Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dhoby Ghaut

Now this happened when we were in Sporeland. We've noticed at some point that at certain MRT stations, the name of the station would be written in either just English, English and Chinese, or even in Tamil (or Hindi, we're not too sure).

Given the multilingual aspect of Sporeland and Bolehland (although we hear mainly English and Mandarin in Sporeland), this bit of what would otherwise be background noise during our commute caught our interest:

"Dhoby Ghaut."
Oh, so they announce it in Chinese too.
"Please mind the platform gap."
Reminds us of the Tube's deep voice, "Miiind, the gap!"
Right. So they alternate between Chinese and English!
"The happy-happy warm platform."
What the hey?
"(Some mutterings we could not make out.)"
Was that the Chinese equivalent?

Now initially when we started paying attention to the announcement we somehow fancied that instead of just the one lady saying it in different languages, there were two announcers, one English and one Chinese. And with that in mind, we had this image that the English announcer would speak first, then the Chinese one would translate, then back to the English announcer, etc. And then the English one would suddenly throw a curveball by uttering a totally random sentence to be translated, and the results couldn't be made out.

We mentioned it to the Chief, and while initially critical about our assessment (of course), the Chief couldn't make out what was exactly being said too what with being slightly affected by our 'happy-happy' idea. This bugged the both of us a while until one point, the Chief got it:

"Berhati-hati di ruang platform."

And the last one was in Tamil (or Hindi).


Legolas said...

Amateur non-LRT taking folks. *roll eyes. Hahahahaha.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ditto Legolas. Hahaha.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Btw, I'm certain the last one is in Tamil (not Hindi).

fable frog said...

oh~ haha~ "the happy-happy warm platform" !!! wahaha

William said...

Dhoby Ghaut smells moldy!

Alex said...

LOL! farnie!

Will said...

I lived in Sporeland for 4 months before finally realizing they were NOT saying "we're happy happy to welcome you." You're right, it's Tamil :-)