Friday, January 03, 2014


Ok so when the iPhone 5 was about to launch in KL, we were having thoughts to get that to replace our point-and-shoot Canon iXus. After all, the iXus was a 5 megapixel camera while the iPhone took photos at 8mpx and we could immediately edit and share it too! Another plus point is now we have one gadget less to carry, and considering our size, lugging along loads of heavy gadgets don't go down well with us (we're already feeling the aches from having lug around an iPad 2, a 3DS and our chargers on our trips).

Yes you can see how blogging have long given way to other social media sites, especially when you're just a casual blogger with no focus on what your blog is all about...

Anyways we were using our iPhone 3GS during our trip to Philippines, when we accidentally left our iPhone in the cab. So we had a reason to get the iPhone 5 after all instead of holding out for yet another year, heh. And happily we started snapping photos, and Instagramming loads more, and next thing you know we've filled up half the space on our 64GB iPhone with photos and videos.

We definitely need to find time to sit down, copy out the photos and videos we can do without from the iPhone and clear up space already. Photos and videos from random happenings at YKLS, from our trips, from random snappings...

And better still? We just got ourself an Olloclip Quick-Flip Case on an impulse buy (while shopping for a present for the office Christmas present exchange, no less), and now we're itchy to get the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens as well as a Gorillapod Original tripod.

Heaven help us when the iPhone 6 rolls out and we may have to get new accessories.

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Jaded Jeremy said...

Hehehe good luck with iPhone 6 ya :)