Monday, March 29, 2010

It Starts In College...

...and this is the second story we know of where a relationship started off since college, and after nearly ten years, ends in marriage. The first being 'Nic and LiL. This time it's beween Puddy and her beau Eddy - knew each other since school days, started going steady in college when he offered her a ride, and now, ten years later, have tied the knot.

Ok, so for 'Nic it probably wasn't ten years. But close enough.

It's a rather small world when at the dinner reception we were grabbed by the elbow to face to of our college classmates, and somehow we stopped ourself from blurting, "Eh why are you here?" We chatted a bit and found out that they were friends of the groom (as we were the bride's) either since Taylor's or while at Imperial. So at this dinner we had friends from college, our pharmacy coursemates and the Taman Tun-ites as well.

We wonder what kind of wedding dinner it would be if we had the bloggers, the Taman Tun-iutes, the Klangites, college friends, and pharmacy coursemates in attendance. Quite likely our own wedding, if it ever happens!

One thing of note at Puddy's wedding - there weren't any reminders that this was a Chinese wedding dinner in any way by way of decor. Some handcrafted trees with wellwishes written on the paper leaves, everything in a thematic robin's egg blue, and an absence of the chinese word 'Hei' or the colour red anywhere. Otherwise, we still had a bilingual MC and the shouts of yamseng to remind us where we were.

Another thing of note. We're still not used to Puddy's and Eddy's first names.

Jon Low handled the photography and after having his name appearing at the opening and closing of the wedding shoot, we were sure to remember him (and the photos were rather good). If ever we want wedding photos done this would be another photographer to think of.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay long after the dinner was over to chat with the couple, as the Chief had work to do and it was already past 11pm, so we made our quick apologies, congratulations, took a quick couple of photos, and left.

There's still many years to go, but seeing how they've already managed these ten years, we're sure the future's no obstacle for them! Congratulations Puddy & Eddy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiring Video

So esteban sends an email to the lot of us, titled 'Inspiring Video', saying:

Hi All....
Just stumbled on this video... very meaningful and kudos to the director...
Must watch soonest....

Plus a link to the video. We know esteban to be someone who would actually watch inspirational Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul kind of videos, so for us there wasn't really any urgency to follow the link to the video immediately (that, plus the fact that the video couldn't play on our iPhone).

Then, the other Taman Tun-ites start replying to the email, and the general gist was that it wasn't so much a motivational inspiring video but a comedic one. Still, since we couldn't watch it on-the-go we pretty much forgot about it, until lad asked us about it today.

lad: hey
lad: did you check out esteban's movie yet?

Janvier: not yet!
Janvier: cos it doesn't play on the iphone

lad: oh
lad: i think you'd appreciate it the most
lad: takes time to load

And so, we followed the link to the video. And waited. And waited. It really was a rather long wait. And in the end, the video played... Midway watching it at the height of suspense, we were slightly puzzled and freaked out. Then we started laughing, realizing why lad said we would appreciate it the most!

And we forwarded it to the BFF, thinking that the video would be personalized to the person watching it! Sent out this email:

If you're feeling lost, or down, or just feeling uninspired, this is the best time to watch this.

For the divas, you know this video was meant to be for you.

In any case you guys should watch this ASAP!

That, and the link to the video. Only...after a while chatting on with lad we came to the realization that the link we sent to the BFF might be misinterpreted as being rather muka tebal, and so we quickly emailed them again saying it was a wrong link and that we would send them the correct one soon.

Then everyone got a personalized one, much to different reactions!

Oh well, if you've watched the video already, go have fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dental Dramas

It started sometime before Chinese New Year. Eating lunch one day and we bit on what we thought was a pebble. Then a few days later we started feeling our right backmost molar getting a mite sensitive when it came to certain foodstuff and cold drinks, and especially if we actually brush there. After some probing with a finger we discovered that we had a small hole on said sensitive molar.

