Sunday, January 17, 2010

Twenty-Nine And A Bashful Dine

With the Chief being extra busy with an ever-increasing workload, we were asked what we would like to do for our birthday party this year instead (well, just how many times can one expect to pull off a surprise birthday party?). And we suggested to have the party at Mage Cafe for once and invite everyone and the Chief was receptive to the idea, so we both headed down there to discuss the menu with Tracy.

After that, the Chief took over organizing everything and we were very much in the dark as to the attendance list and how receptive the attendees may be towards the boardgaming lean of the place. It got to the point that we thought that the Chief might be pulling some surprise twist where instead of a party it would be, in the Chief's words, " it's going to be just the two of us, with a candlelit table in one corner and Ryan and Tracy waiting to serve us, is it?"

The thing is, with the Chief, that might be possible. Quite possible.

But in any case when we left our house we packed along a few boardgames, just in case, to help keep groups occupied.

On hindsight we probably didn't need to bring our own games, and we should probably think of investing in our own set of Heckmeck seeing how easy it was for everyone to get into the spirit of trying to get worms.

And we felt quite paiseh when we thought of the crowd of much so that we were telling the Chief to just send us home and let everyone enjoy the party. Perhaps it was something like public speaking, the onrising panicky feeling knowing everyone is out there. How did we handle two years in the choir? A very significant difference: friends that we care about and who matters, and complete strangers.

Oh and that we don't wear our glasses during a performance so we cannot make out faces in the crowd.

But in a closed setting surrounded by good friends we were a bit overwhelmed...till we couldn't even stutter a thank-you speech and hid under the table when the birthday song was sung. Shy soul we are.

Still, everyone were great sports and put up with us, and we ought to have not thought of getting games set up so much that we spent our time running here and there to troubleshoot games rules but rather just enjoy the company and conversation a bit more. Hopefully everyone had fun. Thanks for giving face to us and sportingly getting into the games ya.

Our dearest Chief who managed to fit in time to organize the birthday party for us!
otousan, Alex, 'Nic, Froggie, 'Vin, lad, Nivlac, NJAPF, SK, Little Prince, Bunny and bro, Apollo, Lifebook, Takashi, Gabs, Germ, Just Jean, Ir1, Junior, Jin, Leggie, Long Leaping, ArdoLeo, LiL, Lemon, Sinner, lingo, Puddy, BravingKL, Rhyen, Ryan, esteban for making our 29th celebration simply awesome!
And Ryan and Tracy for hosting and coming up with the excellent menu!

Here's to many more birthday celebrations to come this year!


William said...

More games to come!

FeR said...

blessed birthday!!!

me always want to have big party with lots of friends but at the end of the day, i think i'd rather sit at home, in jammies and in bed. :D

3-Seconder said...

happie happie burfday!!!!
ok, i sound bimbotic.

Anyway, hope u had a splendid time with the special person :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday! One more to the 30s club :)