Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tube Logs

OK. There are times when we're impressed at the way our friends can pop us links to stuff on YouTube, stuff that makes us wonder just what did they type on the search bar to come up with it. But first off, here's a link to an awesome video that you. Should. Not. Miss.

It doesn't really matter if you don't know who the characters are. Work like this deserves credit for the effort they put in. Oh in case you have to ask, it's safe for work. The reason we put a link rather than embed it is because we can't find an option in GameTrailers for us to do so. Sounds safe enough?

Now. First up, something we've just been introduced to by QR. The concept of a video blog, or vlog. This is Minouye, quite the comedian. And he does his videos rather well.

Most of his vlogs are rather good. Worth a look-through. Oh and check out Merlign's Magic Stapler, and the Obscenity Of War (and the LOL Jar!) too.

Now QR sent that vlog to us some time ago, to which we filed somewhere in the back recesses of our memory. Bouncing about YouTube today however we came across this vlog, and that reminded us of Minouye.

This, is TMerman. Well, this particular vlog entry's somehow interesting and brings up a good question. How do you react when someone comes on to you when you don't like that person?

Asides from that, at times we struggle with our bloglist and have nooo desire to add vlogs to it. Nor do we think of starting our own vlog.

Now onto much more sturdier ground: music videos. Well we'd rather if we could just find the song rather than watch a music video (not unless music video was really good for some reason or like that awesome choreography by a Korean kid for Britney's 'Gimme More' as on wingedman's). So we just happened to check back on Slutilla's blog and came across the most. Freaking. Disturbingly. Salah. Video. EVER. If ever we are to keep our happy memories of Eric Prydz's 'Call On Me' in BodyJam we need to Chlorox our brain.

But it did make us decide to mooch about for some BJam songs we haven't manage to get on mp3. Like Freemasons' Club Mix of Beyonce's 'Ring The Alarm' or Alibi vs Rockerfeller's version 'Sexual Healing'.

Can't stop moving to the beat. Legs aren't moving but arms are. Dammit. No control. Left Right Left Down Up Down Up (sounds like we're keying in some cheat code hor). How we miss the first half of BJ35! Black Legend and Stupidisco! T_T


hrugaar said...

Fun game video - trouble is, I left it downloading while I did something else, and when I came back it had finished and run on straight into a pervy adult content vid instead! :D

-C said...

I wouldn't mind some adult content right now. :P




Ah-Bong said...

woooot... asian guy minouye is hawt... i wouldn't mind if he's doing that spit talking to me a bit.. not a bit. :P


still not over him...


-C said...

The video is fantastic. What a great effort.

The starcraft game is awesomesauce. See blog for details ^^

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: Interesting. We normally click to load it but put it on Pause mode.

-C: Adult content of violence you get there with Starcraft! And we're waiting for part 2 of the video!

Ah-Bong: Checked out the rest of his vlog then?

shane said...

And if I video logged, you would see me losing tempers or making faces. :P

P/S: Typing as Shane because I so the malas to log in.