (if Wii ever get to it) since Wii can count on mum doing so once she gets home regardless of whether Wii have been doing it every alternate day or just the day before she comes home. Plus we've been all eating out so there's little mess.

However, clothes are a problem. Whatwith us going to the gym on average 3 times a week for our regular cardio classes Wii'll have sweaty clothes hanging out to dry, and after that require washing before it piles up over the week. Here lies the problem: mum's got a new washing machine.

Wii would be able to figure it out save for the fact that Wii don't know where she hid the frickin' manual. Given mum's household orderliness (friends can testify her standards when she stated our room was 'messy' and then they had a look) Wii'd expect the manual to be in a particular drawer. Some scrounging dug up the old clipboard to hold the Lesen Televisyen Dan Radio from the 80s, Nokia 5110 and 3310 user manuals and other kitchen accesory manuals...washing machine manual! For the old washing machine! No!!!

Okay. No need to panic. Wii've used washing machines before (gone are the days when all Wii did was insert 20p). This shouldn't be any different. The amount of clothings Wii're gonna wash, not much, half-load cukup. Should be able to figure out what to do. Okay, fill up the soap powder and softener first...

Aiyoh. Can't they just write the word 'softener' rather than draw symbol? Soapsud symbol can also mean soap powder right? Hantam lah. Right compartment, a 'I' symbol. Middle the soapsud symbol. Left compartment a 'II' symbol. If not wrong it's first wash, softener, second wash? Don't care already lah, it's almost 1am. Yes, Wii do laundry in the middle of the night rather than the bleak hot hours of the morning before work. Dump powder in 'I' and softener in the middle. Will check when the thing starts.

New washing machine is full of buttons. But at least it's written out what is what rather than the conventional washing machine symbols (no, soapsud one wasn't conventional). Oh well, let's put it at something that looks all right...

Time left: 3 hours. Oh goodness the old washing machine at least was only 2 hours...Wii know, Wii're doing something wrong in the first place for half-load to take 2-3 hours but Wii don't care already once it's in and it's started...

And instead of napping while the thing runs Wii're blogging about dinner. And replying on forums.

4am. Finally done. And as Wii get the clothes out, Wii notices the 'Quick 30' option on the dial. *Closes eyes, deep breathes* Wii don't know what the Quick 30 is anyway, best just leave it till next time...

And now that it's done, WHY ARE WII STILL HERE BLOGGING!?

When In Doubt For Dinner...

This week is one where Wii've been eating out on our own as mum has gone down to see her sister (while in our head the song goes, "Everybody needs a little time away..."). So each night is one of deciding what takes our fancy. Unfortunately, Wii weren't feeling up to having our usual Restoran OK TTDI, nor for char kuey teow at Little Penang, nor any other hawker food at SS2.

So when in doubt, go for pasta.

Tonight saw us once again mulling for food after Cardio Dance. Since Wii were at the Curve, Wii weren't in the mood to go elsewhere food-hunting and so decided to mooch about for pasta.

For the entire week Wii've been trying pasta at different places, each time sorely disappointed. Mage Cafe (ex-Settler's Cafe) has a new menu, so goodbye tasty carbonara, hello corn-filled carbonara. MySciFi Outpost Cineleisure's Creamy Fettuchine With Mushrooms was absolutely tasteless. ViVo is only so-so.

So our first stop, Marche. Already Wii'd done their all-you-can-eat Tuesdays but dining alone, Wii're not so keen. Plus it's Wednesday. Wii wasn't sure when they had their 'Pasta for RM9.90' day so Wii went to ask, only to find out it was on Thursday. Deciding that Wii'd enough of experimenting, Wii headed back to tried and tested Italiannies.

And to our delight, it's All-You-Can-Eat-Pasta for RM19.90++!!! Awesome, dinner is decided. Pasta buffet and bottomless ginger ale together with Dame Christie.

First dish: Penne alla oglio with beef bacon.

Second dish: Penne arrabiato with mussels.

