Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiring Video

So esteban sends an email to the lot of us, titled 'Inspiring Video', saying:

Hi All....
Just stumbled on this video... very meaningful and kudos to the director...
Must watch soonest....

Plus a link to the video. We know esteban to be someone who would actually watch inspirational Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul kind of videos, so for us there wasn't really any urgency to follow the link to the video immediately (that, plus the fact that the video couldn't play on our iPhone).

Then, the other Taman Tun-ites start replying to the email, and the general gist was that it wasn't so much a motivational inspiring video but a comedic one. Still, since we couldn't watch it on-the-go we pretty much forgot about it, until lad asked us about it today.

lad: hey
lad: did you check out esteban's movie yet?

Janvier: not yet!
Janvier: cos it doesn't play on the iphone

lad: oh
lad: i think you'd appreciate it the most
lad: takes time to load

And so, we followed the link to the video. And waited. And waited. It really was a rather long wait. And in the end, the video played... Midway watching it at the height of suspense, we were slightly puzzled and freaked out. Then we started laughing, realizing why lad said we would appreciate it the most!

And we forwarded it to the BFF, thinking that the video would be personalized to the person watching it! Sent out this email:

If you're feeling lost, or down, or just feeling uninspired, this is the best time to watch this.

For the divas, you know this video was meant to be for you.

In any case you guys should watch this ASAP!

That, and the link to the video. Only...after a while chatting on with lad we came to the realization that the link we sent to the BFF might be misinterpreted as being rather muka tebal, and so we quickly emailed them again saying it was a wrong link and that we would send them the correct one soon.

Then everyone got a personalized one, much to different reactions!

Oh well, if you've watched the video already, go have fun!


William said...

The countdown screen does look like some kinda horror prank...

Henry Yeo said...


Legolas said...

Am I a Hero? Of course, I have my Superman shirt on.

Antinous said...

hehehe, thanks .....

Janvier said...

William: It never did struck us that way!

Henry: We found it slightly freaky at first too!

Legolas: Of course you are! A Hero in the Game Of Life some more.

Antinous: No biggie!