Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

This is a thing of beauty...Wii like, Wii really do...

It's amazing how a gaming blog can lead to such wonderful cakes. Not just birthday cakes, but wedding cakes that go against the norm too!

Unlike Joyce the Fairy's blog where there's a birthday cake to make all boys wince...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spam Spam Spam Spam

Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam!

Ah it's a cute catapult webgame with funny references to the movie/musical. Love that bit against the Black Knight - each time you successfully hit him, asides from losing health he loses a limb!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Sunday saw this leaflet at home.

Having lost our own wog once already, Wii knows how others who've lost their family members feel. Unfortunately, the kind of assumptions as to how the wog got lost isn't so...optimistic at times. When our wee Princess got lost, the side gate wasn't locked (but latched), and no one was home. Wii has this sinking feeling that some no-good whoresons made away with her, Wii don't want to speculate too much on what happened after. It's too depressing.

Then Wii reads in the newspapers about foreign workers beating up a dog and calling it 'haram'. While the dog has been rescued, it lost its lower jaw. Damn sad.

And last night esteban tells us regarding the Ministry wanting to educate foreign workers as there were stories of foreign workers down near Johor who's been eating people's pets. Not another happy thought.

Wii're thinking not only these people needs to be deported, they need to be caned first and the company that hired them sued. Even with caning Wii think that's not enough.

Anyways. Wii find that this leaflet lacks a lot of information. Like, what name does the dog respond to? How old, how big, characteristic markings, where last seen, when last seen...anything that can further help distinguish your dog from others.

But if anyone is able to help, please do so yeah?

lying by myself

Why do insecurities surface when one is trying to sleep?

Is wishful thinking the furthest I will be able to achieve? Am I just a fool in denial, wasting years waiting? My winters waiting for spring just a warped dream?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Glued To The Box

Asides from finally having a hands-on at the Wii (courtesy of esteban), last night's yamcha had us talking about old PC games back in the good old '90s, when games really had an impact on us in more ways than one (nowadays good memorable games are few and far between...our Playstation forlornly cries out to us in loneliness as Wii've moved on to the Nintendo DS. When Wii need our Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter/Prince of Persia/Devil May Cry kick then you will see the light of day k?). So after talking about games we used to play the mood for DOS game-hunting was reawakened.

Wii always cursed our decision for not backing up all our old stuff onto 3.5" floppies (our first PC was a 386 with both 5.25" and 3.5" floppy drives and...can't remember now, some 10MB hard disk space?), instead leaving our games in both formats. Now when Wii look at the diskbox with the games Wii have no heart to throw them away, all they do now is take up shelf space and cause us loads of heartache.

Wii remembers our first hunt for old DOS games was in Glasgow three and a half years back (our first taste of 100MB/s internet speeds), and whatmore from this French Abandonware website. Unfortunately even then computer speeds and Windows weren't that friendly to DOS games anymore. Some of the simpler ones, e.g. Golden Axe and Prince of Persia 1 had no problem but others like Populous 1 and 2 were so speeded up that it was impossible to play unless you had a program like MoSlo. Another problem was sound. Like the Sony MP3 Walkman adverts put, Wii live in music (oh especially when Wii had a Soundblaster card installed). The Gods main menu sang, Mortal Kombatants shouted, the Prince of Persia screamed as he felled to his (many) deaths, the multitude of explosions and commentations in Dune 2 ("Construction Complete")...and background music. Wii remembers how, for some games, Wii would put our tape recorder by the speakers, push the door nearly shut, and record intros or background music or summat. Then the tapes will be in our Walkman, following us wherever Wii go.

But of course, Wii've played the games countless times enough to actually be able to play the music in our head. But these things go hand-in-hand for the full blast of nostalgic experience. Okay, maybe just for us because Wii had it all from the start. If Wii never had music initially when playing all those games Wii probably wouldn't miss it so much.

But Wii digress (slightly).

The thing is, some old DOS games seemeth 'lost' to us because, while it's available online for download (yay thanks Lost Treasures France and Underdogs and countless others) it's also either too fast, has compatibility issues, has no music, or has (shudder) EMS/XMS problems. And when that happens and when Wii play it, part of our soul dies along as part of the game dies. Is our childhood fated to fade away forever? C'mon, this is PC stuff (albeit Prehistorik Cavemen-era PC stuff) but in our current tech-savvy world surely there are means of reviving, or making some space for DOS games to remain alive?

Enter the DOSBox (current version 0.65). This heavensent program emulates DOS (with working sound, read, WORKING SOUND) such that MoSLo and VMDSound can now take a rest. Better yet for us, DOSBox emulates games as if it's running on old PC processors, so Wii actually managed to play Mortal Kombat I as if Wii played it on our 386!!! For most people, some games will be so painfully SLOW but what's that compared to being transported some 15 years or more back into the past to a part of your childhood that you love?

