Monday, March 29, 2010

It Starts In College...

...and this is the second story we know of where a relationship started off since college, and after nearly ten years, ends in marriage. The first being 'Nic and LiL. This time it's beween Puddy and her beau Eddy - knew each other since school days, started going steady in college when he offered her a ride, and now, ten years later, have tied the knot.

Ok, so for 'Nic it probably wasn't ten years. But close enough.

It's a rather small world when at the dinner reception we were grabbed by the elbow to face to of our college classmates, and somehow we stopped ourself from blurting, "Eh why are you here?" We chatted a bit and found out that they were friends of the groom (as we were the bride's) either since Taylor's or while at Imperial. So at this dinner we had friends from college, our pharmacy coursemates and the Taman Tun-ites as well.

We wonder what kind of wedding dinner it would be if we had the bloggers, the Taman Tun-iutes, the Klangites, college friends, and pharmacy coursemates in attendance. Quite likely our own wedding, if it ever happens!

One thing of note at Puddy's wedding - there weren't any reminders that this was a Chinese wedding dinner in any way by way of decor. Some handcrafted trees with wellwishes written on the paper leaves, everything in a thematic robin's egg blue, and an absence of the chinese word 'Hei' or the colour red anywhere. Otherwise, we still had a bilingual MC and the shouts of yamseng to remind us where we were.

Another thing of note. We're still not used to Puddy's and Eddy's first names.

Jon Low handled the photography and after having his name appearing at the opening and closing of the wedding shoot, we were sure to remember him (and the photos were rather good). If ever we want wedding photos done this would be another photographer to think of.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay long after the dinner was over to chat with the couple, as the Chief had work to do and it was already past 11pm, so we made our quick apologies, congratulations, took a quick couple of photos, and left.

There's still many years to go, but seeing how they've already managed these ten years, we're sure the future's no obstacle for them! Congratulations Puddy & Eddy!


carpe diem said...

When will yours be? :)

William said...

Gotta love those arty-farty wedding photos!
Did the dinner start 90 minutes late?