Thankfully for us that the molar was rather inaccessible to most foodstuff, saliva and brushing there was awkward - so that while we had sensitive twinges from time to time we didn't have to rush straight off to the dentist in pain.

But still, an appointment with the dentist was a must. It's not as if a decayed tooth was going to get better by itself, and waiting for the problem to go away by itself would mean waiting for the troublesome tooth to fall out (which we think would cause us much pain in the process). So we headed back to our dentist, whom we haven't visited for...some five years or so. We're not very comfortable visiting the dentist, friendly and professional and gentle as he may be. The sound of the drills or his other devices always conjure up the worse.

So altogether now, we've already been to the dentist three times. In this past two months.

First for a filling on the decaying molar.

Then for scaling.

And just recently, the veneer of two particularly rough teeth plus the repairing of some fillings.

And each time, it's always the same. We come in relaxed, we get into the seat and relax, we discuss with the dentist (and let him scold us, yes), we open our mouth for him to do his work, and we occupy ourself by closing our eyes (partly due to having a bright light shining on our face) and trying to relax our hands from clenching.

It never stops. The brain may tell us, it's ok, he's not drilling although it may sound like it, it's just a pick that vibrates very fast to clean out the tartar, but our hands tell us we're afraid, clench clench.

And for our third visit, the good dentist starts off our appointment by telling us, "I'm going to give you a jab first yeah."

We would have much prefer if the jab was a GA that knocked us out. Still, what was interesting was that...while the two shots he gave us still had that slight sting, it wasn't the fire-hot stake in the gums that we always think it was. That was a bit of a plus point.

Then there was a whole amount of drilling, this and that we know not what because we chose to keep our eyes closed. There were times when he held a sort of lamp close to the fillings, and more drilling and chipping with something that caused a burning smell...seriously, the arsenal a dentist has scares us.

And at the end of it all, we survive intact! We got up from the chair to find that the LA not only numbed the gums, but the effect spread all the way to our nose! Now that was an interesting sensation. The nurse assured us that once the numbness fades off, there won't be any residual pain. Mind you, this bit is important! When we had our molars extracted previously in preparation for braces, we were bedridden for the rest of the day lethargic with pain, stuffed full of panadol and sucking on ice. We didn't want to be caught unprepared when the numbness wore off and suddenly poleaxed with pain while in public. If there was going to be pain, then we'll get the panadols and ice ready. But there was none.

Now if only the anaesthetic could numb off the shock of the dentist's bill for the anaesthetic, fillings and veneer!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Book Juggling

While we've never really got off the habit of bookjuggling, we'll now thank BookXcess for taking it a step further. Because, just last week we browsed around and came across an audiobook CD of Making Money selling at RM24.90. With audiobook CDs normally costing well over RM100, can you say, 'spontaneous buy'?

Disregard the fact that said copy of Making Money was an abridge version instead of the unabridged version. It's our first Pratchett audiobook and we want to hear how it goes. Years of reading and rereading the Discworld series and we've a certain impression of how the characters sound (as for how the characters look, Paul Kidby has certainly got them spot-on that we cannot think of them any other way!), and we were interested to hear how the narrator would voice the characters.

We already like how the witches were portrayed in the Wryd Sisters cartoon. Not so much how they look, but how they sound.

And how Lord Vetinari was portrayed in The Colour Of Magic movie, to a certain extent.

Anyways we had the CDs converted to mp3 and synced to our iPod, and next thing you know, we're listening to the audiobook while reading another book.

It's possible, due to the fact that we've read Making Money before and was rereading an Eddings book. Familiar material. Not much attention needed to do both except to laugh to the jokes from one book or the other.

Our impression of the audiobook? Plus we're listening now to the unabridged version of Maskerade.

The narrators, as far as we hear, do a good job of narrating, with the pacing is good and the pronunciation clear and understandable. Only that most voice impressions for the main characters and inflections differ from how we would do it (but then again, they are the ones doing the reading and getting money doing it!). We understand, though, and wouldn't really expect the narrators to do an accurate impression of Granny Weatherwax or some of the others. It's good enough that we can distinguish different people, especially during conversations.

