Monday, October 08, 2007

Those SchoolMeme Days

...Of telling tales and biting nails are gone. Then again we never did either. But we've been given a meme to revisit Form 5 again as it is.

Favourite Subjects:
English because we didn't have to stress ourselves. Well, probably only over trying to work out the actual grammar of English we would have a bit of a problem because we never bothered much with figuring what's a continuous past tense, a verb, a noun and the likes. What we do remember is that we had four exercise books for English - Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Composition. Is this still the practise?

Oh, and Maths/Add Maths. It was more fun whiling our homework time doing Maths than it was doing other kinds of homework. Plus, since we'd already understood the concept of the buku sifir for exams, we used a scientific calculator for normal homework. Only problem would be that there might be some 50-100 Maths questions to do for homework each time, gah.

Favourite Teacher:
Erm, we don't remember much about our our Add Maths teacher Mr Vijay (is that right now, 'Nic?). Asides from the disciplinary teacher he was the only other teacher to go about with a cane into class - and after any tests/exams, he'll give a single stroke to anyone who scored below 80, and two strokes for those who scored below 40. And he's cynical enough to know that a good number of us in class are already attending Add Maths tuition.

Worst Subjects:
History and Geography. Damn all the factual, rote memorization subjects. Everytime we opened our History textbook we would be in sleepyland some 10 minutes later. We've a terrible memory, period.

Sat Beside A Boy Or Girl?
Guy. Our head prefect.

Hold Any Positions In School?
Lesse. Can only remember being the secretary of the English Society. But more notorious for being the Chief Editor for the school mag of our year, and it tad to resemble a bit more of a class mag (with bits from other classes) than a school mag, if you take out all the other bits like class photos, clubs and their activities, and school events. Oh, how power goes to the head. :P

Co-ed Or All-Boys?
All. Boys.

Represent The School In Any Competition?
Nah. Kept pretty much a low profile.

Getting To School:
From the bus in the primary school years then to dad dropping us off in the morning and mum picking us up in the afternoon.

Still Keep In Touch With Schoolmates After All These Years?
Only for the trips and boardgaming sessions and the Chinese New Year meetups as it is.

Did Form 6?
Nope - went for A-Levels instead. Finally, to have things in English then!

Now, because the opportunity is just there, tag time:
Aik Yong - let's hear how yours differ from ours.
3-Seconder - because you're a meme magnet? :P
AlvinO - when you got time.
NJAPF - come on, update already. :P
FeR - yet another meme for you to KIV.


FeR said...

wei...I thought I don't tag people anymore then I won't need to do meme's anymore?! :P

adrien said...

MY SENIOR! *salutes*

thank god there wasn't a mr. vijay during my time. i would resolve to ass kissing to avoid those canes! eekz

Cyclohelix said...

all boys must have rocked

savante said...

Good God. You are adrien's senior?!

hrugaar said...

Our years 6 and 7 were A-level years. What did your from 6 do if not A-levels?

Oh, and did you get caned very often?

Jason said...

All. Boys. *grin*
Head prefect handsome kah?

David the Man said...

luckily not tagged... don't want to do memes anymore... got one meme virus enuff liao... hehehe...

Queer Ranter said...

Oooo another all boys schooler!

*smack ass


Janvier said...

FeR: It's an epidemic really.

Adrien: Our junior! No way anyone could kiss ass with Mr. Vijay.

Cyclohelix: Easier to hang out with, definitely.

Savante: The times are different already, doc. His world is slightly strange compared to ours too.

Hrugaar: It's A-Levels in Malay.

Jason: *Shrugs* Judge for yourself if ever you get the chance.

David The Man: Cut-paste spam. Gah.

QR: *Rotan balik* Ours we consider gangster school, not boys missionary tho'.