Sunday, September 05, 2010

Backlog Overwhelming

Ok. Need to breathe.

Since we've relocated we've yet to get internet connectivity up and running, and as of a couple of days back we've already received a text from our telco telling us we've just reached 400mb out of our 500mb data plan (propaganda hard at work here: Sporeland gives 12gb data every month!).

We were away to Sporeland to see our niece and to merrily play about at their two new casinos as well as Universal Studios, and upon our return home we found out that we'd left our Belkin on throughout the long weekend. Throw in the fact that we were informed on our way back that our home's electric gate wasn't working due to some thunderstorm, we feared the worst. And when our iPhone didn't seem to be loading any content on Safari on wifi, we decided to try surfing from the desktop.

The desktop wouldn't start. Suspicion? Power supply and Belkin is now zapped in said thunderstorm that took out the gates.


Checking Bloglines (which we somehow prefer over Google Reader, since we started using Bloglines first) now and then and we see the number of new posts rising. Not keen on using NewsRack to download the blogposts/articles since who knows if some posts may turn out chock-full of photos, so it's reading certain posts and articles on Bloglines based on interest. Thankfully there's an Engadget app which gives us the headlines, and we suppose quite a fair bit of our data plan was sapped following the liveblog where Steve announced what was new for the iPods (along with the magic to make us go, "Ooo we want!"), especially since the liveblog has this auto-refresh option which refreshes the page every couple of minutes or so.

Thankfully there weren't many emails pouring in, but with sites like Engadget and Lifehacker having articles every day (and with limited internet connectivity we're not going to go through everything in our blogroll every day) we decided to be more productive offline instead, throwing away really old stuff, refiling other stuff and trying out a new layout for our workstation.

Just gotten a new power supply from Low Yat today, and now that our pc's up and running once more using the modem TMNet provided us when we signed up for Streamyx, we're slowly clearing out that backlog. Admittedly there'll be a fair bit that we'll just skim over so that we'll stay sane.


William said...

That's a big ZAP. Luckily it did not go further than the power supply. Why is your house attracting lightning? Stole something?

Ted said...

12Gb? Wow!

Ban said...

wah... that is a big zap! Those were the only casualties?

Janvier said...

William: Lightning was being indiscriminate but prolly targetted us for leaving our wifi on!

Ted: Yes! Take a look at their telco plans!

Ban: Thankfully so :)

N.J.A.P.F. said...

Relocated, where?? :D got your own place?