Monday, September 13, 2010

Wifi Withdrawal

And minor Internet dependancy.

With the wifi down and the modem a minor hassle when it comes to connecting to the Internet (unplug splitter from main phone line, fix phone line directly to modem, turn on PC, click on 'Connect To...' to connect to the Internet), we've been keeping to the occasional Facebook and email check via our iPhone.

And there were times when we switched on the PC, fired up iTunes, tried to get onto the iTunes Store or check for app updates only to be told we couldn't connect to the server, only to discover after a while that we forgot to connect to the internet. Using a wireless modem router has really spoiled us, but it's the way to go, is it not? What more when we have iDevices (admittedly we are looking at the iPad too regardless of the limitations we've mentioned but we're giving ourself the excuse that it's more for the parents to easily check emails at home) that does well with wifi (think iPad without 3G or wifi access, what for?).

We had considered getting a second wireless modem router while waiting for our Belkin, which has already been sent back to the store thanks to a lifetime warranty and will take about 2-3 weeks before we get a replacement. Our Chief read our mind on that idea and veto'ed us before the idea managed to lodge itself to some serious extent in our head, heh.

As for using Maxis' data plan for getting online? Honestly, sometimes it's a pain when all we see is the loading sign and no progress. But it suffices for getting all our emails in, a bit of Facebooking and checking the blogs, Googling stuff up and checking Maps when it works. Otherwise we seem to do well without being connected. We suppose the Chief may beg to differ as we always seem to peek onto our iPhone whenever we're together.

And yes, we're blaming our lack of wifi for our tardiness in sorting out the photos taken at Universal Studios Singapore or doing anything on the PC!


Legolas said...

Buy a cheap wireless modem! I don't think I can survive that long.

savante said...

Apa makna semua cakap komputer ni!

William said...

There are pics out there that show you constantly peeking at the iPhone. Later Chief mengamuk baru tahu. :P

Janvier said...

Legolas: Wireless modems aren't cheap! We'd get another one with lifetime warranty too if we did!

Savante: Masalah komputer perlulah cakap komputer!

William: Really? Where?!