Wednesday, December 09, 2009

And Suddenly It's Gonna Be

...that we still have another couple of gigs or so for the choir. And after all our talks about freedom from rehearsals and all that, we're still in the choir?

So what happened was that we received an email from our choir assistant director that our choir director will be giving a talk on Malaysian choral music on World Choir Day, and we thought, "There's a World Choir Day?" Still, we ended up saying yes because it didn't look to take up too much time.

And then she sent another email regarding a carolling session, which we initially thought to decline as we would have to take leave to attend and all that, but looking at the dire straits that our finance is at the moment, we just might go for it after all in hopes of getting paid.

We know leaving the choir won't be easy. Wonder how next year will be!


savante said...

Well I'm going caroling this year as well. :)

Legolas said...

You'll get paid for that? Can I join?

Janvier said...

Savante: Oh really? In Melaka or Miri?

Legolas: We're hoping to get paid for that. :P

William said...

you know what they say about leaving the Black Ajah.