Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch with the Chief at Manhattan Fish Market one day:
Chief: Ok, I'd enough. The rest is all yours.
Janvier: No lah, you can eat some more one, you just say that because you think I don't eat enough...
Chief: No. It's all yours.

The Chief then pushes all the remaining rice, chips, prawns, squid and fish over to our side of the large square pan.

We push some of the rice and fish back over to The Chief's side.

The Chief pushes some of it back to us.

We push the chips to form a line right in the middle of the pan.

The Chief gives us a look, and then proceeds to use the chips to make an arrow pointing directly at us.

We rearrange the chips to make the Chinese word, 'no'.

The Chief shoves all the chips back to us and say, "You eat."

And that was that.

So we did finish everything but given the amount of food we've been eating the last few days we had to take a quick siesta at the restaurant while the Chief played games on the iPhone.


Ted said...

You? Don't eat enough? Really?

ooi2009 said...

u guys r so unsexy

William said...

You pregnant?

Ban said...

tar pau n give moi! i wan...

Booker said...

Like the way you eat :D

abc123 said...

Having eaten all that, wanna go gymming after dat? FF?

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