Friday, December 04, 2009

So Imagine I Was Glad To Hear You're Coming

To our local entrepreneur! Especially since we'd blogged about you a month ago!

And we've been preparing for your arrival by getting the first book from Terry Goodkind's 'Sword Of Truth' series from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale to read! Truth be told we saw a fair number of books from the series while at the book sale but not knowing how good/bad the series is, and there being twelve books in all (twelve!), we weren't ready to buy as many as possible even though it costed only RM8 per book because of the usual argument (no space to keep books).

Anyways we were so glad to see you on the shelves of our local entrepreneur that we immediately picked you up and paid for you.

And now we can enjoy you in two mediums.

And certainly not roleplaying any characters as the Naughty Nyukster puts it!


William said...

Damn! No role-playing? I can SOOOO imagine you in red, body-hugging leather.

nase said...

I concur with William! what a waste! ngek ngek ngek.

Janvier said...

It looks as if you're making us to be DareDevil instead, pakai red leather.

Ban said...

Ah, the Sword of truth and its political bent... that and the red, body-hugging leather S&M.

Was going to ask who the Nyukster was, but it became evident. :P

Janvier said...

Ban: So you've read the series too?

Henry Yeo said...

hhmm...janvier cosplaying in red leather...have yet to finish the series....gave up after the first 9 or so, like Robert Jordan.