Monday, February 22, 2010

Clan Chief CNY Celebrations

Regardless of how often we meet the members of Clan Chief, we still feel awkward when it comes to interacting with them. Because (as usual) we cannot communicate with the rest of the family except for a measly smattering of Cantonese which we have no confidence in, we find ourself discreetly quiet around the family members or hiding in the Chief's room watching telly or DVDs.

Then the Chief tells us that we're to attend the family dinner last night. A CNY dinner celebration with all the extended family. Oh, and to wear as red as possible.

We'll say it again. STRESS.

In retrospect though we think that there might be a slight plus point in having this communication barrier. Everyone was polite and we let the Clan Chief banter with each other while we focus on whatever dish is put before us by the waitress. And that helped to relieve some of the stress (most of the stress was relieved by occasionally chatting with the Chief).

We can only suppose that if we could converse with the rest of Clan Chief there might be more awkward moments and questions...probably. Or maybe just more requests to pass over the condiments.


William said...

I can imagine the awkwardness. But you'll do fine!

Ted said...

That's right. CNY and awkward probing questions by relatives are inseparable. The barrier may just be a blessing in disguise :D

Gratitude said...

You must hv performed lotsa awkward smiles and nodding plus the occasional grin huh?!

Legolas said...

Awkward moment:

Clan: When are you getting married, puppet!
Janvier: That one you have to ask the Chief!
Chief: Why have to ask me pulak!
Janvier: Because you are the chief mah!

Alex said...

Time to pick up Canto 101!