Great. Now we've more books to collect!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Yearbook Senility

Just recently we decided to look up our school yearbook due to a curious mention by Naughty Nyukster. We're not too sure when was the last time we actually picked up our yearbook for a flip, there really isn't any reason for us to do so unless we're feeling nostalgic, but we guess it would have been over three years.

Anyways, we started flipping through the yearbook, and skimmed through the photos and names.

Imagine our shock when we realize we couldn't place names to faces or vice versa! Of course, we don't expect to remember everyone's name, and since we've not kept in touch with everyone after high school of course faces would get rusty (we're reminded of the time some three years back when we were in a lift and caught ourself staring at this fellow, he looked back and smiled in acknowledgement which left us puzzled until much later after exiting the lift when we realized he was a schoolmate, oh the shame for acting aloof).

But we do recall that we could place more names to faces the last time we looked at our yearbook! Now just looking at the various clubs and societies, there are members whose names appear in the committee but their photos aren't in the group photo, and we can't even visualize a mental image of who he was! Even a couple of times, with both name and face, it tooked a bit of looking about to see which was most likely the face belonging to the name.

Certainly feeling our age!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

CNY Recap, 2010

The annual CNY recap. With a few changes this year.

1. Firstly, the family reunion dinner where our sis and bro-in-law didn't come back this year, which allowed us all to fit in the kitchen rather than having to split into two different table (one in the kitchen and one outside at the dining table). This also meant that we didn't need to take any days off to hang out with our sis.

Sincee we didn't take any extra leave for Chinese New Year, we started work again on Wednesday, which was really all the better because if we took the entire week off, we would have gotten a severe attack of Monday Blues once we start work again. So starting work on Wednesday actually helped us ease our way back to a regular work schedule, because as expected the entire week was rather quiet.

Oh, the joys of absolutely zero congestion at 7pm!

2. Which brings us to something about Chinese New Year. Normally we don't pay attention to the Chinese counting of days post-CNY. Add that to the fact that we associate Monday with the first day of the week (ie Tuesday = day 2, etc) and we're capable of slight confusion if we're not paying attention. And yes, we did get slightly confused on the dating system.

Because we'd gotten a text from webchitect that said that he'd be hosting the usual Klangite Chinese New Year gathering on Tuesday, day 3 of CNY.

Message pretty clear, no?

Only we'd gone and kept in mind just the 'Tuesday' bit, and confused that thinking it was Day 2 of CNY. So on Monday night we almost headed down to Klang after dinner. Thankfully we decided to check the text again, else we would have wasted a trip down...

Anyways we made a trip down on Tuesday night for the Klangite CNY gathering, and lost a fair bit when we started gambling by playing In Between. It's the first time we've ever played In Between where the pot came up to around RM400ish (then again in our younger years gambling, we'd all bet less - those were the times when angpows still jingled with the sound of RM1 coins...). The pot got that high quite fast partly due to a couple of house rules: everyone had to put RM1 into the pot each round (to increase the amount available as well as to make players more committed to betting); and if a player did bet, and the revealed card was one of the two cards he has, he had to pay double.

With those two house rules, CYNg lost a hefty sum initially because each time he gets an ace and a queen (very good odds for revealing a card between these two cards), he bets a big sum...and hits either a queen or an ace. This happened a few times. Thankfully, CYNg manage to recover back most of his losses.

3. Asides from the Klangite gathering, we'd visited Clan Chief, once at their home for games and the likes, and once more for dinner.

4. Last Thursday was a dinner gathering at lad's place! A quick fun meetup where everyone caught up with each other while enjoying lad's mum's cooking (generous pork servings in the form of ham and bacon!).

5. Mahjong meetup at Leggie's place on Friday! With an interesting twist that there was no money involved! Played all afternoon till dinnertime, where we made our way to the Daily Grind for dinner!