Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Simple Line

Maxis recently (or maybe not so recently but just that we noticed it recently) introduced 'value plans' - where the call charges differ depending on what value plan you choose. So now, they give you the choice of three packages, either the Value 50, Value 80 or Value 150. Simply, if you pick the Value 50, you pay RM50 monthly (before they add on other charges like value-added services and tax, mind you). The same goes for the other plans, just that their call rates get cheaper the more expensive your plan is.

Now, our mobile subscription started a long time back when the cheapest plan they had that had add-on services like call waiting (which we never use), call barring (also not used before), call forwarding (whatever that is), IDD (important as sis is overseas) and International Roaming (important when we go overseas, although it's mainly Sporeland) was the Package 75.

We never, ever spent more than RM35 per month. And we paid some RM85 because of itemised billing and for having our bills sent to our home address (yes we've learnt about e-billing since).

So we've been down to the Maxis Centre here in TTDI to compare between our Package 75 and the Value 50, and we've been told that there's no difference in call charges and such between those two plans. So hey, much better for us then, isn't it? If Value 50 was more expensive or didn't have certain value-added services included with the plan in the first place we wouldn't have given it a thought. And so we opted for the swap.

But that's not the only thing we did.

We've actually brought our Nok7710 back to life a couple of weeks back (which some people thought was either a Blackberry/Blueberry/Big Calculator heh), rather than leave it to collect dust. And with the cheaper plan we decided to subscribe for the Multi-SIM 1 Line service. How's that? Means both our L'amour and Nok7710 both are using the same line. No need to bother with changing SIM cards when we feel like changing phones anymore (which is good since everytime we take out the battery from the Nok7710 the phone resets totally and we've to key in the time and date etc).

All we have to do is just set which phone gets all the incoming calls and text at any time. All of 'em can be used to make outgoing calls and the like. So probably we'll be using the Nok7710 while at work, and when we're driving or not carrying a lot we'll set the L'amour as the primary instead.

Yes, this comes at a price. RM15 for each extra SIM. So heh our bill should come back up to RM70 per month. :P

Hmmm we could do like what we do with our specs: put a phone in the car or somewhere, so in the event we forget our mobile we have the spare to depend on.

Naaaah we're not that stupid. Like real we'd actually make our car so tempting for a break-in.


Ganymede said...

Two sims for one number? A little redundant no?

And since you never exceed your bill of RM75, how about calling me more often. :P

hrugaar said...

Though if you sms me often your phone bill may bounce higher. :o\

adrien said...

i soooo need a postpaid line. and here u are, with two of em.

Lifebook said...

Oh! then we should start chatting at the phone will help you increase your bill.. :P

Jason said...

Will bug you more often then. You don't sleep that early mah, right? :P

Sam said...

Not too fond of PDA phones. Annoying. :P

David The Man said...

3 mobiles for 3 networks, i.e. Digi, Maxis, Celcom... hehehe

Oh by the way, how did you get to know Chester, William and Wingedman? Your FF gym buddy? We wish to get to know you people in person and have more friends...

Ganymede said...

Oooo David wish to get to know more friends. I smell fresh meat.

*evil grin :P

Aik Yong said...

ooo very clever, SIMple LINE.

MrBunnyBan said...

I kinda skimmed through once it got technical. :P

Ryan said...

So many promotion and special package nowadays! Lazy to follow up and compare. As long as I got to call and receive call, sms, listen to mp3 player and watch a movie using my phone, what more can I ask for?

Cyclohelix said...

OMG, i was there too, around 11am to 1pm, crowded...

Janvier said...

QR: It's making use of our phones it is. :P

Hrugaar: It already has! :D

Adrien: No, we only have one line, on two phones. Yes, you should be on postpaid.

Lifebook: Hahaha we have to do the calling then, which many find we don't. :P

Jason: Doesn't mean you don't what. :P

Sam: Which is why one sim is on a normal phone while the other's on the pseudopda. But is you not using one?

David The Man: We didn't know wingedman was wingedman until recently, and he was in the same Jam class with us for ages. :P Network connections really, it's quite a small world, like how your sis is our senior.

QR: You haven't emailed him yet kah?

Aik Yong: Original title was '1 SIMple Line'.

Ban: Don't skim, just read straightaway.

Ryan: Thankfully postpaid promotions aren't as complex as prepaid wars. But we noticed this two because we were interested.

Cyclohelix: We went there at 2pm, after the lunch crowd. :D

thompsonboy said...

Subscribe to Digi - always the lowest rate and smarter choice.

Then again the coverage :x

Janvier said...

Thompsonboy: We've been on the same line for years now...the idea of change to such a degree boggles our mind. :S