Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tutti Frutti Yoghurt Bitti

So there we were one night at the RHB Bank at Zaaba depositing our cheque when we saw this shop.

Caught us by surprise it did, for we never knew that a new shop had popped up in Taman Tun and was still open close to 11pm. And it was a store selling just frozen yoghurt by the looks of it. Nothing else but frozen yoghurt and canned drinks.

Ah well curiosity got the better of us and we ended up not only going into the shop for a look-see, but also ended up with a tub of frozen yoghurt of our own. How it came about? Tutti Frutti's approach to selling their yoghurt. We were looking for a menu with prices as to how much a tub would cost etc.

Instead of charging by the tub or by scoops, the store charges by the weight! It's RM7.30 per 100g, and they'll weigh your final product before charging you accordingly (interestingly we'd checked and some blogs/reviews are saying it's RM5.30 per 100g, price hike perhaps?).

So you pour out as much yoghurt as you like, mix 'em up if you want. We came across the following flavours that night: TF Original, Death By Chocolate, Verry Berry Raspberry, Strawberry Fields, Orange Cream and French Vanilla.

Our choice? Strawberry Fields and Orange Cream. Our more favoured flavours among the lot.

After pouring out the yoghurt there was the toppings to consider. And there were considerably many toppings to choose!

But since it was our first visit and we wanted to savour the yoghurt free from other tastes, not to mention we wanted to find out just how much the scant amount of yoghurt we poured costs, we passed on the toppings. On our next visit there with the Chief we will do our yoghurt with toppings (oh yes there will have to be a second visit!).

Our little cup of Strawberry Fields and Orange Cream, costing somewhere RM7.70. And it was good. It wasn't creamy, and so we thought that it wouldn't do anything to set off our lactose intolerance. However, after the yoghurt, and dinner after that, we found ourself meditating at the porcelain throne, so we need to have another go to find out if it was due to earlier dietary habits or it is actually due to the yoghurt. And Chief has yet to try the place out too, so yes we should plan a second visit, this time to really indulge.

Best bit? We thought the place just opened up the last couple of weeks, and when we casually asked the waitress we were told that they were opened for two months now!


William said...

Their branches seem awfully quiet...

savante said...

Well Puppet went at 11 pm!

N.J.A.P.F. said...

Looks nice!! must go one day

Jaded Jeremy said...

Is it sour?

Janvier said...

William: The TTDI one had about three tables full when we saw it!

Savante: We went to bank in a cheque!

NJAPF: Do try and tell us your opinion!

Jaded Jeremy: Not as sour as normal yoghurt. :)