Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Oh gods. It's the end of October! Goodness we haven't done our claims for four months already. :S No wonder we're so poor. Anyways, Halloween this year proved to be a bit quieter compared to last year's. Well at least last year we had free tickets to go watch The Covenent, which was rather bleh as a movie but on a very shallow level at least it passed the time.

This year? We started our trick-or-treating by beginning at Mage Cafe with wolfx and 'Nic. Wolfx and us decided that our costumes would be 'workaholic ratracers hearting job too much and will get promoted before you', although most people probably wouldn't be scared of us. Dinner at Mages, and once 'Nic showed up we cleared the table for Gheos and Wyatt Earp. Good games that ween't too brainburning. The games finished around 10.30pm, and just while we were preparing to leave we received a challenge from Ryan: "Well, I won't say I'm good at Tetris, but I should still be able to sapu you."

Okay...wanna kena trashing at Tetris DS? We shall trash them all! And so we did. Only we tend to suffer a bit playing on handicap 3 if we lose our attention. But we can't really claim full victory too, because wolfx's DS didn't turn on Hard Drop (instant drop) and Shadow (to see where it lands) so it wasn't a fair fight initially.

Anyways. Our second trick-or-treat venue is at a hospital somewhere along Jalan Ampang. At midnight. And instead of receiving any treats we were delivering them. Heh, everytime l'agneau orange tells us about her leaving from work late or working on weekends or such, we tell her everytime, "That's because you heart job."

And yet here we are, delivering stocks because DKSH's busy with their closing and by right the hospital purchasers should have been aware about it and should have ordered necessary stocks at the very latest, yesterday. We didn't mind obliging them by getting the stocks and delivering them - only we weren't interested in heading there at 5pm, the time we were able to pick up the stuff from DKSH. As the hospital was open 24 hours, and we've been told where to deliver after hours, we decided to head when it was most convenient, in this case after our dinner/gaming session.

So yes, we shall be trick-or-treating at midnight there. Not like there were anyone there waiting to give us treats too. :(


Sam said...

Watch out for those dead nurses and Pyramid Heads. Hospitals can be mighty creepy at night. :D

Okay, for that comment - I blame Silent Hill and the Halloween late night. :D

hrugaar said...

Le soldat delivering meds as treats la? :D Mage cafe sounds so cool (and not too halloween for my tastes). I had treats here for you, but you never showed ... ;)

David the Man said...

Halloween! Oh... How I loved it! It's gonna be a treat or trick day! Or "treat or threat", should we say? (Well, I remember this one child who was knocking the door of a house of an old man. The old man opened the door and told the kid off, telling the little chap that he had got nothing to offer. He closed the door after that. Just then, an adult of about 30 years in age approached the house, and knocked the door, but this time, the old man shouted from behind closed doors that he had got nothing to offer. The young man yelled at him, telling him that he would threaten to burn down the house if he refused to offer anything, even sweets. You know what? Instead of burning down the house he created havoc at the old man's house and dumped heaps of garbage at his doorstep. Having done that, the young man shouted "It's treat or threat, old man!").

Jason said...

Happy Halloween! Where's your superhero suit?

Queer Ranter said...

I can't give you many treats. Just no in the form of candies. :P

Queer Ranter said...



Just got up... :P