Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sporeland Blues

It's probably the case of the holiday blues, as with most trips back from Sporeland, but this trip we're feeling something more than just the blues from a holiday ending. Not to mention, the Chief was with us pointing out advantages about Sporeland just like how our sister tried to get us to migrate over before, but the Chief has an easier job due to knowing our likes and all that.

While we won't day that the Chief's spiel succeeded, it certainly is making us wonder and thinking unpatriotic thoughts today. Especially when on the issue of currency, and dollar-to-dollar comparisons, and how with us being an Apple fanboi we'll be able to satiate our Apple product needs much easier (an argument our sis never did use as we haven't started looking so much into iMacs then, and was already satisfied with our iPod Video, and there were no such things as the iPhone or iPad.

Speaking of the iPad, our brother-in-law got his during our stay there last weekend. How did it feel? It definitely reminds us about the first time we surfed online using webchitect's iPhone or the first time using our iPod Touch: surfing the web was wow. Typing's a breeze so long as we put it on a surface in landscape mode, and everything's fleshed out even more that it doesn't look like we're looking on a magnified version of the iPhone. Too bad surfing the App Store only leads to iPad-only versions. But we'll still wait and see what's new coming for the next generation iPad.

Anyways we're in the case of grass being greener (and honestly cannot find any reason why not prepare for changes asides from our friends being here), and we're wondering if it's all for not really correct reasons too.


Legolas said...

You should go. But of course you have to know what you want. That's the most important thing.

RPMnut said...

Such thoughts on Merdeka? Tsk Tsk....:P

wingedman said...

There's a link on the app store that will take you to either iPod/iPhone or iPad apps. In any case, any search you make within the app store will reveal all apps, iPad or no.

savante said...

If the salary is right, why not?

William said...

You can always make new friends. :P

Ban said...

you're not the only one considering living there, lol! You can make new friends, and still keep the old ones i'm sure. :)

Jaded Jeremy said...

It is a very difficult choice to make. Think carefully. Things can be much better...or worse. Life's like that.

Janvier said...

Legolas: What we want is now in question!

RPMNut: Shush. Big Brother might hear :P

Wingedman: This is using the App Store on the iPad?

Savante: Because we don't want to work there just for the salary! Oh and we fear change.

William: Don't think that would be a problem there :)

Ban: But certainly considering for rather different reasons, Ban!

Jaded Jeremy: Well it's not gonna be a straightforward pack up and go, but we won't say that moving there to work would be a permanent thing. :)

simonlover said...

AGree wit ur words to Savante: The salary is very tempting indeed. It's just that are we willing to let go the Malaysian environment e.g food, cars, places of interests, Malls, people...Sigh! If just our RInggit is strong!!!!!!!!