Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cryptic Crosswords

lad: treasure hunt training
Janvier: Ooh. Cool beans.

And that began rather badly, because when we found out it was a crossword puzzle site that lad sent us to, and even after giving it an initial go, we soon enough closed the tab after only managing to solve one word and was stumped over the rest.

Then somehow or another, we actually found ourself opening another tab back to the site again, and this time we went through the tutorial, and found out that all the clues do not test current general knowledge to a Trivial Pursuit extent!

'Political party that uses braille (7)' does not need us to know what kind the name of political parties at all (well yes, since it's an Australian website we can pretty much rule out the answer being BN or PKR or summat)!

And the tutorial made it clear: the clues are somewhat similar to those we've been facing in our treasure hunts. Goodness.

Of course, we've only been playing on the easy difficulty for crossword puzzles so far, we've yet to see if the harder ones will trump us. After that we shall check the newspapers to see if those are the same. If so, all the more practise for us!

And we'll hopefully do better (that is, faster) this year!


William said...

Once you master things, you can offer your services as a professional treasure hunter.

Legolas said...

The things that you do, is a lot like the sims that I'm playing now, treasure hunting around the world, collecting gems and stuffs.