Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Carpark Calamities

So, we've decided. This year we're going to take a break from the choir, even tho' this year the Young KL Singers will also be taking things easy and will not be working on producing a show. While it may sound ok to actually continue on with the choir this year because of that, we still think it's time we gave it a break and give priority to other things that have given way the last couple of years, like making sure we don't have any rehearsals causing us to rush off or miss our friend's birthday parties or being able to go for Monday's Combat consistently again.

We might be itchy and end up joining the YKLS for gigs. Who knows. We love the experience with the choir after all.

Speaking of Combat, gym this year started with us heading to Curve for Combat! After sporadic attendance for two years, we shall be able to get back to a regular schedule! About halfway into today's class, what with FCI doing four tracks in a row and us shouting ourself hoarse by track 3 our throat was killing us when we headed to the water fountain to get a drink before plunging back into class. Rather tired after Combat, (and still as sweaty, no change there).

And as we were leaving the car park at E @ The Curve (still better remembered as Cineleisure to us) we got trapped.

Everything was proceeding smoothly with us paying at the Autopay, heading to the car, driving up to the barrier, and as we slotted in our token and prepared to drive out, the barrier didn't budge. So we pressed the intercom button and waited for assistance. The speaker blares out a ringing tone as if we just called for help using a phone.

And then it switched to the engage tone you get when no one picks up.

After almost 10 minutes of repeated stabbing and no one answering, we were losing our temper and decided to head to the office instead. Let some other poor bugger try the machine and see if he gets stuck. All the better if he does too, that way we can have a line of irate people wanting the car park management to resolve matters.

Only...the office was empty too. Hence the unanswered intercom calls.

Our temper wasn't getting any better and it didn't help when we tried the landline number written on the poster suspecting that the phone in the office would start ringing (it didn't, instead we got through to the fax instead) and that, sitting right there just behind the counter on the table for all to see, was a walkie-talkie. We were thinking whoever who's supposed to be manning the office couldn't be responsible enough to even take the walkie-talkie along.

After about 5 minutes we headed upstairs to the information counter, but seeing how it's already after 10pm no one was there. Headed back downstairs to further seethe.

After waiting in front of empty office for another 10 minutes, we see a guard on a bike, waiting outside the door to the carpark looking in at us. Who knows when he appeared there and why he has not dump bike aside and ask us why we were waiting there.

Anyways patrolman got onto walkie-talkie and managed to get office attendant who was upstairs "getting reports". Attendant makes his way downstairs and was very meek, and soon we were on our way home.

Am considering writing nasty letter although think would not get any concessions like free parking for entire year.


renaye said...

it would be absolutely great if u get free parking concession for a year. i only manage to get free food or discounted food after complaining. haven't tried on parking. =)

William said...

Kalau emergency tu dah mati lo... Ish.

Cameo appearances for YKLS? Macam celebrity!

Ted said...

I've never gotten anything after complaining actually...McD's, Starbucks...not even a return email or phone call to apologise..maybe its because I'm too polite. Hmm...

Ban said...

Hrm. That barrier gave me trouble the last time too.

...so that's the cardio you were talking about!

Silly Little Prince said...

yea their carpark sucks!!!!!!!

savante said...

2 posts in two days!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Write the letter!

Little Dove said...

Maybe a 'strongly-worded' complain letter will do the trick.