Friday, March 05, 2010

Yearbook Senility

Just recently we decided to look up our school yearbook due to a curious mention by Naughty Nyukster. We're not too sure when was the last time we actually picked up our yearbook for a flip, there really isn't any reason for us to do so unless we're feeling nostalgic, but we guess it would have been over three years.

Anyways, we started flipping through the yearbook, and skimmed through the photos and names.

Imagine our shock when we realize we couldn't place names to faces or vice versa! Of course, we don't expect to remember everyone's name, and since we've not kept in touch with everyone after high school of course faces would get rusty (we're reminded of the time some three years back when we were in a lift and caught ourself staring at this fellow, he looked back and smiled in acknowledgement which left us puzzled until much later after exiting the lift when we realized he was a schoolmate, oh the shame for acting aloof).

But we do recall that we could place more names to faces the last time we looked at our yearbook! Now just looking at the various clubs and societies, there are members whose names appear in the committee but their photos aren't in the group photo, and we can't even visualize a mental image of who he was! Even a couple of times, with both name and face, it tooked a bit of looking about to see which was most likely the face belonging to the name.

Certainly feeling our age!


William said...

I'm naturally bad with faces and names. So I don't attribute it to age, :P

You still have 2 guesses!

savante said...

Yay! I'm not the only senile one!

Naughty Nyukster? Good God.

Ted said...

Can you imagine what it will be like at 60? :p

Jaded Jeremy said...

Comes with age :)

deeperanddeeper said...

maybe you weren't kay poh enough :P

Reszurrecdito M. d'Saintner said...

Don't bother remember names. I bet you will forget them soon after.

Janvier said...

William: We give up!

Savante: Age is catching up!

Ted: By 60 we will be laughing at the photos, not believing we all once look like that. Maybe.

Jaded Jeremy: Yes! Isn't it sad?

Deeperanddeeper: We could once name most people in the photos! In fact we double-checked even the spelling to the names of most of the people in Form 5 before the yearbook saw print!

Reszurrectido M d'Saintner: We try, because you'll never know when you might bump into someone again!