Thursday, November 05, 2015

Boardgames Haunts

This couple of years have seen us getting back ever so slightly more into the boardgaming scene because there are choir members who are also keen on gaming, as well as the occasional gaming with wingedman (who hoo boy is pretty up to date without being a distributor!).

Not to mention it's much easier when there's a new gaming joint nearby (hello, All Aboard!) if we don't end up playing games at YCA.

So this Halloween we so happened to be free and was just keen to do something (it was one of those nights were we just wanted to go somewhere do something rather than stay at home), and while initially nejustmo suggested we head to Alexis Ampang for drinks and listen to Mia Palencia, the sudden storm that started just as we were about to make our way to KL dampened our plans.

No problem - an alternative suggestion for a game of Mansions of Madness to celebrate Halloween was put forward. We don't really recall if we played Mansions of Madness (we rather think we've played it once at least with our brother-in-law) but we were game for it. At least it was something to do (to be honest we don't really recall much of what we do on Halloween, the only memorable Halloween we can ever recall immediately is that one year where we were at the Curve and they were giving out free tickets for the screening of The Covenant (and we didn't even plan for that).

So. Mansions of Madness. Venue? McDonald's Bandar Utama, because it's open 24 hours. And while we were setting up at one end of a long table, another group of guys were setting up for MtG on the other end.

Without spoiling the scenario (even the prologue was pretty vague, as investigators we were all in a bar and was shown a dismembered finger still wriggling alive in a box by the bartender, and so was to head to the cemetery in search of some fellow to learn more about it but heck as players we all just wanted to get into the house and search for loot) we all got in, picked up loads of stuff, fought monsters, and won against the Game Master! To be honest we (the investigators) thought we were doomed and was fighting to draw to a stalemate as apparently the GM couldn't win too.

Met up at 10.15pm, game setup and rules briefing til 10.45pm, game til nearly 2am. Turns out to be quite a good Halloween night in the end.

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