Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mobile Supplements

So the other day Maxis calls and offers us something for being a loyal customer: we were offered a supplementary line, with free texts and calls between the principal and supplementary line at no extra charge, so long as our monthly bill is above RM100 - which is no problem since we have a data plan in addition to our monthly plan. So we agreed to them sending us the supplementary line sim card.

Of course, the reason for the supplementary line should be obvious.

The Chief now holds the supp line, along with our L'amour. We're not sure if we ever sent a thousand texts (each) to each other in a month, but we're not so bothered keeping an eye on the character count now for texts!

Unlike our Belkin, we're not so sure if this ends with some happy ending or not. So far, we're texting and calling as normal (although using the supp line now unless we're out), but we're gonna have to keep an eye on our next couple of phone bills first before we write this off as a pleasant treat for being a loyal customer.

There goes the notion of switching over to Digi. Why doesn't Digi have single-year contracts anyway?


Gratitude said...

I've been waiting for Digi to give me a better offer too. It has been a long wait

William said...

1000 SMS in a month is quite impossible.

Legolas said...

Got my mom a sub-line through that also.

Janvier said...

Gratitude: Perhaps you need to call up their customer service and complain about things that happen. We've been saying hello to them now and then when we don't like our bill.

William: We can try!

Legolas: How about for le beau?