Monday, November 30, 2009

Wishing Every Show Was The Last Show

OK, it's more of wishing every blip was the last blip.

Lad just invited us into Google Wave, and until now while we've heard a bit about it from Engadget and Lifehacker, we have no idea what Google Wave is supposed to be about. So far from what we've read before (and even as we fiddle with it now) we think it's more of a sort of forum planning site where those involved can discuss any plans, like for birthdays or trips.

Regardless of whoever started a Wave, anyone could edit any post that has been posted up, and anyone can reply anywhere, so instead of looking for updates at the end of a thread like we used to do when event planning was done using GMail threads, we would probably need to look everywhere!

Thank goodness one of the first things we did upon receiving our invitation was to read the welcome Wave, and it's mentioned that we can check new 'blips' or updates by pressing the space bar.

Right now there's only a few blokes like lad and ethancya and us on Wave (in terms of our social circle that is). A few invites have already been sent out (seeing how Google only gave us eight invites!) and the word is to slowly 'chain-invite' others.

Then we'll see if Wave would make a good place for events planning or whether things will get bitchy. And with more folks on a Wave thread we guess it'll definitely be heavy with updates here and there...


Aik Yong said...

yeah was wondering about this as well. maybe if you can give some feedback on its use.

William said...

The BFF will break it.

Legolas said...

I got invite yesterday, was it from you? I still have no idea what it's really for.

savante said...

Isn't it kinda Facebookish?