Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blessed Christmas 2009!

Wishing a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year to come!

And as it has been for the past few years, we are still wrapping presents at the moment. Perhaps one day we will finally be super efficient and have everyone's Christmas presents wrapped up by July, but until then, we wrap in the middle of the night.

And we find nothing beats Christmas shopping stress when it comes to dieting! Just over these last three days, due to the stress of speed-shopping and wrapping presents, our stomach has shrunk significantly. What with eating only a light sandwich for breakfast, 4 small sticks of chocolate for lunch (equivalent to the length of two Pocky sticks but made of pure dark chocolate), a small kaya puff and a small potato chicken puff for dinner, and by 3.30am on Wednesday morning we were still not hungry.

Out of habit we decided to go eat, thinking of getting Indomee Goreng Double Mata Kerbau (most other places save the 24-hour fast food joints) would be closing by 3.30am, and true enough when we arrived at SS2 the mamak closed up, but we managed to order fried kuey teow from the next store before they closed up too. Halfway through our char kuey teow we felt full.

Interesting. Stress has replaced food. Now our stomach doesn't show yay!


William said...

Did it ever show? Flat to cekung!

Medie007 said...

i'm bloated this christmas and my parents forced me to eat despite me showing myself wanting to puke in front of them. bloody bloated stomach. bleh.

merry bloated christmas.

SynchingZincInc said...

Merry Christmas!


Ted said...

Merry Christmas! I think a flabby stomach should be the least of your concerns!

Janvier said...

William: Cekung?

Medie007: Ginger! :)

SynchingZincInc: You too!

Ted: It might! Then it'll be a big concern! Hahaha :)