Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes, It Pays pay a little more.

When our modem got fried we were left with no wireless solution, we were grateful that we'd gotten ourself the Belkin with the lifetime warranty. Honestly, we'd only used it for about four months only and it got zapped! Imagine if we'd opted for a slightly cheaper one and it didn't get zapped till after the warranty expired!

It took us some three weeks before we got word that they've replaced our modem (then again, factor in the Raya hols and the brand-new Malaysia Day too), and were we in for a pleasant surprise:

We'd expected them to replace our fried modem with an exact same model, but hey! They've given us one of the newer models! To think we were slightly sore over that fact since they released the newer models about a month after we bought the modem!

Once again, Belkin's packaging showed who their target market was. Honestly's quite a pleasure to unbox as they made everything easy to understand.

And even provide a card where you can jot down the network name and password and slot it underneath the Belkin, just in case you forget!

But the joy of being connected wirelessly again! Everything is good once more!


Legolas said...

The modem is that good? Maybe I should buy that too. Where to get it?

Ted said...

The modem does look good!

Janvier said...

Legolas: What do you mean by 'good' ya? We don't do heavy downloading so can't comment on the transfer speed etc :P

Ted: It's pretty isn't it? :)

Jaded Jeremy said...

Is it easy to set up? Thinking of setting up wireless network at home.