Thursday, December 31, 2009

1, 576, 800 Minutes

We think recapping this year may be a bit tougher as we've not been blogging frequently, which means we haven't been jotting things down and thus may have forgotten certain things, haha. Looking at our archive, we've went from 281 posts in 2007 to a mere 113 for 2009! Anyways, on with the recap.

Alcoholic blackout (it's been ages since we'd imbibed large amounts) to start January off!

The Chief organized a suprise birthday party with amazing success! And continues to melt our heart!

Got addicted to Tetris Friends!

Started on DVD television series, one being Battlestar Galactica and the other the first two seasons of Poirot, and now we're somewhere on The Legend Of The Seeker!

Made two police reports, once when we misplaced our credit card holder and needed to report the loss of our credit cards, and once more when some bloody bas pekerja driver dinged Aidan on the back.

Sometime somewhen this year we started using the machines and free weights section of the gym than just going for cardio classes!

We went for the Skytrex Extreme Challenge!

Was around to plan and celebrate the Chief's birthday party this year! Managed to make it a surprise because the Chief suspected the party to be held on a different day!

Our GMail reached 100% capacity!

We went to swim in Kelana Jaya swimming pool for the first time and experienced a dangerous new world!

In treasure hunting this year, our Toyota treasure hunt saw a much lower placing as we were up against a less-casual crowd who were more interested in a cheap trip to Genting Highlands but more of the competitive treasure hunters, and Team Little Mermaid made its debut (Team Little Mermaid members, were we 33rd or 23rd? We think we were 23rd otherwise how to score a food hamper?)!

For our trips, we went to Camland for a quick getaway, revisited Penang, made a quick trip to Johor, went Sporeland twice for musicals Cinderella and Cats and once more for our Christmas shopping, visited Thailand's Hatyai by bus and Phuket for sun, sea and sand! Missed out on a trip with the Klangites as it clashed with our choir performance dates tho'.

In choir news, we sang for Australian Week at the KLPac, performed in the Bangsar Actor's Studio's closing and the Lot 10 Actor's Studio's opening! This followed by carolling in KLCC! Plus for our YKLS performance we had a choreographer training us to help make us limber before the actual show! As an audience we watched Handel's Messiah!

Here's to a great 2010 to come!


Ted said...

281 to 113! Time to buck up! Lol...Seems like a really great exciting year it has been and I wish you more to come in the following year!

savante said...

Lord, what were you thinking!
The recaps are shrinking!
Were you all out drinking?
It's time for a whipping!

joshua said...

Yup! 2010 is gonna be beyond awesome!

Happy New Year!

N.J.A.P.F. said...

Harpy new ear! :D I dont remember what number we were, but def not in the twenties...>.<

deeperanddeeper said...

wah! that pool experience made it to your recap/highlight list? Wakaka! Hope you have many more pool experience. :p

Janvier said...

Ted: Gonna buck up! Here's a Happy New Year to you too!

Savante: It hasn't been easy!
We've been rather busy!
Don't think we were lazy!
2009's just been crazy!

Joshua: All the best to come! Happy New Year!

NJAPF: Oh no Little Mermaid has blotted out the memory! :P 'appy 'ew 'ear!

Deeperanddeeper: Of course! New experience will make it to our highlights! :P