Monday, November 12, 2007

Starcraft Sunday

Everyone's a little bit racist
Doesn't mean we go
Around committing hate crimes.
Look around and you will find
No one's really color blind.
Maybe it's a fact
We all should face
Everyone makes judgments
Based on race.

It's not hate crimes when all parties go to WAR. And theaters of war in space are always magnificent, because everyone is living in interesting times.

5 factions unable to tolerate the mere existence of the others:
Heng Raynor and Arcturus Yap, Terrans;
Judicator Wong, Protoss; and
The Overmind Janvier and wolfx Kerrigan, Zergs.

Given the layout of the Systems Of Starcraft, the Protoss was first to settle down and build their base. How apt, as the Xel'Naga named them 'the First Born' after all. Unfortunately for the Protoss, their planet looked to be the center of all conflict. Just as well for the Protoss that the Judicator Assembly and Templar castes did not decide to take matters into their own hands and present a united Protoss front.

The Terrans found bases on planets with few entry points, and had little in terms of contact with each other. Trust Terrans to take racism to the limits, as they decided to jeer at the other races rather even when they're not talking to each other.

The Zergs weren't too bothered with racism. They would gladly assimilate all into the breed and make themselves stronger. Only, wolfx Kerrigan had severed psychic ties with the Overmind Janvier and leads his own forces. Still, both have the aim of consuming, assimilating and expanding.

The Overmind, following its prime directives, begin by sending transporter overlords to colonize the neighbouring planet and giving the Protoss some breathing space first (the Zerg needs to assimilate the psionic potential of the Terrans before they can take them on, dammit!). Unfortunately that bitch Kerrigan, after killing off all the Overmind's Cerebrates and taking off with some confused troops, decided to drop back and harrass the Overmind's mineral fields. That would need to be taken care of later.

Still, wolfx Kerrigan tend to run by emotions and found that his zergling rush tactic didn't pull off as intended. Kerrigan then started thwarting Arcturus Yap's Marines and Ghosts, to some degree of success. However, Kerrigan's decision to breed Queens were questionable as the Queens had yet to evolve to spawn broodlings or spew mucous to ensnare victims. Arcturus Yap, on the other hand, decided to show off the superiority of Terran technology of Vultures armed with Spider Mines - clearing off Kerrigan's Zerglings with deadly efficiency.

Heng Raynor, on the other side of space, was busy minding their own business. The quiet tactician did not display his warmongering flags for once.

Judicator Wong, seeing how the Overmind was still leading in terms of Conquest - decided that that needs correcting and sent a small force of Zealots to deal with the zerg hatchery on Torus - only to have the Zealots meet their doom at the hands of some well-placed Sunken Colonies. The Overmind was slightly wary now of the Protoss but could not prepare a force to deal with them as he was sending Scourges to take out Kerrigan's Queen. Also, he picked up psionic signals that Raynor troops had intentions on landing on Tarsonis where the expansionary hatchery was.

Kerrigan's loss of his Queen was the least of his worries. He lost his first Ultralisk in a battle with Arcturus' Vulture - must have been some faulty Zerg breeding there. The Overmind had began spawning Mutalisks and was regaining control of the homeworld Torus, purging it of Kerrigan's helpless Zerglings.

However, as The End Drew Near (aka midnight), Protoss Dragoons overrun the Overmind's hatchery on Torus while Raynor's Wraith and Firebats began conquest on Tarsonis. Things look bleak for the Overmind, who was second in line in terms of Conquest, while the Protoss was victorious.


hrugaar said...

Whee. Looks a really cool game - provided you have the tabletop space to spread out on. You plane a rematch? ;P

savante said...

Monsters attacking! How cool!

Henry Yeo said...

next time, everyone attack wolfx!!!

Queer Ranter said...

OMG! I want I want!

-C said...


*calms self*

I am seriously contemplating buying this game. What do you think? 329 is a little bit steep but it could possibly be worth it because QR and I are big board game fans.

Janvier said...

Hrugaar: It needs a lot of space. A replay needed definitely, because we never got to finish a game and so, as Heng puts it, "...we never got to experiencce the end game so I have to be objective and play it through before giving it the legendary status."

Savante: Very cool!

Henry Yeo: Every man for himself!

QR: Get -C to buy!

-C: First impression was rather good. If you've played TI:3 before then you'll most likely enjoy this. Follow this thread to get updates.

-C said...

'Get C to buy?!??!!'

What about QR! He's the one with the expensive phone! T_T

hrugaar said...

-C buy, then trade with QR for his phone. ;P

-C said...

Oh good idea also ah... wait, I like starcraft more than I like phones! Bad deal bad deal! QR, you must trade me your phone and promise to stop embarassing me in public for the next five years, can or not?

hrugaar said...

No fair -C ... QR could not keep promise like that for more than five seconds. :D but I meant buy two copies of game, keep one trade one.