Thursday, November 12, 2015

Apple TV 2015

So we couldn't resist, and ended up getting the new Apple TV.

Even though the price has doubled from the previous model and, what with us being in Malaysia and thus not having convenient access to services such as Hulu and Netflix and BBC iPlayer, there really isn't any convincing need to upgrade from our current Apple TVs, really.

Although, ever since we've moved the Apple TV at Chateau le Chief from the living room to the bedroom...we must say that that particular TV has seen less use due to earlier bedtimes (although finally being able to stream videos directly has made nighttime movie watching a far more comfortable experience!). The living room could do with another Apple TV...

Anyways. We probably wouldn't have bought the new Apple TV if we hadn't someone planning to buy one of our current ones.

Bought it via the Apple Online Store, it showed up 2 days later, and setup was amazingly fast. With the previous Apple TV we were used to using the Remote App on our iDevices, so the new remote felt familiar - except that instead of tapping the surface we had to click it down. Back to the setup - just holding our iPad close to the Apple TV and letting it set up the network connections and all that was just so easy.

We got ourself the 32GB model because we don't think we will be storing that many things on it - the odd game or so (so far we've Crossy Road, Alto's Adventure, Oceanhorn and Rayman), YouTube and Ted. For everything else, we'll let Apple TV stream it off our Mac Mini.

What's to like? Siri's limited but gosh scrubbing feels so unnecessary now. That's all for Siri (again, Malaysia). The remote is so much more handier (still need to get used to there being a Home button) especially with volume controls. Games we already own are free on tvOS. Holding the Home button for a few seconds brings up the option to put the Apple TV to sleep, which also turns off the telly.

What's not to like? The on-screen keyboard is a nightmare - with this glass surface remote why didn't they stick to the grid keyboard and instead made this single row? Also, Remote app on iDevices not compatible anymore and honestly that was the only way to type stuff (especially searching through YouTube). Oh well here's hoping typing gets easier one way or another.

 Next up, a MFi controller so we can play Oceanhorn.


Aik Yong said...

ooo jakun...

I've got a PeeEssFour and an android TV, don't think AppleTV has anything for me

Janvier said...

@Aik Yong: Nah you won't really need it here unless you've loads on iTunes or streaming from a Mac.