And Wii didn't bring the iXus for the macro shots :(

Then our stomach gave up :( Still cannot fight otousan when it comes to buffets. The pasta was the best Wii've had in a while! Well, it's Italiannies after all, if they don't live up to the standard Wii would be sorely disappointed. lad was worried that, it being a buffet the quality would be substandard. No worries, the food is still good. The oil and herbs are still a delight to the senses.

If Wii weren't so lazy Wii would have also made Pizzeria Bella Italia one of our dinner destinations too, since their sauces are heavenly.

But Wii're lazy.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Given it's a slow start for a Monday and the new GroupX launches putting our regular timetable into slight disarray Wii thought that Wii'd do a movie tonight. And given the choices, Wii decided for some Thai comedy as that was the only show that no one else in our clique would probably be interested in...although for the other movies Wii'll have to wait to hear if the others decide to watch it during their 'spare' time in the afternoon while Wii're working, or if we're gonna watch it together as a group..

And for a comedy, it turned out very good (credit has to be given to them who did the subs as well, Wii don't think a good translated copy is in the market yet). In fact, the last time Wii really ended up laughing hard enough to rock chairs was during Keeping Mum.

The show did have some bits that would be of interest to people, to 'train' their eyes (O.o)

At the same time, it may also highlight to people some mannerisms that they might want to watch out for (although Wii think it's a bit too stereotyped), especially the group of metrosexuals sitting beside us.

Still, alongside Death Note: The Last Name these two movies made it tops for the first quarter of the year.

HUrrah, BodyJam 40 with Riyo and Kylie tommorrow!

Monday, March 05, 2007


When your sister tells you that she had a dream where the family found out you were doing drugs and was about to be sent for rehabilitation, what can you make of it?

Whatmore she can quote, "See his face know already one."

Very tak beri muka.

Does it make you think that your sister is fishing for deep dark secrets, however?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Alive!

Right, Wii didn't realise that our 3.5" disk drive was somehow miraculously repaired since Wii've last used it - maybe when Wii Bodypumped our PC to Low Yat the fellow fixed it up for us.

Just so happen that, now that Wii've DOSBox giving life back to our old games, Wii decided to pop a disk into the drive and see what happens.

'Please insert a disk into drive A:'

Okay. Just like before. Try Disk 2 anyway? Why not.

*Buzz buzz buzz* - it's reading Disk 2! So Disk 1 was just corrupted?

Will now start installing the games or copying the disk contents into hard drive to burn off to CD now.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kung Hei Fatt Choy 2007!

This greeting only out on Day 12. Aiks.

CNY Recap, 2007


1) Steamboat at home once again, once again stuffed ourselves silly with enough to make leftover noodles the next day. Uncle who showcased the N70 last year told us the story of how within some 2 weeks of being a proud owner of the N70, he dropped it in a coffeeshop and it went missing. Oh dear. Sis and us experimented with video calling (we could see ourselves in her camera haha) until she screamed to stop as her phone bill may skyrocket. Self-congratulations required: manage to play about with video calling while not revealing fact to parents that Wii have new phone *hush hush*. Not yet, at least.

2) This year our initial plan of watching a CNY movie was rather last-minute, which resulted in us going to 1U, commenting on the high population of ahbengs and ahlians, taking a look at the queue at the ticket counter, and going back home. Next day Wii made the smarter move of booking online. CNY movie for this year? The Protege. Good movie.

3) Different job now means Wii weren't so keen on taking the week off just like that (not part time anymore, got limit to off days) and since no one had a definite plan for visitations yet Wii didn't plan our leave early. All Wii knew was that Tuesday morning was Twilight CNY in Klang, Wii're waiting for our Imperial Chronicler to write the report write the report write the report Wii've uploaded the pics for you already sorry it took one week to upload them.

Luckily word was out for visitations on Khamis petang (evening? afternoon?) so Wii took the afternoon off. Picked lad before heading to the twins' place, but lad almost ignored us when Wii reminded him of KennySia's CNY videoclip of little girls going 'Hahahahahahahaha...' This year's visitation had quite a fair bit of retro gaming -
taught the guys how DOSBox works, which led to Golden Axe and Gods and the hunt for old DOS games. Then it was over to ours (with a quick detour to Burger Kings) where the Dreamcast once again saw life - just so that esteban could play Power Stone 2 and the others had another spot of retro, Golden Axe to the end and Streets of Rage 2. Wii tried to persuade lad about the merits of Prince of Persia, to no avail.

