Thursday, November 26, 2015

Run For Fun

So the Chief noticed a particular charity run and was interested in joining. As it was a 5km fun run, we thought, okay, why not, let's support the Chief and run together even though we never found could see what was so fun about a run.

Less than two months before the run, we'd some preparations to make: mental preparation was one thing, we had to start training a bit to make sure we could survive a 5km run!

Our first time on the treadmill to see how well we fared walking/jogging a single kilometre showed just how bad our stamina was. So we figured, all right, it's time for the treadmill every day where possible till we can ensure we finish 5km under an hour.

Well motivation wasn't easy and we soon started feeling our age, or more like feeling our knees.

We never did get to finish 5km on the treadmill but did find we could average a kilometre in around 10 minutes, so we thought we should be fine (for our expectations).

Come run day itself, thank goodness the Chief is the early bird as we had to get up around just before 6am to make sure we could reach the venue before the run started at 7am. It's tough when you're not a morning person and not even a running person, but there's always a first time for everything (it's the following times that will see more resistance).

And so the run started, and we walked/jogged/ran and yes, managed 5km in...checks website...45 minutes 40 seconds! It was easier to run on the road (plus we set our own pace rather than trying to keep up with the treadmill's speed of 10km/h) and having some goal to set made it easier (let's jog until we reach that 3km u-turn checkpoint, ok walk uphill then jog to the next junction etc).

The Chief finished in 40 minutes 5 seconds and looked no worse to wear, unlike us.

Some observations:
- the water station painted a bad picture of runners: cups were everywhere littered after the station. On the main road within a housing area. Given this is a charity run, we're not sure if the people manning the water station were volunteers or not, and even so we don't think it's expected of them to be cleaners as well. True, there weren't many litter bins set up but honestly it just painted a bad picture of runners that day.

- there were kids who finished faster than us. Hey, start exercise early in life, you won't regret it...

- there was a mother who had to carry her child while wearing a knapsack because the kid was too tired already. Salute.

- the field where the event was held was muddy. And with everyone walking on it to reach the registration booth or luggage drop/pick-up, we ended up with mud seeping through our shoes and was walking around with mud soaking our socks!

- if it wasn't for the fact that the gym was nearby and we could shower after the run, we may not have opted to join.

- yes, there is that sense of accomplishment from having completed the run within our expected time frame. probably isn't enough for us to consider joining more runs.

- our legs didn't hurt badly during the following days (but then again we were too busy to notice).

So. We now have our first finisher's medal for a 5km run. Would we do something more serious like a 10km run? Possibly not. Because...why???

The Chief has already signed up for another run (reason for joining partly because there's a very nice medal design), and it being a night run we may possibly drive beside the lot and cheer.


William said...

I did a 5KM fun run last year. No medal though. No further runs to date. :P.

savante said...

Well you know my thoughts on marathons. Hahahah. ...