Tuesday, March 02, 2010

CNY Recap, 2010

The annual CNY recap. With a few changes this year.

1. Firstly, the family reunion dinner where our sis and bro-in-law didn't come back this year, which allowed us all to fit in the kitchen rather than having to split into two different table (one in the kitchen and one outside at the dining table). This also meant that we didn't need to take any days off to hang out with our sis.

Sincee we didn't take any extra leave for Chinese New Year, we started work again on Wednesday, which was really all the better because if we took the entire week off, we would have gotten a severe attack of Monday Blues once we start work again. So starting work on Wednesday actually helped us ease our way back to a regular work schedule, because as expected the entire week was rather quiet.

Oh, the joys of absolutely zero congestion at 7pm!

2. Which brings us to something about Chinese New Year. Normally we don't pay attention to the Chinese counting of days post-CNY. Add that to the fact that we associate Monday with the first day of the week (ie Tuesday = day 2, etc) and we're capable of slight confusion if we're not paying attention. And yes, we did get slightly confused on the dating system.

Because we'd gotten a text from webchitect that said that he'd be hosting the usual Klangite Chinese New Year gathering on Tuesday, day 3 of CNY.

Message pretty clear, no?

Only we'd gone and kept in mind just the 'Tuesday' bit, and confused that thinking it was Day 2 of CNY. So on Monday night we almost headed down to Klang after dinner. Thankfully we decided to check the text again, else we would have wasted a trip down...

Anyways we made a trip down on Tuesday night for the Klangite CNY gathering, and lost a fair bit when we started gambling by playing In Between. It's the first time we've ever played In Between where the pot came up to around RM400ish (then again in our younger years gambling, we'd all bet less - those were the times when angpows still jingled with the sound of RM1 coins...). The pot got that high quite fast partly due to a couple of house rules: everyone had to put RM1 into the pot each round (to increase the amount available as well as to make players more committed to betting); and if a player did bet, and the revealed card was one of the two cards he has, he had to pay double.

With those two house rules, CYNg lost a hefty sum initially because each time he gets an ace and a queen (very good odds for revealing a card between these two cards), he bets a big sum...and hits either a queen or an ace. This happened a few times. Thankfully, CYNg manage to recover back most of his losses.

3. Asides from the Klangite gathering, we'd visited Clan Chief, once at their home for games and the likes, and once more for dinner.

4. Last Thursday was a dinner gathering at lad's place! A quick fun meetup where everyone caught up with each other while enjoying lad's mum's cooking (generous pork servings in the form of ham and bacon!).

5. Mahjong meetup at Leggie's place on Friday! With an interesting twist that there was no money involved! Played all afternoon till dinnertime, where we made our way to the Daily Grind for dinner!


Legolas said...

When are we going to do moneyless mahjong again?

William said...

Lotsa gambling!

WV: calar

Henry Yeo said...

that sounds like an oxymoron, moneyless mahjong, must be madjong.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Mahjong with no money involved? I want in!

Booker said...

Moneyless mahjong... guess the kicks of getting a 13U, in the company of good friends is good enough. Nice!