Onwards to lad's place after that, since we've all on different occasion visited esteban while at the same time visiting his sis's Wii. That was before what was known as the Incident With The Power Serve. The day ended at lad's for dinner (thank you lad's mum! Very generous but so sorry Wii were all feeling full for reasons unknown) with word puzzles and fiddly fireworks.

3) Friday night was the Klangite annual CNY, this year there weren't many around since some went back outstation during the week. Left 5 of us only to play Blackjack (although ayheng brought Carcassonne, Coloretto, Bang! and Wii brought That's Life upon request as contingency). Good thing there was Absolut Peach to keep us much so that Wii zonked out in the car upon reaching home. Mana tahu at 2am-3am the Heineken keg still alive, haiz.

Is that it, then? Still, the essentials are there - steamboat dinner, CNY movie with sis, visitations here and with Klangites, numerous oranges to eat, bak kwa to eat (and to hide from others), the horrendous feeling of going back to work once the long holidays are over...

CNY Recap, 2006

For 2006, Wii were already doing part-time instead of full-time, thus for the CNY week Wii took an entire week off with no qualms. Muahahaha finally holidays that are on the actual day itself!

1) Wii dragged lad, njapf and her friend around MidValley shopping for clothes, namely Wii were obsessed with getting a t-shirt with long sleeves meant to roll up to the elbows (to complicate matters more Wii wanted it in green). And on CNY Eve Wii managed to get a red SEED tee as well, which ended up with our sis and us wearing red at the dinner table, heh. Dinner was steamboat, and one uncle let us play with his N70.

2) Sis and us watched 'A Chinese Long Story' for our CNY movie, which because Wii had low expectations, turned out not too bad and rather funny (with bad special effects like 2D explosions).

3) The annual Klangite meetup at Vincent's had a big group, with old schoolmates from all classes. Dinner always saw us going back for the chicken and satay, and to finish it with fortune cookies. Usual gambling, Wii thinks Wii left rather early though...

4) Lad and us got into the mood of getting some Chinese garb to wear for CNY. And so we did, from a store in Midvalley. Cost somewhere about RM100? Anyways planned to wear them on the day we did our visitations.

5) Visitations itself started with us arriving late - Wii went for a haircut first, with the stylist using some darn blunt scissors that yanked our hair more than cut it. First visit was to SooJ's (her poh piahs are delish), meeting up with old batchmates Wii haven't seen for a couple of years now. Then over to Paddington's at The Curve for lunch and group photos. Note: the Treasure Box is too much for one person to handle. Fruits yes, but very very sweet.

After lunch we'd visited another friends' house, to admire her house, from the pond that went indoors to the kitchen to her room and much so that someone was suppose to offer up a flat-screen plasma telly as dowry to marry her! Wii spent most of the time sweating in our Chinese garb (surprisingly, while it looks light, it gets very hot despite staying in cool surroundings!) while playing with the putting lane that was set up in her hall.

The group split up after that, with us going onwards to esteban's place. Was it for the GameCube or some NDS-chat Wii can't remember, but what Wii do remember was that Wii noticed that esteban's house had this screen with an Asian motif - so Wii had otousan take pictures of us in Chinese garb using that as background.

Wii thanks Canon Photostitch for this piece of artwork titled 'VS Screen'.

Scene during the game, with colour palatte swapped characters a la Mortal Kombat.

Day ended at lad's, Wii think. Some other day saw us gambling at lad's neighbour, Puddy's, place, with esteban playing Electroplankton.

6) Vague memories of later visits to our pad, where Wii force-fed the visitors KennySia's YouTube of small girls going 'Hahahahahahahaha...' and Monty Phyton's Life of Brian.

