Monday, March 14, 2011

Dispensing With Automatic Impulse Buy

Just during the weekend we'd to rush into Tesco to grab some vanilla ice cream, ice cream cones, and a bag of ice for a potluck event, and we chanced upon this as we headed to the ice cream aisle.

Dettol now has an automatic handwash dispenser, that runs on batteries. We'd only time to snap a photo, check a bit of the details, then head on to get what we came for.

So during the potluck, we had the chance to tell the Chief about the handwash dispenser, and our interest in getting one.

The Chief was agreeable when we said that we were interested in getting one until we clarified that we wanted to get it for ourself, to be placed in our bathroom, rather than for use in the office.

The Chief then gave us this look that covered the entire range from Got So Much Money To Burn Ah?, You Very Itchy Fingers Ya, Whatever For?, Waste Of Money, and probably Like That Also Fun all in one, and had us bursting out laughing. We aggravated it some more by miming washing our hands.

But seriously we might just get one, depending on just how efficient it works!


William said...

I recommend changing the tap to something sensor-activated.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Lol. Can I try it once you get it? ;)

thompsonboy said...

eh..bestnya....MUST STOP BUYING STUFF!!! rawr!!

Ban said...

that's an incredible look! Lol!

Ted said...

Hahah! RM19.90 ok ah, not RM1990.00

Janvier said...

William: Hmmm. Once it's more commercially viable, maybe!

Jaded Jeremy: If, JJ, if. :P

Thompsonboy: Precisely!

Ban: There's a lot of looks the Chief is capable of!

Ted: True, but it all adds up if we're not careful!

simonlover said...

Best placed on the bedside table - loR!