Friday, March 07, 2014

Everything Is A(cappella)wesome!

So a few of weeks back alakazen proposed the idea to do an a cappella version of "Everything Is Awesome" after he'd watched the movie 'cos he found the music super catchy couldn't get it out of his head thought it was awesome really liked it. A bunch of us at YKLS were ok to do this, alakazen brought in another friend of his for the beatboxing bits and eloneth came up with the a cappella score, and next thing you know we were at YCA rehearsing around four times a week.

Initially alakazen wanted to get it recorded and uploaded to YouTube within a week (get it out early!) but in the end it was decided to would be better if we better prepared before we recorded and uploaded it.

Two weeks and some eight rehearsals and a recording session later, and we've the finished product!

Kudos to eloneth for the arrangement, alakazen for the gung-ho-ness in getting everyone for the project as well as editing the video and Shy Tim for some awesome beatboxing!

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