CNY Recap, 2004-2005

*Wii've got to do this in instalments, to put the whole thing as one single entry will be too big for our liking.*

Gotta recap how Chinese New Year has been for us for the pass few years. See, even last year's CNY celebrations weren't blogged (and here Wii were stating that Wii would blog about things rather then let them fade...)

Don't remember much about CNY 2004 except that we may have visited Uncle JS's house. We did visit SooJ's house, us bunch of UH housemen. And Wii *thinks* Klangites did a visit up to our place. *Fuzzy memory* Oh yes, the family and uncles decided to do CNY Eve dinner at Chuai Heng (Wii thinks it's called) at 1U. First time Wii makan out for family dinner.

CNY 2005 Wii remembers a *bit* more, Wii had our Nok7710 then for a bit o' photo-taking. But a couple of things Wii do remember come near CNY that were work-related...

1) Some old aunty came to the store to have her blood glucose checked. It was an exceptionally busy morning/afternoon, and Wii were either the only pharmacist or with a colleague...whatever the case both of us had our hands full with the queue of people wanting meds and such. So when this aunty came by Wii asked her to take a seat, Wii might take some time before Wii could actually sit down and do a blood glucose test for her (whatmore in apologetic, low-vocabulary Cantonese). Wii thinks she waited near 15 minutes before Wii could attend to her. Anyways, after seeing to her, she gave us an angpow. Which lead to:

"No, no, cannot!"
"Yes, yes, must take!"
"Cannot la Aunty, Wii cannot receive gifts leh, nevermind la Aunty..."
"No, you take!"
"Like that Wii use your angpow pay for blood test ar Aunty-"
"No! Blood test I will pay also, this one you keep!"

Ended up using the angpow to buy Mamee for the staff.

2) Our contract changed from a full-time staff to a part-time staff after some discussions with HR. So somehow for the CNY month, instead of banking in our pay straight they issued a cheque (Come to think of it, maybe all these time our pay was issued by cheque...). Anyways, while everyone else have received the CNY pay, allowing them to do the necessary shopping in preparation for the festive season. Us, on the other hand, have been looking at a dwindling account. A few calls led us to find out that they've sent in a cheque instead, its probably still being processed, it's gone to some other bank...Wii chased high and low for it while steadily getting more and more frantic (right, Wii can actually here in the background of our brain a voice saying, "That's because you don't have a savings!").

Since Wii'd joined this line of work, Wii have been very easygoing with working shifts, working weekends, missing social meetups, cranky customers, nonstop queues...but don't play with us when it comes to money, especially, our money. That was the first time in that line of work that Wii were angry with anyone (also, probably, the only time). So Wii were stuck, unable to shop, surrounded in 1 Utama by loads of stores...sob sob.

In the end our pay came in on CNY Eve, when all boutiques were on half day. Thankfully pay came in before lunch time, when Wii took the opportunity to rush off to Dockers to get ourselves a new shirt and pants. That was essentially it. Half-hour, one store, walk in walk out. Wii did feel two ways about it: after all, goes to show how men can shop quickly, on the other hand Wii missed out on the whole shopping experience of comparing merchandise, browsing etc. *sigh* There's always next time.

3) CNY dinner was steamboat at home, the family and our uncles.

4) Visitations were rather vague. Wii thinks Wii had angpows collected on behalf of us...Wii had the Dreamcast initially set up, Wii thinks it was playing 'Who Wants To Beat Up A Millionaire?'. Wii set up the DC because Wii had four controllers and the Klangites were coming up for a visit (after they visited everyone else in Klang without us). On the way up, 'Ward got us to head to 1U first to buy the boardgame Risk for him, where we ended up playing in our place first.

5) Annual Klang CNY at Vincent's still went on, asides from us trying to take pics at night with our Nok7710, Randall also took pics. Wii have proof.

Also, experimental drinks instead of the regular beer or shandy!

6) Somewhere during our couple of days off, locum pharmacists took care of dispensing. However Wii had a call from the locum asking if Wii could come in and cover for a few hours as she wanted to send a family member off. Wii, in addition to being off, was sick (interestingly Wii were only sick when Wii were on holidays then). No way. End of story.