While Wii can't claim to have played many DOS titles (even then Wii enjoy replaying what Wii have, it whiles a good time away) but at least now Wii can revisit them without pain anymore. Now if you'll excuse us, Wii've got 12 tribes of Lemmings to guide, Populations to lead into Armageddon, a Persian Prince to navigate out of mazes, so that he can play BattleChess 4000 with us, all while being Alone In The Dark...

Oh, if someone, anyone has a copy of The Secret of Monkey Island 2, tell us! This is another big hole in our soul!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Wii Believe

Wii have seen.
Wii have touched.
Wii believe...

That it's still too expensive in Malaysia!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Singleton's Suffrance

Valentine's Day has had it's rather blunt reminders every year, why should this year be an exception?

For the past couple of years our dear gym has been reminding everyone to come for Group X classes - making each class a sort of Valentine-themed class for singletons. It makes staying at home and eating comfort food very appealing.

This year, though, the gym decided against that tactic and instead had just a Valentine's Bodystep class (come dressed in pink/red top to win prizes!) where you could show up alone or with your partner. At least it doesn't seem to single out the singletons.

Anyways. This year's reminders still retained their sharp jabs, starting with the Hitz.FM Morning Crew's JJ and Rudy: "Today is Single's Appreciation Day!"

You guys didn't have to make it sound like it's something sad.

And in the evening, our good instructor, in jest, poked, "So those of you who are here now all tak laku one yeah."

Heh. Yes, the life of the bachelor-for-life is fun, but you don't have to glaringly point out that Wii belong in Singleton society.

Now maybe to find a BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and hunt for the wet shirt scene Bridget Jones keep talking about.

Wii've Just Gone Blind


Wii came across the live-action clip (Pretty Girl Sailor Moon) of Sailormoon's transformation scene. Nothing dirty, but ohmygoodness someone please take down and burn all traces of PGSM!!!

Just because Wii're blind doesn't mean our fingers don't know their way around the keyboard, mind. Save yourselves, don't ever go there. Now, how are Wii going to drive home, now that Wii cannot see?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wii're Old

As our plans for the Marche dinner today was canceled, Wii were mulling on the idea of spending the now-free time doing more cardio (like Wii needed it). Choices choices choices: Curve for Bodyjam with Tracy, Axis for Combat with Crystal and Jam with Tony, or Manulife for Combat with Calvin and Jam with Kenny.

Somehow since Wii've been doing Calvin's classes a couple of times on Tuesday when Wii happened to miss Monday's class at The Curve, Wii opted for the Manulife option.

And now, our body is HURTING. Wii haven't done any back-to-back classes for a long time, and it shows. The last time Wii did back-to-back classes was during the quarterly launch at IOI Mall, for Bodyjam and Nike Bollywood Rockstar (Wii were too late for Bodycombat whatwith stupid traffic). Anyways, even then Wii had been doing the Bollywood tracks for a month beforehand so the moves weren't new and strenuous, but after the Launch Wii were feeling twinges already (and backaches the following day, all thanks to Bodyjam 38's Say Say Say by Hi-Tack).

Well, Wii did do 'Combat and 'Jam back-to-back before in Manulife, but the first time Wii only stayed for 4 songs in 'Jam before leaving (to rush for a movie), and the second time Kenny had to do the latest release again for the second block (damn sien already with the Dance4Life block) which Wii didn't bother pushing ourselves because a bit demotivated with Dance4Life by then.

So anyways Wii finished 'Combat, was out of breath and out of water and totally drenched in sweat, and like hero stayed for 'Jam. First song was Jamiroquai's Canned Heat which made us cringe, worrying that half the block would be the new block. Thankfully, it all went DIVA from there. Tracks that Wii've not heard for over half a year were played (didn't matter that they were diva songs with...erm...lots of performance by KH You and Kenny)! Geri Halliwell's 'Look At Me', Liberty X's 'Just A Little', Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'...Wii're only not sure of the name of the Latin tracks, but recognized the songs and moves.

Need to chill out and recover...

End of class Wii were hurting all over - went into Energy-Saving mode, that is, major hunchback and limp. Muscles don't hurt much this way when Wii goes Igor. Slightly regretted doing back-to-back classes, but nevertheless enjoyed 'Jam's replaying of old old single tracks. That was worth the pain.

Oh, the pain.

And Wii have Cardio Dance tomorrow, hope Wii've recovered by then.

Damn it, Wii're old. *Sob*

Love Songs, Part 4...

...As the deer panteth for the waters
So my soul longeth after thee...

...You alone are my strength, my shield
To you alone may my spirit yield...

Love Songs, Part 3...

...You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
Seeking you like a precious jewel
Lord to give up I'd be a fool
You are my all in all...

Love Songs, Part 2...

...I feel like I'm falling
Over and over in love with you
It's not just a feeling
But I know that he is real...

Love Songs, Part 1...

