Monday, December 07, 2009

Suddenly I Feel All Right

Because we've managed to finish over half our Christmas shopping! Even when the BFFs were pushing to find out who was participating in this year's Secret Santa, the fact that it was already December did not really hit us until: A) we received a text from our sis asking us what to get the parents at the same time mum asked us if we've already bought dad his present, when both mum and us were at Gardens, and B) we were shopping in Gardens and could not think of a single present idea for anyone.

Then we got slightly stressed out because we hadn't any idea what to buy, and our budget, and a list of whom to buy for.

Admittedly our list isn't very big in the first place. And while we may say we haven't begun Christmas shopping, we actually have already exchanged Christmas presents with our colleague. This happened when we went to the Big Bad Wolf Booksale during our lunch period, picked up a stack of books and included a few books of our colleague's interest that we decided to give her as our Christmas present to her.

She then looked through our stack of books and paid us for the hardback Illustrated Screenplay of Terry Pratchett's The Colour Of Magic, as our present instead. Ah well a happy ending for the two of us at the least.

Oh, and the Chief got us our Christmas present since October! We'd lamented about how Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story was just released and had yet to arrive onto Bolehland's shores, and since the Chief was going to Sporeland for a quick trip we asked to check the price of the game at Sporeland as a gauge.

When we went to the airport to pick the Chief up we were presented with an exclaimation, "Merry Christmas!" and the game!

So anyways, this weekend we were more productive as we've already picked up the easier-to-think-of-Christmas presents, the present whom we're Secret Santa for, and even the Chief's Christmas present (Chief does belong to the not-so-easy category, as already we have not much suggestions left to tell the Chief's Secret Santa!)!

Now we can breathe slightly easier, and focus on getting presents for the family, and then the gift-wrapping...


Legolas said...

This year, all the family presents will be shared with le boyfriend, so I don't need to think. Haha!

William said...

The Chief is so sweet. Xmas comes early. :P

savante said...

Simple enough to get gifts. Start thinking whenever you see them, no matter the time of year :P

Janvier said...

Legolas: How lucky for you!

William: Very early indeed! :)

savante: We do, for some, because they are easy to shop for!