...I just want to be where you are
In your dwelling place forever
Take me to the place where you are
I just want to be with you...

...In your prescence
That's where I always want to be
I just want to be
I just want to be with you...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happiness Is...

Getting a new book that puts away all other things, finishing it within the night before sleep, and rereading it again the next day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Resolutions 2007 Part 2

Wii thought Wii could fit in an additional resolution for 2007, and also note it here so that Wii don't forget. First resolution is coming along, only to be hampered by hard disk constraints, but that's soon resolved once Wii burn them off onto CDs. This too isn't a new resolution, but rather it's something that Wii've been doing since Wii've first swapped over to iTunes. It's also something that Wii can do with our printer.

"To Have Album Art For Songs On Our iPod, Where Possible."

Well, since Wii've gotten our iPod, no Wii tell a lie, since Windows Media Player 9 + Broadband actually, Wii've grown familiar to having album art and organized details/ID3 tags on our songs. Details organizing became so much more easier when Wii installed iTunes, and with the help of Amazon album art became readily accessible (and under our control, unlike WMP9's automatic online info search which can lead to some songs being titled differently).

Then iTunes updated to iTunes 7, and with it came the Cover Flow view. What's Cover Flow? That's where all albums are placed horizontally a la Windows Vista Aero, where you can flip thru your collection for a specific album (basically it's like a Folders' view in Detail, sorted to Albums, but with plenty of eye-candy). But what fun is it to flip through empty squares filled with a large musical note (denoting an album art-less album)? Plus Apple's iPhone also uses Cover Flow (Wii likes it, but chances are won't get it).

Anyhow, at least for the iPod album art remains pretty much a bonus, but lets have everything as complete as possible, who knows the iPod software might be updated to have album art as well (ooo! Would sooo love that!)!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not Today Dear, Wii Have A Headache...

What's worse than being sick? Being somewhere in the middle: not so sick as to require MC and bedrest, but sick enough to make you feel miserable at work. And what's worse is that when the medication doesn't really help anymore. So one ends up going throughout the wholeday rather in slow motion and dazed, which is very very unproductive.

Had checked with the doctor (like a friend says, pharmacists are people too...can fall sick, can't treat themselves) for a diagnosis, and all she was gonna prescribed us was some Ponstan. Not bacterial infection then? Fine, Wii'll stick to the medications Wii're currently taking (which was why she only added Ponstan to the list) of antihistamines, decongestants, lozenges, Vitamin C tablets and antipyretics/antiinflammatories.

Now, instead of hacking, sneezing, alternatingly burning and shivering and aching all over, Wii only hack at the itchy throat, sniffle, ache and walk about with half-slit eyes. Oh yes, Wii have the headache. A full cranial rhinitis ('cos instead of just the nose/forehead area, it's all over the skull). Sleep does little, as once Wii wakes up it all returns *sob*.

It's been going on for two weeks now, things coming to a peak the day before Thaipusam (yep, leading us to tell the Boardgame Cafe meetup group, "Not tonight dears, Wii have a headache..."). It got better, only to come back with a vengence after Wii suffered from 7AS (7am Syndrome). Bah.

7AS led us to think that this may be sleep-related, but sleeping the weekend in (7AS led us to wake up at 6pm btw) didn't do much to alleviate symptoms. Wii'll just have to tough it out.

Anyone care to give some TLC? Then again, being unwell makes us feel very off-the-network. Wii do feel like disappearing without any contact for a while too.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Later Years...

It's a good joke. But the episodes take sooo long!

Look At Me!

First impressions of video calling:

YM: Can you see me?
Us: YM, all Wii can see is your nose. Anyways, Wii're driving, will call you back.

*Calls back once parked.*

Us: So, where are you? *Adjusts phone so that whole face can be seen.*

YM: KL Sentral. *Alternatively showing forehead, nose, chin, eyes, forehead, lips...*
Us: Oh. Going back already ya?
YM: Ya. Eh cannot hear you very well la. *Eyes, chin, full face, nose, forehead...*
Us: Like that la video call. Some more you in public place.
YM: Must use handsfree set la like this. *Nose, lips, chin...*
Us: You do that.
YM: Quite fast yah the video streaming? *Full face, eyebrows...*
Us: Good la.
YM: Ok la, talk to you next time.
Us: do that.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

He Can't Remember...

Because he doesn't have enough hard disk space. Trust us to partition our 80GB HDD in the first place - but then at that time 2 year's back Wii never had the iPod or iXus, so stuff like MP3s and digital pics didn't really hog up all the space.

Now, with iTunes, Wii just can't find the energy to move all the music files over from one hard disk to another, and have iTunes relocate all the files (argh the amount of manual work redirecting each file), and minor camwhoring requires us to burn our photos to CD.

Burning the photos prove to be a simpler option, but it leads to our paranoid self asking, "What if the CD cannot work already?"

*Starts burning double backups.*